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Have You Played… The Blackwell Epiphany?

Point and haunt

Featured post A screenshot from Blackwell Epiphany showing Rosa Blackwell and ghost Joey Mallone confronting a priest, who is standing in a magic circle

The Blackwell series began in 2006, a collection of 5 proper good point and click games featuring a girl and a ghost solving paranomal-ish mysteries. The Blackwell Epiphany is the finale of them, and is actually the first Blackwell game I ever played.

Rosa Blackwell has a kind of love/hate relationship with her familial ability of mediuming. By The Blackwell Epiphany, she’s pretty much accepted it, and her spirit guide Joey, an appropriately wise-cracking 1930s trenchcoated ghost. As a capper to an almost decade-long series, Epiphany is great, with stories resolved and emotions flying all over the place.

But it’s also a great game in its own right, and playing it first is what made me want to go back and try the whole series. The writing is great, the puzzles are cool and challenging but not too obscure or weird – but most of all, the art is gorgeous. It’s expressive and beautiful in that way that only very good pixel art is.

The Blackwell series as a whole is the work of Wadjet Eye games, what done Unavowed, another very good, paranormal point and click adventure. I’m not sure there’s another studio doing ’em better, to be honest.

Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) vs Nobru: Who has better stats in Free Fire in 2021? – Sportskeeda

Ajjubhai and Nobru are two of the most popular Free Fire content creators in the world.

Ajjubhai is also the owner of the prominent Indian Free Fire roster, Total Gaming Esports. Meanwhile, Nobru is a professional athlete and recently founded an organization called Fluxo Esports along with “Cerol.”

While Ajjubhai boasts a subscriber count of 19.4 million on YouTube, Nobru has over 11.9 million subscribers on the platform.

This article compares the two YouTubers’ stats in Garena Free Fire.

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Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID and stats

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID is 451012596.

Lifetime stats


Ajjubhai’s lifetime stats <img class="lazy-img" width="800" height="415" data-img="" alt="Ajjubhai’s lifetime stats" data-img-low="" src="data:image/svg+xml,”>
Ajjubhai’s lifetime stats

Ajjubhai has played 10317 squad matches and has won on 2534 occasions, maintaining a win rate of 24.56%. With 37950 kills to his name, he has a K/D ratio of 4.88 in this mode.

In the duo mode, the Indian content creator has played 1642 games and has secured 306 victories, making his win rate 18.63%. In the process, he has bagged 6402 frags at a K/D ratio of 4.79.

Ajjubhai has also played 898 solo matches and has 77 wins to his name, translating to a win rate of 8.57%. He has racked up 2267 kills in these matches, with a K/D ratio of 2.76.

Ranked stats


Ajjubhai’s ranked stats <img class="lazy-img" width="800" height="413" data-img="" alt="Ajjubhai’s ranked stats" data-img-low="" src="data:image/svg+xml,”>
Ajjubhai’s ranked stats

Ajjubhai has played 456 squad games in the ongoing ranked season and has emerged victorious in 53 of them, making his win rate 11.62%. He has registered 1615 kills at a K/D ratio of 4.01 in this mode.

The popular YouTuber has also played 3 ranked duo matches and has a single win to his name, translating to a win rate of 33.33%. He has killed 5 opponents in these matches, with a K/D ratio of 2.50.

Ajjubhai has played 10 ranked solo games and has 1 Booyah, maintaining a win rate of 10%. He has registered 19 frags at a K/D ratio of 2.11 in this mode.

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Nobru’s Free Fire ID and stats

Nobru’s Free Fire ID is 228159683.

Lifetime stats

Nobru’s lifetime stats <img class="lazy-img" width="800" height="416" data-img="" alt="Nobru’s lifetime stats" data-img-low="" src="data:image/svg+xml,”>
Nobru’s lifetime stats

Nobru has played 9173 squad games to date and has triumphed in 2008 of them, maintaining a win rate of 21.89%. He has killed 22974 opponents at a K/D ratio of 3.21 in this mode.


When it comes to the duo mode, the Brazil-based YouTuber has won 379 of the 2501 matches he has played, making his win rate 15.15%. With a K/D ratio of 3.72, he has 7885 frags in these matches.

Nobru has also played 4636 solo matches and has 702 victories, translating to a win rate of 15.14%. He has accumulated 18626 kills at a K/D ratio of 4.73 in this mode.

Ranked stats

Nobru’s ranked stats <img class="lazy-img" width="800" height="409" data-img="" alt="Nobru’s ranked stats" data-img-low="" src="data:image/svg+xml,”>
Nobru’s ranked stats

Nobru has played 145 squad matches in the current ranked season and has won on 23 occasions, making his win rate 15.86%. He has 595 frags to his name in this mode, with a K/D ratio of 4.88.

The popular esports athlete has also played 38 duo games and has stood victorious in 3 of them, translating to a win rate of 7.89%. He has racked up 151 kills at a K/D ratio of 4.31 in this mode.


Nobru has played 19 solo matches and has triumphed in 6 of them, maintaining a win rate of 31.57%. He has accumulated 134 kills in these matches, with a K/D ratio of 10.31.

Note: The stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content creators continue to play more games in Free Fire.


Both Ajjubhai and Nobru are skilled Garena Free Fire players. However, comparing their stats in the game can be difficult as they play in different regions. In the lifetime mode, Ajjubhai has the edge over Nobru in the duo and squad matches. Meanwhile, Nobru has relatively better stats than Ajjubhai in the solo matches.

It is not possible to compare the two content creators’ ranked stats in the duo mode as Ajjubhai has not played enough games. However, in the ranked solo and squad modes, Nobru is ahead of Ajjubhai in terms of K/D ratio and win rate.

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Published 20 Jan 2021, 11:26 IST

Mojang is retiring the old Minecraft Dungeons launcher – The Verge

Minecraft Dungeons’ dedicated launcher on PC is being retired in favor of a new “Unified Launcher” that lets you launch Dungeons and Minecraft: Java Edition from the same place, reducing the number of places where you can play Minecraft on PC by one (via Windows Central).

Minecraft Dungeons is the hack-and-slash loot collecting cousin of Minecraft that, until this change, had its own launcher unless it was purchased from the Microsoft Store. As of January 18th, the non-Microsoft Store version of Dungeons on PC can only be launched from the new Unified Launcher (which itself is an update to the Java launcher). Mojang says the change shouldn’t affect save files and that either a Microsoft account (soon to be required to play on PC) or a Mojang account can be used to log in to the launcher.

An account screen from the new unified Minecraft launcher.
Image: Mojang

Here are the remaining ways and places you can play Minecraft on PC after the changes:

  • Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (sometimes just called Minecraft or Minecraft: Bedrock Edition) is managed through the Microsoft Store.
  • Minecraft: Java Edition is managed through the Unified Launcher, but you can also play without updating, for now.
  • Minecraft: Education Edition (the specialty version of the game for schools) is managed through its own launcher.
  • Minecraft Dungeons (a Minecraft spin-off) is either managed in the Unified Launcher or the Microsoft Store if you’re using Xbox Game Pass for PC or you bought it from there.

Consolidating where you launch two Minecraft games doesn’t do much to help confusion over the many different types of Minecraft, but for any person who enjoyed playing both Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft: Java Edition, it’s now a little bit more convenient.

You can find out more information about the change and how to download the new launcher on Mojang’s Minecraft Help Center.

Game Maker developer YoYo Games bought by browser developer Opera

Game Maker is an entry-level game development tool which has been used to create several indie megahits, including Undertale, Hyperlight Drifter, Heat Signature and Katana Zero. Since 2015, its developers YoYo Games have been owned by gambling software creator Playtech. There’s been no official announcement that this has changed, but a report on Reuters states that Playtech have sold YoYo Games for “about $10 million”.

The report doesn’t mention who they sold YoYo Games to, but some investigative folks on the Game Maker forums noticed that employees at Opera, developers of reasonably popular browser software, have been appointed as YoYo Games directors. Companies House has filings which confirm that.

This kind of acquisition is nervy stuff for game developers. Game Maker and its various iterations is a popular, vital tool for creating games, particularly 2D games, and relatively inexpensive when compared to some of its peers. A new owner could mean changes which impact a lot of game developers, many of whom might be years-in on a project with years of work still to go. Heck, I’m several years into a Game Maker project, even if it’s been several years since I last worked on it.

There were similar fears when Playtech bought YoYo Games in 2015, but the gambling firm didn’t change the core software. Over the past several years, YoYo have tried to diversify their business, including announcing a game publishing division in 2018 which closed down the following year. The last major iteration of the Game Maker software, Game Maker: Studio 2, launched in 2017.

I’ve reached out to YoYo Games and to Opera for comment and will update this story should they respond.

Darkmoon Races Mini-Set Coming To Hearthstone This Week

Hearthstone is getting a significant update in just a few days with the Darkmoon Races Mini-Set on January 21. Over the past few years, Hearthstone has become not just the core game, but many different experiences under one roof.

Don’t like Standard and dealing with the metadecks? Hearthstone’s take on auto chess, Battlegrounds, might be a nice escape. Still want the familiarity of cards but with an “every run is different” feel to it? Duels lets you play a roguelike run against other players, a natural progression from the dungeon delves that they were experimenting with a while ago. Arena lets players engage in a small scale format where single-card analysis and synergies can come to life outside of a constructed deck zone. And of course, there are still cozy Tavern Brawls that present strange game modes each week. 

The Darkmoon Races Mini-Set lets players pick up all the cards in the set at one price for $14.99 or 2000 gold. Alternatively, they can also be found in Darkmoon Faire packs once it launches. There are 35 cards in the new infusion, including cool characters that can really tie together strategies. Tapping into the powers of corruption? Dark Inquisitor Xanesh has a plan for you!

Battlegrounds is getting a few new heroes in this update as well. Tickatus is a premium source of Darkmoon prizes, gaining one for free every four turns. That sounds like it could get out of control! If you’ve been tinkering around with a taunt build trying to utilize many of the newer Battlegrounds cards that have “whenever your minion with taunt [does things],” Greybough looks like he’s the perfect treant hero to take some chances on there. Some new Demon cards are also getting stuffed into the mix, so maybe Demons will be a viable faction (yeah right).

Duels is getting a bunch of new options with this patch. 10 new hero powers(!), 25 new treasures, and a ratings reset (both heroic and casual) are on deck. Duels is a fantastic way to inject a little variance and a lot of fun into classic archetypes, if you haven’t had a chance to try it yet. It takes the dungeon run theme that began with Kobolds and Catacombs and ramps it up into a competitive PVP experience!

Are you playing Hearthstone? And if you are, what mode is your jam? Let us know in the comments below!

Fortnite Is Finally Getting Rid of Something Fans Hate –

There’s already been quite a lot to take in in Season 5 of Fortnite, which has reimagined the Battle Royale in some surprising ways. In addition to including characters from iconic franchises like Star Wars: The Mandalorian, God of War, and Halo, the new season has brought in some dynamic new Battle Pass avatars and NPCs. According to a new post on the game’s official social media accounts, a new update will bring the removal – at least, partially – of one of the game’s most controversial NPCs. In a series of tweets, which you can check out below, Fortnite will be removing the IO Guards from the game’s Arena mode.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the IO Guards will be out of the traditional Battle Royale mode, but they will no longer be causing a problem during the ranked Arena matches. Given how overpowered many Fortnite fans regard the IO Guards to be – as they have the ability to knock out an unsuspecting player in just a few shots – it’s definitely a welcomed detail.

Season 5 of Fortnite has already brought fans a lot of unexpected characters, including Star Wars‘ The Mandalorian, Halo‘s Master Chief, God of War‘s Kratos, The Walking Dead‘s Michonne and Daryl Dixon, DC’s Green Arrow, and Marvel’s Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Taskmaster.

“The reason why we called this season ‘Nexus War’ is this is just the start,” Mustard said during a podcast appearance last year. “This is just the start of lots of stuff we have planned for many years in this Marvel integration. This is not the end; this is the beginning.”


What do you think of the IO Guards being removed from Fortnite‘s Arena mode? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Fortnite is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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Ratropolis is a tower defence deckbuilder about commanding rats

A screenshot of Ratropolis, showing a card named "Cheese" being held over a 2D background of rats milling around.

Like Omori before it, Ratropolis is another game we missed because it snuck out over Christmas. This is much like the rats I used to live with in an old house share, who snuck around every trap we laid down for so long they became like friends. Horrible, noisy friends who’d steal our pasta… Much like all housemates.

Ratropolis is also a roguelite tower defense citybuilding deckbuilding real-time strategy game, though. I’ve never met a housemate who can say the same.

From a side-on perspective, you drop cards to place buildings – turrets, resource gatherers, and more – and then defend yourself against waves of oncoming enemies. The systems click together in neat ways, as the buildings you construct give you access to new cards, card upgrades, and so on.

That it’s real-time, rather than turn-based like most card battlers, reminds me a lot of Overdungeon, which similarly mixed cards amd tower defense. There’s none of the same spectacle here, but from the streams I’ve watched, Ratropolis seems like a more strategic game as a result. (I’ve been watching a lot of tower defence streams recently and everyone is playing either this or Bloons TD 6.)

We’ll have a review of Ratropolis in the near future. If you can’t wait that long, it’ll cost you £14/$18/€15 from Steam.

ETSU adds Rocket League esports team | News | – Johnson City Press (subscription)

Rocket League, a video game best described as soccer played with rocket-propelled cars, will soon have an established presence at East Tennessee State University.

ETSU announced Tuesday plans to add a varsity Rocket League team to its competitive video game roster this fall, making it the third team in the university’s esports lineup alongside Overwatch and League of Legends.

“For the past year students and fans have not stopped asking if we could launch a Rocket League team,” ETSU Chief Information Officer Karen King said. “Many of them are students that want to be part of that team.”

The university’s Rocket League team will begin with six players, bringing the total number of students participating in esports at ETSU to 28. The university has already started the recruitment process and will offer three varsity-level scholarships for its Rocket League team.

Rocket League was initially released in July 2015 and became free to play in September 2020.

“Since it’s become free to play, the popularity of that game has risen tenfold,” ETSU esports head coach Jeff Shell said. “A Rocket League team is really going to help us grow our fanbase, but the presence of the Rocket League team will be a major recruiting draw for ETSU.”

Shell said the team will have its season in the fall and will also participate in spring competitions in a collegiate Rocket League circuit that feeds into professional play.

ETSU announced in December 2019 plans to form a varsity esports team, which at that time included Overwatch and League of Legends. The university’s recent renovations of the D.P. Culp Student Center included the installation of a state-of-the-art varsity esports arena, which features a 32-foot video wall.

The university said its Overwatch team experienced a successful inaugural season, finishing 8-1 in its group and earning a spot in the National Association of Collegiate Esports playoffs, where they made it to the final 16 teams. This spring, they will compete in the New England Collegiate Conference.

The university’s League of Legends team will start its first official season of competition this Saturday at 4 p.m. against the College of Charleston.

ETSU President Brian Noland said the university’s esports teams help attract new students to ETSU.

“Being part of a team is a way for students to be part of our campus, to build friendships and to build lasting relationships at the university,” he said.

Fans can follow the university’s esports team on Twitch at

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive custom level has 30 million possible permutations

A screenshot of a custom level for CSGO which is procedurally generated.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has some of the most famous, popular, and beautifully handcrafted maps of any multiplayer game. But there’s still only a finite number available, so it’s cool that someone has built a procedurally generated level with “tens of millions” of possible layouts.

There are limtations. For one, it’s an Aim map – a map with no hostage or bomb defusal objectives, so-called because they’re good places for players to practice their aim. But otherwise, this is impressive stuff by OrelStealth:

As the trailer explains, this isn’t the first map to experiment with levels being different in each round, but previously this was only used to (annoyingly) open or shut some doors on de_havana. Aim Rogue Inferno changes entire layouts, including rooms, floor levels and cover positions. It looks architecturally fairly simple to accommodate the shifting floor plan, a little like an infinite fy_iceworld.

I’m particularly impressed that it gives players options to customise the kind of level it generates, selecting whether it should be symmetrical or half-symmetrical, and even generating a seed you can then share with other players. It’s even got bot support.

It’s been a while since I’ve played CS:GO, but I wish more people – or Valve – were experimenting with it in this way. You can download the level and try it for yourself via the Steam Workshop.


How to get a bunch of easy Minecraft Bedrock Achievements – Sportskeeda

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