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How to use a blast furnace in Minecraft 1.19 – Sportskeeda

Blast furnaces were included in Minecraft’s 1.14 update and have since remained a very powerful alternative to standard furnaces. These blocks smelt items twice as fast as ordinary furnaces but at the cost of increased fuel expenditure.


If Minecraft players have the fuel to spend, they may want to consider using a blast furnace from time to time. However, these furnaces do have some restrictions, as they can only smelt raw ore, ore blocks, as well as tools, weapons, and armor made of iron/gold/chainmail. Because of this, they’re a little less diverse, but they’re still incredibly effective at what they do.

Creating and using the blast furnace block in Minecraft

An inactive blast furnace in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)or blackstone. These blocks can be used interchangeably in the furnace’s recipe.

Once players have their blast furnace, they’ll need to place in it their game world. Afterward, Minecraft players can interact with the block by right-clicking it or pressing the ‘use item/block’ button on the console versions of the game. This will open the block’s user interface, and it may take a little time to get adjusted to.


Using the Blast Furnace Interface

  1. Underneath the small ‘flame’ icon, players will have access to their fuel slot. Players can place their fuel items in this slot, including coal, lava buckets, or wooden blocks, if need be. There are also various less-economical fuel sources available as well if players end up in a pinch.
  2. Above the flame icon is the smelting material slot. This is where players will place their raw ore, ore blocks, or tools/armor. At this point, if fuel has already been placed, the flame icon will light up and begin ticking down. This means smelting has begun.
  3. To the right of the two slots outlined in the previous steps is the output slot. Once an item has successfully been smelted, it will be placed in this slot. Players can then take the items and place them in their character’s inventory for further use.

That’s all there is to it. The interface for blast furnaces is essentially identical to standard furnaces, so players shouldn’t take too long to figure out how they’re used.

For projects players need to complete in a hurry, a blast furnace can be a great way to smelt raw materials quickly. This process will likely require much more fuel than a furnace, but the results arrive at a much faster clip. That creates an inherent dynamic as to whether players are willing to burn more fuel to collect their smelted items in a much faster and more efficient manner.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

Sunday Night Showdown: Dodgers vs Braves – Draftkings & FanDuel MLB DFS – June 26, 2022 – DFS Articles & Insights –


Tony Gonsolin (LAD) (DK- $15,900)

The most expensive player (for good reason) on DraftKings mainly is Gonsolin who has been 9-0 thus far and will face a potential lineup of mostly right-handed hitters who he surrenders less hits to (14) compared to lefties (21). Fortunately, for LAD if ATL tries to counter that with opposing handedness hitters Gonsolin has a higher strikeout percentage against lefties (34.8%) compared to righties (19.85%), therefore should be considered in your lineups regardless.

Dansby Swanson (ATL) (DK- $14,700, FD- $8,500)

Coming off two multi-hit games against LAD is Dansby Swanson who is currently projected to come in at low ownership and could give you massive edge if this holds. Swanson currently leads ATL in hits and among the top two with stolen bases (11) which could add additional points if successful in that regard this game. However, Swanson’s biggest edge is his high run value (11) against the four-seam fastball which is Gonsolin’s most relied upon pitch type. That being said Swanson could dominate here at lower ownership and could be a nice hedge off of his teammate Austin Riley (who may come in higher owned).



Michael Harris (ATL) (DK- $5,400, FD- $7,000)

At almost the bare minimum price and one of the two lefties potentially to play today will be Michael Harris who has been striked out the least within the top ten hitters on ATL. Harris is also coming off a multi-hit game and benefits from Gonsolin surrendering mostly hits to his handedness. Harris should be considered as a potential piece in your lineups to relieve salary in order to build in other spots. Although he is one of the riskiest options it could lead to dominant lineups if he performs well but the tradeoff is a projected high ownership which could lead to several similar lineups to the field.

Austin Riley (ATL) (DK- $9,200, FD- $8,000)

The leading homerun hitter (18) for ATL has received a price increase but is still one of the safer options with the second highest isolated hitting power of all hitters on the slate. Also, the run value is high for Riley as well against the four-seam fastball (10) right behind his teammate Dansby Swanson so one of them is bound to perform well here. In addition, Riley is projected to come in at the lower end of ownership for hitters and could be a steal if that occurs with his potential to perform well.

Trea Turner (LAD) (DK- $10,400, $9,500)

The most expensive hitter for LAD on the slate but with a slight price decrease leads the LAD squad with hits and despite coming off a slight regression value wise is in a good spot to perform well here. Turner just dominated against a right-handed pitcher during this series and will face another one today in Strider. Also, Stider has a lower strikeout percentage against righties (28.9%) compared to lefties (42.4%) so this can lead to Turner taking advantage as a right-handed batter. However, is among one of the lowest isolated hitting power hitters on the slate so he could be a boom-bust play here at a hefty price tag.

$ Tier CPTN P H
High Tony Gonsolin (15.9k / 23.220) (14.7k / 41.370) Tony Gonsolin (10.6k / 15.48) (9.8k / 27.58) Ronald Acuna (10.8k / 0.94) (3.9k / 1.22)
Dansby Swanson (14.7k / 13.350) (5.55k / 17.415) Trea Turner (10.4k / 10.39) (4k / 13.55)
Dansby Swanson (9.8k / 8.90) (3.7k / 11.61)
Will Smith (9.6k / 8.31) (3.2k / 10.84)
Austin Riley (9.2k / 8.42) (3.5k / 10.98)
Medium Austin Riley (13.8k / 12.630) (5.25k / 16.470)
Low Michael Harris (5.4k / 3.21) (3.1k / 4.18)

DraftKings Tennis DFS – Wimbledon – June 27, 2022 (6/27/22) – DFS Articles & Insights –

FantasyCruncher’s Tennis Optimizer is now live – you can check out package options here.

We head to England for The Championships – or more as we know it – Wimbledon. This Major takes place on grass courts and runs from 6/27 through 7/10. Absent from this year are Russian and Belarus players as they are banned from competition. Novak Djokovic opens this tournament as the favorite to repeat as he won here last year – as well as in 2011, 2014, 2015, 2018, and 2019. Rounding out the top four favorites are Matteo Berrettini, Rafael Nadal, and Carlos Alcaraz. On the Women’s side, Iga Swiatek is the favorite here after her huge winning streak and French Open title. Rounding out the top is Ons Jabeur, Coco Gauff, and Simona Halep. 

You will find my cheat sheet for this slate below. If you see a green square next to a player’s name, scroll over it as it contains my notes for that play itself.

Cheat Sheet w/Notes

$ Tier P
Jelena Ostapenko (10.4k / 74.31)
Shuai Zhang (9.9k / 66.25)
David Goffin (8.4k / 50.54)

Check Also

DraftKings Tennis DFS Cheat Sheet – June 20, 2022 (6/20/22) FantasyCruncher’s Tennis Optimizer is now …

Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error [FIXED] – eXputer

Minecraft Realms is the latest addition to the evolving franchise from Mojang Studios. It is essentially an expansion to the Original Minecraft but based on a subscription service. It allows players to create and manage their custom private Minecraft servers.

There are tons of pre-made worlds to choose from, adventure to experience maps. The creators of these maps always amaze the community with their awe-inspiring creations. The only major drawback might be how to properly find a fix to the Internal server error in Minecraft Realms.

You can customize these servers with all sorts of things that you might usually do in the original game. From building cool-looking Houses and Farms to designing massive shared Bases with your friends on the servers. Also, consider reading our Minecraft Stuck on Mojang Screen error fix guide & learn how to solve it.

However, most of your time will be spent playing the various mini-games found on these servers or admiring the various artistic themes of each creation.

You can also, of course, create your world and server and venture out to seek to craft treasures like the Best Sword Enchantments as well as Farm Unlimited XP from enemies.

What is the Internal Server Error in Minecraft Realms?

internal server error minecraft realms
The internal server error issue in Minecraft Realms

Although the servers of Minecraft realms tend to be smooth and steady for most players of the game. One of the most common problems you might face is the Internal server error. The game requires a constant network connection to be able to maintain its infrastructure and update server data.

It is a connection problem that disrupts your attempts at joining an online server or realm. In extreme cases, this issue can be unresolvable unless you can pinpoint the exact ways to solve it. Most players tend to brush these errors off at first glance as one of the player-created realms being insecure.

In most multiplayer games, network instability or various bugs and glitches are the probable causes for these kinds of errors. The errors can arise from the lackluster aspects of the game or simply due to unstable servers.

Most of the time that can be true, but if the error persists, then the reasons may just be from your side. As we mentioned before, the issue is more common than you would think.

So there are a variety of ways where players can easily learn how to fix and handle the internal server error in Minecraft Realms. Also, consider reading the Best Minecraft Launchers guide.

Common Reasons for the Internal Server Error

Before we discuss the eight different fixes for the server error, it’s important to know the reasons behind the server error. You will experience various issues with the realms not operating on their correct basis in the game. Over the years spent on the game, various solutions to the error have been discovered.

Minecraft can produce a few errors here and there in some ways. Besides that, the Minecraft community has pinpointed the exact causes of the Internal Server Error codes, which are straightforward enough:

  • Realms Server Instability: There is a sprawling network of different and unique realms to be found throughout the list of creations in the game. The servers play a major role in stable connections for the game. Knowing the server status and how much vital they are are the first reasons behind the internal server error.
  • Network Connection: There are 140+ million players across the world of Minecraft and its Realms. Among these will also be users that won’t have the suitable bandwidth allocation for the game. The internet speeds will be one of the few reasons you may encounter an internal server error during the realm joining attempts.
  • Unnecessary Plugins & Mods: The world of Minecraft can be modified to your liking and preferences with various game plugin assets & mods to create something extraordinary. But overdoing them might cost you a little extra as far as prompting with the internal server error, breaking your connection to Minecraft Realms.

More from Exputer: How to get Mending in Minecraft

How to Fix Internal Server Error in Minecraft Realms

We have gone ahead and researched heavily into matters regarding the error in the game. Although the error is fairly common to occur for players throughout the game. It also carries different potential solutions to it, which are pretty easy to understand and do all by yourself.

The Official Minecraft Realms Forums were kind enough to provide helpful information alongside the multiple friendly communities of the game over on Discord and Reddit.

We urge you to follow all of these methods as each one can clear the issue for you in the game. You will run into more errors like the Internal server error, so you should also be able to learn how to fix other errors in Minecraft Realms. So let’s briefly discuss the eight methods to solve the following error in the game.

Checking the Server Status of the Game

First and foremost, players must be aware of ongoing issues that may occur on the servers of Minecraft Realms. They are a significant part of the game for the entire population of players. They are the bridge between the various realms of the game to access and enter with ease.

The game’s servers may undergo maintenance or downtime depending on whether the game is facing some sort of major issues or requires fine-tuning by the developers. Most of the time, you will be notified of the servers going under these procedures for a short time.

You can also simply follow the Offical Status Page of Mojang on Twitter as they update any sort of issues or ongoing server maintenance on the game via the dedicated game status account.

Update the Game to the Latest Version

Minecraft realms latest version
How to update Minecraft Realms to the latest version

The developers at Mojang, as well as the popular community of the game, constantly strive to provide every bit of attention and update to the game. These updates improve the overall ecosystem of the game.

Installing the latest version of Minecraft Realms is one of the few best ways to reduce the chances of any sort of error occurring, even the Internal server error. You can install these patches or the latest versions with ease.

In this era of online gaming, keeping your games up-to-date is pretty much consequential.

You can easily update to the latest version of the game via the main menu of the Minecraft Realms Launcher since the “Realms” are essentially just the multiplayer expansions on top of the base game.

You will only need to patch the base game, and after doing so, it will automatically update your Realms servers to the latest version.

The easiest way to play the latest version is by clicking the small arrow on the right side of the play button at the main menu of the launcher. It will then install or load the newest version for you to play.

Disabling Background Applications & Overlays

Background applications Minecraft
How to disable background overlay apps like Discord and Steam

While it may seem odd, applications running in the background can cause some minor interferences while you are in the Realms of Minecraft. These can either be the apps or even the overlays which auto-toggled by default.

These things can add a toll on your total RAM usage, which is a vital PC component so that your operating system can function smoothly. It is highly suggested that you immediately remove or toggle these apps off. Software like these will randomly generate huge RAM usage spikes on your system.

By all means, Minecraft Realms is not a powerhouse of a game to run on your PC. However, overlays such as Steam and Discord tend to create interruptions like an internal server error in Minecraft Realms.

We even suggest permanently turning off useless background apps such as Windows Game Bar and OBS.

Removing Incompatible Mods & Plugins

Main files Minecraft Realms
Location of the main directory folder of Minecraft

It is a well-known fact that modding the games can truly revitalize your experience in them. These are features solely developed by the fanbase of each game with intense appreciation and special properties.

The plugins, on the other hand, can enhance the quality of life aspects of games and improve their engine qualities too.

However, it is worth pointing out that on rare occasions, these mods and plugins can mess your game up. They are specifically the mods or plugins which are not mechanically optimized to run with the game.

Your main course of action should precisely check which mods are causing the issue. You can then safely uninstall them by going into the main options menu and then Resource Packs.

Here the packs will contain all the various mod packs or plugins you have downloaded, which can be instantly uninstalled.

Alternatively, you can try the following manual method by accessing the main game files:

  • Locate and open the main Minecraft folder directory by typing %appdata% in the Windows Command Box.
  • Open the folder titled “.minecraft”.
  • Find the “resource packs” folder and delete the packs you think are useless or causing problems.
  • Of course, If you have shaders for the game installed, you can remove them from the shader packs” folder.
  • Check back into Minecraft Realms if the internal server error has been resolved.

Deleting the “UUID” Files in Minecraft Folder

World files uuid minecraft
How to delete UUID files to reset your data in Minecraft Realms

The UUID is described as a Universally Unique Identifier. These files are essentially a set of codes that are individually assigned to players in your realm. They work similarly to online Gamertags for players.

Preferably, you should delete the UUID data of players who don’t play anymore from your save folders. It will ensure no remaining cache data gets left behind. If it does, it will cause errors like the internal server error.

Although we must warn you to carefully delete the files as they also contain your save data of the different worlds you might have created in the game. You can delete the files with the step-by-step guide:

  • Locate the main directory of the Minecraft game and head into the “.minecraft” folder.
  • Click on the saves folder and then the world folder to locate its overall data.
  • Now click on the Players folder to locate the UUID data.
  • You should delete them if there are there.
  • Head back into the game and the realm servers and in the world setting.
  • If you spot any UUID or usernames of the player, you can erase them from here too.
  • Now run the game as normal and check if the internal server error still exists in Minecraft Realms.

Enabling Firewall Network Permission to the Game

You can also try bypassing the game to gain access to the Windows Defender Firewall. It allows Minecraft Realms full access to your networks so let’s see how you can fix the internal server error through it:

Minecraft Realms error
How to open the Control panel Windows 10
  • First of all, open up the Windows Command function by typing the Windows+R key.
  • Search for the Control Panel in the box
Firewall defender Minecraft Realms
The Windows Defender Firewall menu option
  • While in the control panel, change the “View By” option in the top right to “small icons”.
  • The Windows defender firewall menu should now be easily visible. As shown in the above image.
  • On the next menu, click on the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall Defender” option.
  • Browse through the list of Allowed apps to see if Minecraft is checked here in both Private & Public options. If not, click Change Settings, and click “Allow another app…”. Proceed to locate the “.Exe” file of Minecraft in your folders and add it to the allowed apps list.
  • Make sure to double-check if you check-marked the options we told you about, after which you are to go and check if the server error continues to exist in the game.

Use a VPN Connection

The Internal Server error 500 isn’t just related to Minecraft Realms but more so to servers in general, so players are always on the hunt for how to fix the issue. So the servers are conjoined together by several different backend connections around the world. The realms and worlds of the game are accessed via these connections.

However, your network connection may have sometimes been programmed by the ISP to block certain server trafficking, thus causing all sorts of issues like the internal server problem. You can simply use a VPN connection to secure a route to the blocked data you need for the realms.

Most importantly, using a VPN will not only bypass the network blockage but also help you maintain a stable and healthy connection to the Minecraft servers. So players may encounter fewer errors and latency problems.

Setting up a custom VPN may be a headache task, and we recommend consulting your ISP about it. If you are looking for an easier alternative, we highly suggest using NordVPN since it is the top VPN in the market.

Improving your Internet Connection

If all else fails, we strongly advise you to improve your network connection for the game further. Minecraft Realms is an open-ended and server-based expansion to the entire experience of the franchise. It will consistently require a proper and stable bandwidth transmission to register data with its backend servers.

Without solid and steady internet access, you will be plagued with errors such as Internal server errors. You will certainly face other annoying issues, such as being unable to host or establish a secure connection to players.

We urge you to invest in an ethernet cable connection. It will help boost your bandwidth transmission a lot and also provide the optimal connection without any sort of network error or the game crashing without warning.


The main priority should be to use all the mentioned fixes, which involve directly tinkering with the game files. It is reported throughout the forums and Reddit threads about the issue reoccurring due to a weak internet connection or a glitch in the game files.

Updating the game as well as restarting may also help you out as temporary quick fixes. You should also recheck the game settings in case there is anything causing issues through it. Remain cautious of when the servers may go under downtime by being up-to-date with the status website.

Minecraft Realms is not a heavy load game in data but more so just involves the user to avoid any incompatible mods or assets to use as plugins. Of course, using a VPN may also reduce further chances of errors.

This concludes our Internal Server error fix guide in Minecraft Realms and the eight unique ways users can follow with ease on how to fix it so they can get back to playing with their friends.

If you have any further helpful ideas to add or questions related to these solutions, let us know down in the comments box!

Minecraft Redditor tries Warden’s ranged attack on Ender Dragon, and you won’t believe the results – Sportskeeda

The Minecraft 1.19 update introduced the most fearsome mob in the game. The Warden carries 250 hearts of health and has melee attack damage of eight hearts (easy), 15 hearts (normal), and 22.5 hearts (hard). It strangely does not qualify as a boss, which makes it the most challenging and strongest mob in the game by far.

Even when compared to the actual bosses, the Warden stands out. The Ender Dragon only has 100 hearts of health and can deal the same amount of damage. However, the Wither has 150 hearts of health, which increases based on difficulty, and deals a little more damage per hit.

For a regular hostile mob, the Warden is dangerous, so it’s natural to wonder what might happen if it attacked the Ender Dragon. Well, one Minecraft Redditor set out to make that a reality, and the results are very interesting.

Minecraft player uses Warden attack against Ender Dragon, sending it flying

The Warden has two different attacks. The melee attacks will effectively kill any player with any armor in just two hits regardless of the difficulty level. The ranged attack is much weaker but is still quite dangerous. On easy, it deals three hearts of damage. On normal, it’s increased to 5 hearts, and the hard difficulty’s attack deals 7.5 hearts of damage. These numbers are still enough to kill players in just a few hits.

Versus (Image via u/Spiritual-Result-648 on Reddit)the Minecraft movie can take inspiration.

Perhaps Mojang will add this to the game.

Many commenters couldn’t contain their laughter.

The possibilities are endless.

The dragon is ever to be seen again.

In just 20 hours, at the time of writing, the Minecraft community has already given the post over 10 thousand upvotes.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

Fall Guys players nearly double after going free-to-play – TweakTown

Fall Guys has amassed even more popularity after going free-to-play on all platforms.

Mediatonic recently confirmed that Fall Guys now has 20 million active players on consoles and PC, which is a meteoric jump from its previous figures. Back in December, Mediatonic confirmed its battle royale party game Fall Guys had sold about 11 million copies. The jump from 11 million to 20 million is a 81% rise in players, which corresponds with the game’s new free-99 price tag.

Extras like full cross-play and cross-progression on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC makes Fall Guys an even more attractive proposition. Billion-dollar titan Epic Games is responsible for making Fall Guys a F2P sensation, which follows in the footsteps of Fortnite, one of the most popular games of all time, as well as sports racer Rocket League. It also significantly helps the game is available across practically every gaming system besides mobiles (which is probably happening at some point).

Even before going free-to-play, Fall Guys was one of the most popular indie games on the market, earning a third-place spot behind sales of Stardew Valley (20 million) and Rust (12.4 million). Fall Guys had sold 2 million copies in less than a week during the pandemic and at one point it had more Steam players than GTA V. It went on to sell over 7 million copies in its first month and was the most-downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time.

For more info on Fall Guys, check below:

Fall Guys might be free-to-play but it is now monetized with a premium season pass which will fund new content over time. It also has a new premium currency called Show-Bucks.

You’re invited to dive and dodge your way to victory in the pantheon of clumsy. Rookie or pro? Solo or partied up? Fall Guys delivers ever-evolving, high-concentrated hilarity and fun. The only thing more important than winning is looking as ridiculous as possible while doing it. Grab the silliest costume you can and fall in line-the show’s about to start!

  • Competitive & Cooperative: Tumble between competitive free-for-alls and cooperative challenges-or take on the Blunderdome with up to 3 friends!
  • Play with Friends: Fall Guys supports cross-play, cross-platform parties and cross-progression via your Epic Games Account.
  • Ever-Evolving Content: Play stays fresh with Limited Time Events and new game modes. Each Season brings with it new costumes, collabs, obstacles and ways to play.
  • Gloriously Customizable: Choose from a multitude of Colors, Patterns, Costumes and Nameplates.
Fall Guys players nearly double after going free-to-play 20 |

The rockstars of Minecraft are giving teens something to root for online – NBC News

ANAHEIM, Calif.Without as many traditional Internet A-listers as years past, VidCon, an annual social media conference for creators and their fans, seemed unusually quieter this year.  

That is, unless you were at the Dream SMP panel on Thursday. 

Two hours before the group, made up of Minecraft players, was expected to show up, screams had already broken out from the packed audience of about 2,000 fans. That doesn’t include the 135,000 people who livestreamed the panel from their homes. 

“Honestly, there’s a lot of people here,” said creator Jack Manifold, who moderated the panel. “I don’t know this to be a fact, but all the people backstage have been telling us this is, I think, the biggest show VidCon has ever had.”

Created by two friends who go by Dream and GeorgeNotFound online, Dream SMP, which is played on Minecraft, “is famous for being a roleplay themed server with a mostly improvisational plot and a long history of alliances, wars, factions, eras, and characters,” according to its Wiki Fan page. SMP stands for survival multi-player, which is the default multi-player mode of Minecraft. Each player streams their perspective on Twitch, and many players have also seen success streaming on their YouTube channels. 

The VidCon panel — which both Dream SMP founders skipped — marked the first time many of the players were able to see the growth of the community in-person since Dream SMP launched in early 2020. The popularity of the panel, which was attended by mostly women, girls and nonbinary people, also signaled that Dream SMP has become more than a Minecraft storytelling medium or a streaming phenomenon. Its players and fans say Dream SMP has given rise to a new subculture for girls in gaming. 

“To see that many women who love Minecraft? Ten years ago, that was completely different,” said Dream SMP player Hannah Rose, 22, who joined the server in early 2021 after Dream invited her. “I wish I had that back when I was 12, 13, when I first got the game.”

Like Dream and GeorgeNotFound, Hannah Rose and several others within the group of players do not disclose their real names to the public. In the gaming community, aliases are most commonly used instead of real names, as both creators and fans prefer partial anonymity.

Many within the community say Dream SMP is the first Twitch gaming fandom to cater to this audience, which has made the community meaningful beyond its popularity. But it’s also opened it up to more scrutiny from outsiders. 

“People are so hateful toward the Dream SMP community sometimes,” Hannah Rose said. “They make a lot of jokes about having ‘girl fans.’ Well, you have ‘boy fans,’ what’s wrong with ‘girl fans?’”

Cultivating a diverse fanbase 

Minecraft, which was released in 2009, has become one of the best-selling games of all time. It’s a sandbox game, designed in the style of old 8-bit video games, where players can mine, fight, build and do just about anything. 

While its players are mostly white men, the community is still considered more diverse than many of its gaming community counterparts. That’s largely due to the huge female fan base, many who admire Hannah Rose and other female players within the community. 

For many within the community, including its players, Dream SMP is considered the perfect medium for storytelling.

“Imagine ‘Dungeons and Dragons,’ but put it into Minecraft,” Kaegan, 20, a fan and attendee of the VidCon panel, said of Dream SMP.  

Kaegan, who asked that NBC withhold their last name for their privacy, trekked to Anaheim with two of their friends in the Dream SMP fandom. One came from the Bay Area, one from Las Vegas, and another from Florida. They wore bright wigs, face paint, animal ears, and homemade cosplay in the style of their favorite characters. 

It’s thanks to Kaegan and the thousands of other passionate fans that Dream SMP has seen its popularity surge in just two years.

Dream, who also has never revealed his identity online, now has 30 million YouTube subscribers to his personal channel. Every player who has since joined Dream SMP has seen their following skyrocket, too. 

Tubbo, whose real name is Toby Smith, has 5 million Twitch followers. Smith joined Dream SMP with his friend, Tom Simons, who has close to 12 million YouTube subscribers as TommyInnit. 

“It was kind of like the perfect storm, everyone being inside with Covid, Twitch suddenly gained a lot of popularity,” Smith, 18, said of Dream SMP’s rise in popularity. “It was a lot of blind luck if I’m totally honest.” 

Some fans have also gravitated to Dream SMP because they see themselves in the players.  

“It’s a place where LGBT people can find other people like them and just have a place to go ‘I’m this,’” Eret, one of the Dream SMP players who participated in the panel, said of their Twitch community. Eret, 23, identifies as bisexual and genderqueer. They use any pronouns.

I’m endlessly proud of everyone involved that we managed to cultivate something that was an audience completely untapped on Twitch.

-creator Jack Manifold

“Especially if you’re in a household which doesn’t accept you, having a place where you can go ‘I am this’ and get that weight off your chest is literally life-changing.”

Manifold, 19, said during the panel that he agreed teenage girls make up a large part of the demographic.

“That’s sort of the demographic, which is wonderful, in my opinion, because I don’t think Twitch had a lot of appeal to that audience before Dream SMP,” Manifold said. “I’m endlessly proud of everyone involved that we managed to cultivate something that was an audience completely untapped on Twitch.”

Dream SMP panel ‘unprepared’ for such a passionate crowd

The VidCon gathering of Dream SMP fans was mostly celebratory. But the fandom, like many others that emerge online, has had its own drama.

The Dream SMP community is known for being a part of cringe culture, a fandom that is widely mocked online. It has a lot of “antis,” people who openly dislike the creators and their fans. Some of the creators have been subjected to wider controversies beyond the fandom, such as when Dream was stricken from Minecraft leaderboards for using a “disallowed modification” during a record-breaking win.

In the lead-up to the panel, some Dream SMP fans on Twitter created a list of rules of what not to do at the panel, many of which revolved around not acting out.

Other fans created a panel bingo card, which listed outlandish things could happen at the panel because of Dream SMP’s passionate fanbase (such as “security throws someone out”). One of the bingo list items — “the fire alarm gets pulled” — was rumored to have happened at some point during the panel, with some tweeting that they heard about it and others joking about doing it themselves.  (NBC News did not witness this occurring). 

Some warned each other not to ask embarrassing or invasive questions about “shipping” the male players during the panel. “Shipping” refers to when fans romantically pair characters or people in fictional relationships that can be the subject of fanart and fanfiction, both of which have been embraced in the Dream SMP fandom. 

The players have appreciated and even adopted some of the fandom creations, but the shipping can get “awkward,” since the players are real-life friends. Their Dream SMP characters are a mash-up of their real personalities and radically different fictional attributes, including evil ones.

Overall, Manifold said the Dream SMP players who attended VidCon were “completely unprepared” for the size and passion of the crowd awaiting them. 

“It really opened our eyes to how big everything was and how much it meant to people, us playing Minecraft,” Manifold said. “I almost welled up, I was so emotional about it. Two years down the line, to be able to see all these people, it’s just wonderful.” 

NBC News was a sponsor of VidCon.

Intro to Redstone Logic in Minecraft – Eagle 99.3 FM WSCH

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1-week coding camp. Live, online!

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Intro to Redstone Logic in Minecraft is a fun coding camp that introduces kids to redstone, an element used for mechanical and electrical programming in Minecraft. They will learn how redstone works and advance to build logic gates, similar to what electrical engineers create. By the completion of this camp, students will have the knowledge to build many exciting redstone projects in Minecraft.

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  • Intro to Redstone Logic in Minecraft

    1-week coding camp. Live, online!
    For ages 11-18. Beginners welcome. Intro to Redstone Logic in Minecraft is a fun coding camp that introduces kids to redstone, an element used for mechanical and electrical programming in Minecraft. They will learn how redstone works and advance to build logic gates, similar to what electrical engineers create. By the completion of this camp, students will have the knowledge to build many exciting redstone projects in Minecraft. Camps available in May, June, July, and August.

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Stanley Cup Finals – DraftKings & FanDuel NHL DFS Analysis: Game 6 – June 26, 2022 – DFS Articles & Insights –

The series heads back to Colorado tonight after Tampa stayed alive with a 3-2 win in Game 5, putting the series at 3-2 for Colorado.  The Avs will take a second shot at trying to win the cup tonight in an elimination game.  The line is set at -175 for Colorado in a game with a projected total of six, and we’ll see if tonight is the night where Colorado can get it done and finally show that Vasilevskiy is not an impenetrable force in elimination games.

By now, when their backs are against the wall I think it is clear that Tampa will try and clog things up and focus on playing quality defensive hockey.  That has been their gameplan whenever faced with elimination throughout the entire playoffs.  As a result, I think it is likely that we will see a low scoring game, personally – I like the under here.  With that said, if you think that Colorado can break through, I could see the path to loading up on Avs tonight and going over-weight with exposure there.

If you think that the game will be low scoring, I don’t hate the idea of loading up on exposure to Vasilevskiy and then go under-weight on a few of the stars on both sides in this one from a game theory standpoint.  I could see a path to a 3-1, 3-2 type of game ,and if that is the case as we have seen time and time again, if you sprinkle exposure across more than most of the field, you can get an edge up if you get exposure to some players that are under used by the field.  I think the range of outcomes for tonight’s game is pretty wide overall – but this is one idea, leaving some salary on the table that I think could pay off in large field MME GPP formats.

Enjoy Game 6 tonight!

The MLB DFS Dinger of the Day – June 26, 2022 (6/26/22) – DFS Articles & Insights –

Every day this season, our team shares who we believe has the best chance to leave the yard. From one-off plays to core parts of daily stacks, we hope this fun article will help you build winning MLB DFS lineups along the way.

As always, FantasyCruncher has several daily articles from pitching to stacking, to home run picks, to general cheat sheets to help you build your daily lineups. And the best news, it is all free! This year for 2022, we are changing up the scoring for the home run calls to be weighted based on the player’s salary. If one of our writers chooses a player with a salary over $5,000 it will be worth 0.5 points. Between $4-$4.9k is 1 point, $3-$3.9k is 2 points, and anyone $2.9k or below is worth 3 points. In terms of salary, we are going off of DraftKings salary for this article. Again, the scoring system is just a fun and friendly competition between our MLB content writers.

Today’s Picks

James: Matt Chapman ($3,600) – The Brewers are trotting out Chi Chi Gonzalez on Sunday against one of the most potent offenses in the MLB. Gonzalez has made just three starts this year but has a high ERA and WHIP of 1.55. He hasn’t had an ERA under 5.50 in six years. His fastball is being hit at .333 and carries an expected slugging of .678. Chapman had three hits on Saturday including a home run and a double and a double in each of his previous two games. While the average is low here he has had a strong series in Milwaukee so far and now faces the easiest pitching matchup of the series.

Zach: Gavin Sheets ($2,100) – Sheets is not the typical player you will find in this article but I really like him for two reasons. The first is his .216 career ISO against right-handed pitching. The second is the fact that the right-handed pitcher he is facing Jordan Lyles is not a good pitcher and has really struggled on the road against left-handed hitting. This season when pitching on the road lefties are slugging .722 with a .479 wOBA.

Jared: Alejandro Kirk ($4,300) – In case you’ve been living under a rock for a little while, Alejandro Kirk has been on absolute fire of late and is stating his case to be the starting catcher for the American League All Star team in the process. And, he’s crushing the ball over his last week of action in particular, with a 289 wRC+, .500 ISO, .579 wOBA and 26.7% barrel rate (24 PA sample size). RHBs are the long ball weakness for Chi Chi Gonzalez, who has a HR/9 in his career of nearly 1.8 in the split (compared to about half of that vs LHBs), so this is a good opportunity to take advantage from a matchup perspective, too. If Kirk happens to sit out, my pivot will be fellow Blue Jays righty Lourdes Gurriel Jr ($3,000) who is seeing the ball incredibly well in his own right at the moment (261 wRC+ in his last week of work).

Overall Standings

James 20.5 (17 total home runs)
Zach 22.5 (16 total home runs)
Jared 21 (15 total home runs)

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