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Intel to host IOC-sanctioned esports event in build-up to Tokyo Games – Sport Industry Group

Intel will host a virtual esports tournament in the build-up to the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, giving gamers around the world the chance to compete.

The Intel World Open will ‘elevate’ esports for global audiences, according to the technology brand, which is hosting the event as part of its Worldwide TOP Partnership with the IOC. The event was originally announced in September 2019 and set to run as a physical event in Katowice, Poland, a month before the Games, but was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Intel is the Official Esports Event Partner of the Games, and the event will feature two of the most recognised esports titles – Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and Rocket League in an online regional tournament. 

Online qualifiers for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and Rocket League start on 1st June, while participants can register to take part from 15th May.

“We are excited to bring the Intel World Open back as a virtual tournament and continue raising the stakes for esports,” said Marcus Kennedy, General Manager – Gaming and Esports Division, Intel.

“The Intel World Open exemplifies Intel’s global leadership in esports and PC gaming while delivering a pinnacle tournament on the world’s biggest sports stage.”

Players at any level will be able to compete in the Intel World Open, which kicks off with online Open Qualifiers, After weeks of open competition the field will be narrowed to top players who will compete in closed qualifiers for their spot in the regional finals.

Esport: Rocket League and Street Fighter V tournaments remain outside of the Olympic Games – Tech Gaming Report

France will have its chances

Competitions will go well by nation. Competing teams and players will represent their countries or regions according to geographic areas and will compete in two qualifying stages (in June) that will send their best representatives to the finals (July 11-14 for Rocket league, from 16 to 21 for Street fighter v).

Unlike 2020, the final will not take place in Japan, but online and therefore will be divided into regions: four from each Rocket league, eleven of Street fighter v. France will be able to count on several serious representatives in both games. In total, $ 250,000 in donations will be shared twice among the best of these gatherings, which will end a few days before the start of the Olympics (July 23 – August 8).

Capturing young audiences

Announced at the end of 2019, they were greeted with great enthusiasm: Nations tournaments are still rare in esports, the proximity to the Olympics made the event exciting and Street fighter v it is an institution in Japan. With no news since the postponement of this Olympiad by Covid-19, except for the Olympic Virtual Series (competitions on sports simulations), everyone thought they had been forgotten.

Despite this adapted format, its maintenance once again demonstrates the IOC’s interest in the discipline, which wants to use it to attract its young audience. In 2018, on the sidelines of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang (South Korea), a competition in Starcraft ii it had been organized. Esport will also be a medal-winning discipline in the next Asian Games (in China, in 2022). If this is not the case for a long time for the Olympics, e-sport should also be part of the expanded program of the event in Paris, in 2024.

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Garena Free Fire Redeem Code: How to redeem code in you country, India – InsideSport

Garena Free Fire Redeem Code: How to redeem Active code in you country, India: Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale game
Garena Free Fire Redeem Code: How to redeem Active code in you country, India: Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale game

Garena Free Fire Redeem Code: How to redeem Active code in you country, India: Cosmic Bounty Hunter set: Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale game which played in the mobile devices. Free Fire has a variety of attractive characters, skins, set and many gun skins. These variety of items and skins can be obtained through crates, events, lucky spin/luck royale and many more options. But to obtain these items, you need to open the crates or play the luck royale which requires diamonds. Diamonds is the in game currency of Free Fire game which can be buy through using real money.

Players don’t have real cash everytime to buy the diamonds and they looked for an alternative option which is Redeem codes. Garena regularly releses redeem codes for player where players can obtain the rewards, crates, skins or emote by using these redeem codes. Here is some latest Free Fire redeem codes which will provide you multiple gun crates where you can use them to open gun crates.

Garena Free Fire Redeem Code for today (5th May, 2021 ) – 

Redeem code for Europe server is available for few more hours. You can use this code to redeem Cosmic Bounty Hunter set, Loot crate, gun crates. This code is only redeemable for the players of Europe region. Players from rest of world couldn’t redeem this code, system will display error massage to the other region players while redeeming code. Error msz be – “Failed to Redeem code. This code is not available in your region..”

Redeem code: 8QW6 -TDX2- D8A4

There are some more code given below,



FF8M- 82QK- 7C2M

Garena Free Fire Redeem Code Step by Step guide to redeem codes – 

Players need to follow these steps to redeem these codes, as you can’t redeem these codes directly in game. Follow the steps below and note one thing guest account players can’t redeem the rewards.

Garena Free Fire Redeem CodeSecond Step – Players have to login through their linked I’d by choosing the platform ( Facebook, Twitter)

Garena Free Fire Redeem Code Third Step – Paste the redeem codes in the given text box and press confirm button

Now the process are done, you can check your in-game mail account for rewards. While redeeming codes some time you gets error, it is because of the codes exhausted the limit of redemption or it can not be use in your region.

Learn How To Make Games With Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage This June

Nintendo has perhaps the longest, most illustrious track record in the history of the games industry, so if you’re hoping to learn the best ways to design and create your own video games, you’d be hard pressed to find a better instructor. While the gaming giant has released titles like Super Mario Maker 2 to give players a chance at designing their own creations, Nintendo hopes to build on that with Game Builder Garage.

Game Builder Garage takes concepts explored in the Super Mario Maker games, which are largely centered on design and experimentation, and brings them to a new level. Now, you not only design games, but learn the basics of visual programming with step-by-step lessons straight from Nintendo. 

Each lesson walks you through the basics in understandable fashion, featuring a cast of characters brimming with personality called the Nodon. By assigning the Nodon specific functions, you can put them in charge of doing things like moving characters, pressing buttons, and adding sound effects. When you’re ready to see the progress you’ve made in the game, you can easily swap between the programming screen and the game screen. You can even build your games using the different control schemes of the Switch system, including buttons, touchscreen, or a USB mouse when in TV mode. As you complete lessons, you can show off your skills with checkpoint tests.

The included lessons teach you how to build seven distinct games, including Tag Showdown a two-player game of tag; On a Roll, a motion-controlled game where you navigate a ball through a maze; and Thrill Racer, a 3D racing title. Once you’re comfortable with the creation tools, you can let your imagination run wild in Free Programming, where you can use Nodon to your heart’s content to develop your dream creation.

When you’re satisfied with what you’ve made, you can exchange codes with friends to share your title, or download what they made and give it a spin. You can even look at the programming behind their creations to learn new tricks, or use the sharing feature to collaborate on a single project with friends.

Game Builder Garage sounds like a fascinating toolset for aspiring game designers. When I was a kid, I used to draw out crude design documents for sequels to my favorite games. Had a platform like Super Mario Maker or a toolset like Game Builder Garage existed back then, maybe I would have taken that process to the next level – sure, I had Mario Paint, but that doesn’t give you anything close to what either of the modern games offer would-be creators.

Game Builder Garage launches on Switch on June 11 for $30.

Intel World Open returns for Rocket League and Street Fighter V events – Dot Esports

When the 2020 Summer Olympics were postponed last year, Intel also pushed the Intel World Open back since it will be directly tied to the Olympics in several ways. 

Now, the IWO is back, with new dates lined up for its Rocket League and Street Fighter V competition and support from the International Olympic Committee. With a prize pool of $500,000 prize pool, $250,000 for each game, the IWO will begin in June, though registration for Rocket League and Street Fighter V both open on May 15 and will remain open until May 31. Players from around the world will then compete in regional open qualifiers from June 1 to 13, setting up a closed qualifier later in the month. 

Rocket League’s closed qualifiers will run from June 21 to 27, with SFV following it up from June 29 to July 4.  Each game will then host its finals to decide the IWO Regional Champion, starting with Rocket League from July 11 to 14 and finishing up with SFV from July 16 to 21. 

All players must be over 15 years of age to participate in Rocket League and 16 years of age to participate in SFV. SFV’s qualifiers can be played on PC or PS4, while Rocket League will accept players from all platforms the game is available on, according to ESL, the tournament organizer. 

The SFV portion of the IWO will not be featured as part of the Capcom Pro Tour or Street Fighter League, and there was no mention of the game’s Tournament Mode either although it was originally supposed to debut for the event’s qualifiers.

Epic Games vs. Apple Documents Show Dead Island 2 And New Saints Row Could Be Exclusives

The Epic Games v. Apple lawsuit continues, and as the previous two days have shown, it’s clear the U.S. Court system wasn’t quite prepared to see how closely guarded gaming secrets can be. Embargoes don’t matter in a court of law, and one of the many documents that have become public shows what’s on the horizon for the elusive Dead Island 2. In addition to it looking like Dead Island 2 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive, it looks possible that the next Saints Row could be as well. 

During the trial’s proceedings, a document from 2019 came into play. Now keep in mind, that’s two years ago. A lot can happen in two years, and Dead Island 2 has been in development limbo since its announcement. More than that, the Saints Row inclusion technically has already come to pass because 2020 is when Saints Row 3: Remastered was released exclusively to the Epic Games Store. 

A new Saints Row game was confirmed to be in development at developer Volition in 2019, but the documentation found doesn’t specify which Saints Row is an Epic exclusive. For now, that’s in the maybe pile. Technically, so is Dead Island 2 since we don’t even know if it’s still happening. Deep Silver did confirm that the sequel was still in development back in December 2020, but anything further beyond that isn’t known at this time. 

Following Dead Island 2’s reveal in 2014, the sequel fell victim to a wide variety of road bumps that affected work on the title. After a split with its previous developer and Deep Silver, production was moved to Sumo Digital in 2016. With few updates here and there, news – as mentioned before – has been scarce, though a listing for the title did appear for a short time on the Microsoft store just before E3 2018.

Who knows what the future will bring with either gaming franchise, but it’s nice to hear those names back in public discourse, even if they enter it as part of an older document.

Thoughts on Dead Island 2’s wonky development cycle and the possibility that it and the new Saints Row could be Epic Games Store exclusives? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below. You can also learn more about the Epic Games vs. Apple trial here. You can also listen in on the proceedings for yourself here.

Biomutant still looks slick as heck in its new action-y gameplay video

The list of lovely looking action-y games I was looking forward to this month took a big hit when Deathloop got delayed, but thank goodness action cat RPG Biomutant is still coming. I’d worry that I’ve jinxed it now, but today’s new gameplay and character creator videos have me feeling pretty confident that Expreiment 101 aren’t going to pull a last-minute emergency delay. Biomutant still looks slick as heck and it’s launching later this month.

EA Acquires Super Mega Baseball Developer

Metalhead Software, the development studio behind the popular Super Mega Baseball franchise, has been acquired by Electronic Arts. The Canada-based studio was founded in 2009 and has been working on the arcade-style Super Mega Baseball franchise since before the original entry launched in 2014. Now, EA Sports and Metalhead are joining forces to not only grow the Super Mega Baseball franchise, but also develop new gaming and sports experiences.

The most recent game released by Metalhead is Super Mega Baseball 3, which launched in 2020. In a post on the Super Mega Baseball subreddit, Metalhead Software said that the team had already begun transitioning to the next project, but that a small title update 7 for Super Mega Baseball 3 is still underway, and that it will have details soon. In that same post, the studio confirmed that it will continue working as Metalhead Software with the same team in the same city with the same development spirit it has had since its inception. The biggest difference, according to that post, is that it will be able to leverage the technology, expertise, and marketing power of EA Sports. The studio hopes this will enable it to, “dig into some ambitious new projects.”

This isn’t the first time in recent memory we’ve seen a sports series garner success independently, only to be acquired by a major publisher. After attracting attention as a revival of the beloved arcade-style basketball action, the publishing rights to Saber Interactive’s NBA Playgrounds series was picked up by 2K Sports and rebranded as NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. Additionally, 2K Sports acquired HB Studio and its The Golf Club franchise and rebranded it as PGA Tour 2K.

Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball 3

EA’s acquisition of Metalhead comes at a particularly interesting time for baseball video games, as this year marks the first time that the long-running, Sony-developed MLB The Show franchise was a multiplatform game. While EA’s press release and Metalhead’s post on Reddit specifically mention further growing the Super Mega Baseball franchise, it will be interesting to see if the publishing giant has bigger plans when it comes to its baseball presence; EA Sports was once the creator of the premier Major League Baseball series. However, the last time EA Sports released a console game with the MLB license was MVP Baseball 2005.

Since then, the exclusive third-party license has hopped between 2K Sports and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Sony and Major League Baseball recently announced the renewal of their licensing agreement, which ushered in the new, multiplatform era of MLB The Show. It remains unclear on whether or not EA Sports will pursue a piece of the MLB licensing pie, or if Super Mega Baseball and other titles created by Metalhead under the EA umbrella will remained unlicensed. 

EA Sports has had a busy year. This acquisition comes on the heels of announced revivals of the EA Sports College Football and EA Sports PGA Tour franchises, as well as the recent acquisition of racing-game studio Codemasters to work on F1 games. Those announcements complement a 2020 that saw the typical annual releases of the FIFA, Madden NFL, and NHL franchises, as well as the launch of EA Sports UFC 4. Both Electronic Arts and Metalhead Software say they will reveal information about their plans together in the future.

[Source: Electronic Arts, Reddit]

What’s your take on this acquisition? Do you think Metalhead and the Super Mega Baseball franchise are a good fit for EA Sports? What’s your dream baseball game from EA Sports?

Here’s how to get 4 months of Game Pass Ultimate for £20 / $30

Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate service is a great way to unlock over a hundred games for PC and Xbox, and current subscribers can now pick up a four-month subscription for just £20 / $30 – which is £13 / $15 less than the list price for a three-month sub. Here’s how it works.

Pokémon Snap: Where To Find Mew Location – Guide

Let’s be honest, Mew is the one Pokémon you need to find in New Pokémon Snap. The latest iteration of the ‘gotta photograph ’em all’ game on Nintendo Switch is nothing short of a delight, and the upgrades to the in-game photography make capturing these pocket monsters a real treat. For those wanting the best of the best, here’s a quick guide on where you can find Mew in Pokémon Snap. 

Where Is Mew In Pokémon Snap?

When you first start off in your new Pokémon adventure, you’ll learn how to take the perfect snapshot, how to travel to different locations, and how the time of day can impact what sort of creatures you meet out in the wild. That’s an important lesson to learn when trying to capture the elusive Mew because this particular find can only be located in the Founja Jungle at night. 

When you first spawn into this area, don’t move. Before going anywhere, you’re going to want to immediately turn around and face the opposite direction from when you spawned in within the NEO-ONE. The NEO-ONE, for those that may not remember, is the vehicle that Professor Mirror gives you access to that allows you to travel between courses.  Once you’re all turned around, you’ll see Morelull and the area will look like it might not be fruitful. Don’t worry, you can change that. 

To lure Mew right where you want them, you need to get in touch with your inner musician. To do this, press R to begin playing the melody that will draw Mew in. At first, you’ll just see Mew’s orb, which is a purple color. You’ll know it’s the right one because you’ll see Mew swirling around in there like they’ve got nothing better to do. Once you see this, you need to have some Fluffruit on hand to throw at the orb to summon them. But, of course, it’s not that simple. 

If you’re like me, you might not be the most dexterous photographer out there. That’s okay; once the orb is summoned, it will attach itself to your trajectory. This is helpful because Mew is incredibly tricky. When successfully summoned, they will appear for the briefest of moments, only to disappear again. If you aren’t quick enough the first time, just keep trying. The orb will be there to follow you during the night course once it has been drawn out. Music is the key here, so make sure to press R often if you’re looking to snap some sweet pics. 

Mew is fast, so be quick with that camera! That being said, you’ll have numerous chances to capture this little cutie once the first summons was successful. 

Our own Brian Shea loved his time with New Pokémon Snap, giving the latest iteration an 8.5 out of 10. “New Pokémon Snap delivers an experience similar to that of the original while expanding on the formula in ways that prolong the appeal of the expedition,” he said in his full review. “In the two decades since the first game’s release, the Pokémon world has changed in innumerable ways, but the simple appeal of immersing yourself in this universe and taking pictures has remained unchanged.”

For more Pokémon tips and tricks, check out our Lental region guide here. Happy hunting!