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Star Wars

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Best Subnautica mods

Subnautica was a game I spent a lot of time just living in. It was a rare combination of survival and relaxation. I loved the base building, crafting what amounted to a reverse aquarium clinging to an underwater sea cliff. It grew from a small bulb of oxygen into a proper little sanctuary. When I picked it up, it was fairly late into its life, and a number of mods were already waiting to be installed. I quickly dialed down the game’s frustrations and made my time under the sea all the more enjoyable, so here are our picks for the best Subnautica mods available today.

Over 20 people reported for behaviour now gone from Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard’s initial response to allegations of workplace harrassment and discrimination was disappointing enough that thousands of current and former employees signed an open letter condemning it then hundreds staged a walkout in July. With several legal cases against the Warcraft and Call Of Duty owners underway, they’ve now admitted they haven’t done enough. Yesterday, Along with laying out their next steps, they confirmed that over 20 people have “exited” Activision Blizzard in connection with reports against them.

WD Blue SN570 review: The best cheap SSD grows up

There was a time, not so long ago, when the WD Blue line exemplified that “good but boring” quality that sees many a budget SSD damned by faint praise. Fast enough yet rarely eye-catchingly rapid, even when the WD Blue SN500 ditched SATA for the much quicker NVMe interface, they’ve always been sensible purchases that nonetheless lived in the shadow of the WD Black lineup. That all changes with the latest WD Blue SN570: it’s not just an excellent M.2 drive for the money, but quite possibly the single most compelling SSD for anyone sticking with PCIe 3.0.

More than 20 Activision Blizzard employees ‘exited’ following lawsuits – Polygon

Call of Duty and Overwatch publisher Activision Blizzard is vowing to create a “company culture where all feel safe and heard,” according to a letter published by Activision Blizzard corporate affairs executive vice president Fran Townsend. The letter was reportedly circulated internally before being published online.

Townsend said more than 20 people have “exited” Activision Blizzard following internal investigations following California’s sweeping Department of Fair Housing and Employment (DFEH) lawsuit against the video game company. Current and former employees alleged that the World of Warcraft publisher maintains a toxic workplace culture that’s hostile to women, who are paid less than men and subject to sexual harassment. Townsend said “more than 20 individuals” have been disciplined “in connection to various resolved reports” in the recent months.

Activision Blizzard has not responded to Polygon’s request for more information regarding these exits and disciplinary action.

In the months since the original lawsuit, Activision Blizzard has been sued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), its shareholders, and the National Labor Relations Board. The company is also being investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for alleged violations related to workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. Activision Blizzard settled with the EEOC in September for $18 million; the DFEH tried to intervene in that settlement, and now those two agencies are fighting. Ahead of Tuesday’s letter from Townsend, Activision Blizzard filed documents in the DFEH case asking a judge to halt the lawsuit — essentially, Activision Blizzard is trying to get the case thrown out due to a conflict of interest between government lawyers, according to The Verge.

Despite that filing, Townsend said in Tuesday’s letter that Activision Blizzard is “working tirelessly to ensure that, moving forward, this is a place where people are not only heard, but empowered.”

To do so, Activision Blizzard said it has ongoing investigations, and that reports can continue to be made anonymously. The company will add 19 employees to its Ethics and Compliance team, led by senior vice president Jen Brewer. Townsend also said Activision Blizzard will “triple” its investment in training against harassment and other workplace concerns.

Some current and former employees, on social media and in conversation with Polygon, said they’re not convinced by Townsend’s letter. This is due, in part, to Townsend’s initial response to the DFEH lawsuit; the Activision Blizzard exec and former homeland security advisor under George W. Bush said the lawsuit was “distorted and untrue,” as well as “truly meritless and irresponsible.” At that time, a group of Activision Blizzard employees banded together to call for her removal as the sponsor of the ABK (Activision Blizzard King) Employee Women’s Network.

Hundreds of Activision Blizzard employees walked out of work following Townsend’s initial letter. Thousands of current and former employees signed an open letter in support of the DFEH lawsuit. Multiple executives and high profile employees exited the company in the following months, including Blizzard president J. Allen Brack.

The zombies in Back 4 Blood are more fashionable than me

I don’t know what I was expecting to take away from co-op FPS Back 4 Blood. A greater sense of comradery between myself and my friends? An appreciation of the weighty guns and how magazines snap into place with each reload? The sheer amount of blood that splashes on your person with each wave of zombies you cut down? Yes, all of these things.

But none more so than what the zombies wear. They favour comfortable clothing, but mainly the gilet. They love gilets. And they now have me questioning my fashion choices. Should I also join them as a wearer of gilets?

Everything that we know about Fireflies in Minecraft

Want to know more about Fireflies in Minecraft? Whether you call them Fireflies, glowbugs, or lightning bugs, they’ll all occupy the same two pixels when they come to Minecraft and it’s time to get fired up for their arrival. Fireflies were announced at Minecraft Live 2021, which also shared more details on the upcoming Caves and Cliffs part 2 update.

This guide will explain everything that you need to know about Fireflies in Minecraft, including when you can expect Fireflies to come to Minecraft, where Fireflies will appear, and what they do.

Minecraft Update 1.18 Snapshot 21w42a Patch Notes Today (October 20) – DualShockers

Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot 21w42a is set to deploy later today and will hopefully include plenty of bug fixes and new features.

With a precise release date for the full 1.18 update still not confirmed, the only way fans are able to keep their anticipation levels down is by jumping into the new weekly snapshots.

These snapshots aim to let the developers release a small number of features each time, with players being able to test them and report any bugs found so that they can be rectified by the time the full release comes around.

So, what can fans expect from this weeks new 21w42a Snapshot? Well, check out the full patch notes right here in this article.

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Minecraft Dungeons | Seasonal Adventures Official Trailer



Minecraft Dungeons | Seasonal Adventures Official Trailer





Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot 21w42a Release Time

Although an official release time hasn’t been set by Mojang Studios for the release of 21w42a, the new updates are usually released every Wednesday between 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM BST and 8AM PT / 10AM ET / 4PM BST.

But the exact time may vary depending on any issues that arise on the developers’ side.

Occasionally, weekly snapshots are sometimes delayed by a day. There is currently no word on a delay, and 21w41a should be set to arrive later today (October 13). If a delay to the new Snapshot is announced, we will update this article.

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Minecraft 21w42a Patch Notes

Below you will find the official patch notes for the latest Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot, 21w42a.


  • New music has been added to the game
  • Added world autosave indicator for single-player worlds


  • Added new music by Lena Raine and Kumi Tanioka to the Overworld (when playing in survival mode) and to the main menu
  • Added a new music disc from Lena Raine titled ‘Otherside’. This can be found on rare occasions in Stronghold corridor chests or much more rarely in Dungeon chests.


  • World spawn selection algorithm has been reworked, now spawns player according to climate parameters
  • World generation tweaks


  • Lava springs can generate in mountains and snowy terrain
  • Water springs don’t generate higher than y 192, and are slightly less common
  • Badlands gold generates higher up


  • Replaced light and barrier particles with block_marker



  • Renders with texture declared in particle slot for model assigned to configured block state
  • Summoned with same syntax as block particle (i.e. block_marker wheat[age=2])


  • MC-129912 – Player no longer spawned at highest level at world spawn
  • MC-132347 – Spawning inside icebergs
  • MC-214288 – Player does not spawn on the surface of the world when min_y is greater than 0
  • MC-233771 – Parity issue: Light blocks do not display their light level when shown via a held light block item
  • MC-236837 – The player can occasionally spawn underground when loading into a new world
  • MC-238582 – Beaches generate between desert and ocean
  • MC-238900 – Values of ‘Infinity’ in noise settings in default worldgen

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How to get the Whatever Floats Your Goat achievement in Minecraft – Gamepur

A very common goal for many Minecraft players is to try and complete each and every achievement or advancement in the game. For Java Edition players, this is substantially more difficult due to the sheer number of advancements, compared to the 114 achievements on Bedrock, but regardless of which version you’re playing, you’ll need to unlock Whatever Floats Your Goat. Those playing on Bedrock will earn a sweet 20 Gamerscore from this achievement, while Java players will find themselves one step closer to advancement perfection.

The description of this achievement makes it pretty clear what needs to be done to unlock it: you need to get in a boat and float with a goat. Now while these steps are pretty clearly laid out, they aren’t exactly accurate. The goal is to share a boat with a goat, however you do not need to float, meaning this can be done on land to be made so much easier. Begin by crafting a boat using five wooden planks and a wooden shovel.

Now, you’ll want to find some goats, which spawn exclusively in mountain biomes. Specifically, you’ll want to find an adult goat, as players have reported that baby goats don’t work for the achievement. An adult goat is 0.9 blocks high and 1.3 blocks wide, so look for one of that size. Once you have located some goats, simply place the boat directly on the ground beside it and nudge the goat toward it. Don’t punch the goat, just bump it towards the boat.

This will put the goat into the boat, so now you just need to interact with the boat to get in yourself. Once you’re in the boat with the goat, simply hold forward to glide along the ground. You will need to be moving in order for the achievement or advancement to register, so once you’re moving, Whatever Floats Your Goat should unlock for you.

Christopher Ayres, English Voice Actor Of Frieza In Dragon Ball Z Series, Has Died

Christopher Ayres, the voice actor behind the English dub of the iconic villain, Frieza, in Dragon Ball Z Kai and onward, has died. 

His partner, Krystal LaPorte, announced the news on Twitter on October 19, stating that Ayres died the night before. He was surrounded by LaPorte, his mother, and his brother when he died. He was 56 years old. 

“Chris loved you all,” LaPorte wrote on Twitter. “How much he loved other people filled the vast majority of our conversations. To those of you who truly loved him back, thank you. To those of you who stayed in touch, checked on him, reminded him that he was so, so much more than his job, you were the fuel of his fight. You fed the dreams of a future that kept him going longer than any normal person could go.” 

LaPorte said that for anyone asking if there’s anything they can do at this moment, “please be more like Chris.” A cause of death was not announced. 

The veteran voice actor had made public his diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease he received in 2017, posting regularly on Twitter about it and keeping fans updated with progress. 

Chris Ayres began voicing Frieza in Dragon Ball Z Kai, replacing Linda Young. He had been the voice of Frieza onward, winning various awards for his performance as the iconic Dragon Ball Z villain. He also voiced characters in various other animes, television shows, and movies.

Game Informer would like to express our condolences to Ayres’ family and friends.

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy PC Version Further Optimized, Launch Download Will Be 80GB

Update, 10/20/21:

The official Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Twitter account has revealed that the game’s PC version has been further optimized and that, as a result, the final launch day download will be 80GB. This comes two days after Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s Steam page said 150GB of space was needed to download the game. 

Hey everyone! We wanted to give you an update on the final size of the PC version of the game, which will not be 150GB. The team is in the last stages of optimizing the final game and we can confirm the file size will be approximately 80GB at launch.

Original story follows…

Original Story, 10/18/21:

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy drops at the end of the month, and a flurry of story/launch trailers has kept excitement levels exceptionally high. The game’s Steam page was recently updated to include system requirements information. According to the storage notes, the Guardians are embarking on a journey of truly galactic proportions; the action-adventure title is slated to be a whopping 150GB.

To put that into perspective, Microsoft Flight Simulator – a game that maps/renders the entire world with stellar precision – is 127GB on PC. Hell, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy even rivals the likes of Warzone, which sits at 175GB. Knowing how big both those games are on consoles, it’s safe to assume that GOTG will also be impressively massive on those platforms. Hopefully, the loading times don’t take too much of a hit! If anything, this is probably indicative of the various worlds we’ll be exploring.

The upcoming space odyssey follows Star-Lord and his band of alien oddities as they attempt to make a name for themselves (and money) by forging alliances/burning bridges with characters like Cosmo the Spacedog and Lady Hellbender. Even Adam Warlock will enter the fray at some point. Whether he’ll emerge as friend or foe remains to be seen. Around the time of our Marvel’s GOTG cover reveal, creative director Jean-François Dugas told us, “[The Guardians are] legitimate heroes for hire, but as the game progresses and they discover [the main threat of the game], they will have to become more than a marketing ploy to really save the galaxy from its own demise.”

Eidos-Montréal‘s upcoming foray into the far reaches of space launches for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on October 26. 

Do you think the download size will somehow be minimized, or are we in for a colossal download come launch day? Where do you think is the reason behind the game’s astronomical storage requirement? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!