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Fortnite: Venom skin glitch is literally dangerous to look at – Sportskeeda

Fortnite has an excess of cosmetic skins. From pop culture icons to user-generated outfits, the game has a massive repository that can pander to the most scurpulous of players. Given the superfulity, it is plausible that some outfits can get glitched and malfunction.

Glitches are nothing new for Fortnite players. Since its launch in 2017, the game has been under constant development, which at times can trigger certain bugs and impair the proper functioning of a few features. While the majority of glitches are in the gameplay and are harmless, there are a few that can be dangerous.

A clip that numerates one such glitch is doing the rounds in the Fortnite community, and players are exploiting it for all the wrong reasons. It can be fatal to discount the fact that the glitch wouldn’t cause any harm. Readers are advised to interact with the embedded media with caution.

Fortnite Venom skin glitch can trigger photosensitive epilepsy

Recently, a YouTube-based Fortnite creator GKI made the community aware of a visual glitch that can prove fatal to a miniscule audience.The Extreme edit style of the Venom skin can trigger epilepsy in photosensitive players. Although the glitch is restricted to specific maps, it still imposes a threat and needs to be addressed immediately.

(Photosensitive trigger warning. Viewer discretion is advised.)

[embedded content]


If players, equipped with the aforementioned outfit were to enter a Fortnite Creative map that has glow visual effects enabled, their outfit would turn very bright and start pulsating. Suddenly, different-hued bright lights will start emanating from the outfit and it will become an unidentified mass of brightly colored lights.

The glitch is not restricted to the users themselves as other players present on the map can also witness its effect. For others, the opponent with the outfit looks like a giant blob of bright lights that cannot be distinguished from the character. If compared, the glitch appears to be more detrimental to other players than the users themselves.

Although the outfit can trigger epilepsy, what the majority of players are concerned about is if this gitch makes the skin a pay-to-win cosmetic. The glitch does render the opponent almost camoflauged in bright lights that make it difficult to aim the hitboxes. Players should be mindful before using the outfit.

Screenshot of the video's comment board. (Image via Youtube/GKI)<img class="lazy-img" width="1920" height="1080" data-img="" alt="Screenshot of the video's comment board. (Image via Youtube/GKI)" data-img-low="" src="data:image/svg+xml,”>
Screenshot of the video’s comment board. (Image via Youtube/GKI)
Screenshot of the video's comment board. (Image via Youtube/GKI)<img class="lazy-img" width="1920" height="1080" data-img="" alt="Screenshot of the video's comment board. (Image via Youtube/GKI)" data-img-low="" src="data:image/svg+xml,”>
Screenshot of the video’s comment board. (Image via Youtube/GKI)

Photosenstive triggers are nothing new in gaming. The majority of video games come with a trigger warning. The developers include a warning message before the game boots up, and even provide for visual adjustments to minimize any incident. Although it is majorly done to indemnify the developers, it is still an efficient preventive action.

More about the Venom skin in Fortnite

Introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, the Venom outfit is part of the Marvel series. Available for 2000 V-bucks, the skin was last seen in the item shop on August 12, 2022.

This particular outfit was broken in the past as well. A few months back, any player equipped with the Venom outfit would become invisible for a few seconds while emoting.

New Hotfixs!

Task Force X
A simple floating light that can be configured. Warning: This device can be configured in a way that may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.


New Hotfixs!Task Force XA simple floating light that can be configured. Warning: This device can be configured in a way that may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.#Fortnite

. @FortniteGame plesse take this out of the game. It is making me have seizures mid fortnite scrim due to my medical problems of epilepsy.
View image on Twitter<img class="lazy-img" width="680" height="383" data-img="" alt="View image on Twitter" data-img-low="" src="data:image/svg+xml,”>

. @FortniteGame plesse take this out of the game. It is making me have seizures mid fortnite scrim due to my medical problems of epilepsy.

While photosensitive triggers are not a common occurrence, there have been instances in the past where players have faced such issues. Epic Games developers are very proactive when it comes to situations that can be hazardous to players, and it is expected that this bug will get patched soon.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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Fortnite: Where to Find Impulse Grenades – The Nerd Stash

Fortnite is a big fan of vaulting and unvaulting various items and weapons, and it’s hard to blame them. While it can take away some fan favorites which is obviously quite upsetting, the constantly changing loot pool keeps things fresh and ensures the experience doesn’t get too stale without major changes between seasons. The latest weapon to see an unvaulting after an extended stay in the vault is Impulse Grenades, last remembered during the earlier stages of Chapter 2. If you’re not sure where to find this returning item, no need to worry. In this guide, we’ll explain where to find Impulse Grenades in Fortnite!

Where to Find Impulse Grenades in Fortnite

where to find firework flare gun fortnite

Before we go over where you can find this item, let’s first discuss what it does. Impulse Grenades, as the name so aptly implies, can be thrown to launch players and vehicles from the point of impact outward and upward. Enemies hit will also not have fall damage immunity, meaning almost guaranteed damage when landing from a launch. This makes these grenades incredibly useful against targets holding a particular position, as a throw can not only send them out of position but can also deal a bit of damage and potentially give you the upper hand.

Now, as for where you can find the Impulse Grenades, players from back during the earlier days of Chapter 2 shouldn’t be surprised to learn this is like most loot in Fortnite. You can find these grenades just about anywhere on the map, and through any method. This includes the standard ground loot scattered in buildings, through randomly spread chests located across the map, through supply drops, and just about anywhere else. They’ll come in stacks of three, with a max stack size of nine.

How to Complete Rocket League Live Quests

Fortnite is available for PC on the Epic Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, and Xbox Series X|S.

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Fortnite UFOs Unvaulted: Where To Get UFOs And How They Work – GameSpot

Fortnite has so many items, weapons, and vehicles that Epic has to cycle through them over time to ensure we get to enjoy them all. Earlier this week, Junk rifts were unvaulted to add a little extra mayhem to matches, but we’ve now received a surprise weekend update bringing the fan-favorite UFO vehicle back to the battle royale for four days. From now until Monday, August 15, you can round up these flying vehicles at various points across the map as part of the game’s Flying Objects Weekend, so let’s take a look at where to find them and what they do.

Where to get UFOs in Fortnite and how they work

UFOs, or Flying Saucers, are flying vehicles that sport five seats so that you can bring your full squad along for the ride. They come packing a battery that lasts for 400 seconds, giving you plenty of time to get about, and it recharges when not in use. They can be found at six specific spots on the map, which we’ve compiled below.

UFOs can be found at these locations.
UFOs can be found at these locations.

UFOs can ascend and descend while flying across the map, and they possess a boosting function for enhanced speed. This makes them a fun and useful choice for squads looking to reposition with less concern over ground obstacles. However, it’s worth noting that using the vehicles makes you exceptionally easy to spot, so be mindful of your surroundings and expect company.

Additionally, UFOs fire energy blasts that deal 30 damage to opponents and 450 damage to structures. While the damage to enemies may seem low, do keep in mind that the blast also pushes them around. Because of this, it can be great for blasting folks off buildings or hills to kill them indirectly with fall damage.

Perhaps the vehicles’ most unique feature is their ability to abduct items and players below them. You can pick up large items and drop them on other players for huge damage, or you can abduct an enemy and separate them from their team while your squad dishes out huge damage to them. You can even abduct a fallen teammate to move them out of harm’s way so you can get off a quick revive behind cover, you clever extra-terrestrial.

GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers.

The products discussed here were independently chosen by our editors. GameSpot may get a share of the revenue if you buy anything featured on our site.

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Samsung’s metaverse island in Fortnite goes live next week – SamMobile – Samsung news

Samsung is all in on the metaverse concept. After launching virtual worlds in Decentraland, ZEPETO, and Roblox earlier this year, Samsung unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked 2022 that it will soon release its own island in the Fortnite metaverse.

Called “Smart City,” Samsung’s Fortnite metaverse island celebrates the launch of the company’s latest foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. Fortnite players visiting Samsung’s island will be able to experience and interact with Samsung products in the virtual environment.

Samsung Latin America says that Smart City is “not just about having fun, but above all about exploring and building relationships.” Either way, it has gameplay elements and easter egg hunts for in-game loot.

The hunt for new in-game loot starts next week

The explorable virtual space contains structural elements, such as buildings, bridges, and spotlights that resemble Samsung’s new foldable phones and The Freestyle projector. Smart City will open in the Fortnite metaverse from August 18.

In gameplay terms, Samsung’s Smart City in the Fortnite metaverse will be a part of the Z Series Fun Game Quest. It encourages players to play “hide and seek” games and find the new hidden Galaxy Z Fold 4 in-game item. While keeping the Z Fold 4 in the possession of their characters, players can enable features such as Nightography, which gives them enhanced night vision inside the game world.

Samsung’s new foldable phones promise brighter and better sensors, improved night-time photography, and tons of other cool new features and upgrades, bigger batteries, and higher build quality. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 are available for pre-order in most markets for the starting prices of $999 and $1,799, respectively.

At Unpacked 2022, Samsung also announced a new pair of wireless earbuds with Advanced Intelligent ANC, and a couple of new Galaxy Watch 5 smartwatches, including a Pro model with a large-enough battery to last for up to 80 hours on a full charge.

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Fortnite invites players to submit island designs for the Fortnitemares 2022 – GamingonPhone

Epic Games is already planning for the annual Fortnitemares 2022 event as the summer Fortnite event draws to an end. Players will have access to exclusive new attractions and cosmetics as part of this celebration of the spookiest time of the year, which is guaranteed to make it better than ever.

Fortnite has urged players to create and contribute new spooky levels that will be featured during the Fortnitemares 2022 event in order to build up to the big event. However, Epic cautions that this year’s choices won’t be satisfied by old scares. Players are urged to use the more recent tools, such as the Level Instance gadget and the Prop Manipulator, instead.

Fortnitemares 2022 Island design guidelines

Here are some of the guidelines for Fortnite island design in Fortnitemares 2022:

  • Every year, a sizable number of new Fortnite players join Fortnitemares. Make sure your island is easy to navigate and understand so that new players can truly sink their fangs into it to help entice them to your islands.
  • Old scares simply don’t terrify as effectively as they once did, so be sure to utilize the new 2022 additions to the mechanics and devices. Create frightful caves with the Level Instance tool, deliver jittery haunted houses with the Prop Manipulator, and push your guests to leap, slide, and mantle over barriers to avoid all the frightening monsters and other imaginative creatures you can come up with.
  • With eliminations, be imaginative. Have your players perish at the hands of zombies, become lost in a maze during a storm, and die in other imaginative ways. Even if games don’t always revolve around eliminations, add some drama and intrigue to your island.
  • Bring the spooky vibe to your Fortnite island in any way you can, but don’t be afraid to give Fortnitemares 2022 your own unique touch. Zombie Dance Party, Haunted Houses, and Creepy Corn Mazes are always entertaining, but you can adapt and remix them to create the Fortnite nightmare of your dreams! Be original in your writing and design to increase your chances of being featured.

Fortnitemares 2022 callout criteria

Here are the callout criteria for Fortnitemares 2022:

  • Only one island per creator will be accepted.
  • Make sure your island is on the theme.
    • Make sure your island follows the specified Fortnitemares theme. 
  • We’re looking for high-quality experiences.
    • Fully functional islands that use devices well, set effective boundaries and are highly polished make for a better player experience. (And they make your island more likely to be featured!)
  • Prioritize innovation (must use newer devices).
    • Boundary-pushing and never-before-seen designs will certainly grab our attention. 
  • Each submission requires a video overview.
    • Submission videos must show a fly-through of the entire island as well as one round of gameplay.
  • Submissions must be new islands.
    • Any island considered for featuring must be a brand new island published during the callout period.
  • Promotional trailers are encouraged.
    • Including a captivating promotional trailer for your island is not required but highly encouraged. (Submission overview videos are, however, required.)
Fortnightmares 2022
Image via Epic Games

Even though Fortnite hasn’t yet accepted entries for these islands, it is encouraging artists to start making their spookiest works yet for Fortnitemares 2022. There isn’t much time left before the current season of Fortnite ends and the fall season kicks off, so players will probably be able to submit their islands in the next week or two.

Are you excited about the Fortnitemares 2022 event in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Minecraft: How Does Inflation Work for Villagers in 1.19 – The Nerd Stash

In the latest version of Minecraft, villager inflation is a hot topic. How do villagers generate money? What kind of economy do they have? Let’s look at the basics of Minecraft villager inflation and what it means for gameplay.

What is Inflation in Minecraft?

Generally, we know inflation to be when the cost of living increases, but prices for specific items can stay the same or even go down. In the real world, this happens when the money supply grows faster than the output of goods and services, but in Minecraft, it’s a bit different.

Inflation in Minecraft is a system where villagers generate money by selling items to players. The more transactions that occur, the more money is generated. The economy is based on supply and demand, so the more villagers there are, the more money they generate. Inflation can be used to increase the difficulty of the game, as well as make it more rewarding.

How do you know your inflation rate?

There are a few ways to check your inflation rate in Minecraft. One way is to use the /economy command. This will give you some basic economic information, including the inflation rate.

Another way to check the inflation rate is to look at the prices of items in the game. If the prices of commodities are rising, the inflation rate is high.


Minecraft: How to Read Enchanting Table Language

What causes inflation in Minecraft?

Inflation in Minecraft

There are a few things that can cause inflation in Minecraft. One is the number of villagers. The more villagers there are, the more money they generate. Another is the number of transactions that occur. The more transactions, the more money is generated.

Inflation can also be caused by players buying and selling items for prices that are not realistic. For example, if a player purchases an item for 50% more than its sell price, that will cause inflation.

Tips and tricks to tackle the Inflation

You need to control the inflation to get the most out of your game. Here are a few tips and tricks:

-Spawn as many villagers as you can. The more villagers there are, the more money they generate.

-Make sure to keep a close eye on your villagers. If they stop generating money, it’s time to move on to a new village.

-Don’t be afraid to sell items to villagers. This is how they make money, and it’s a great way to eliminate excess items.

-If you’re having trouble controlling the inflation, consider using a resource pack. Many packs add new economic systems to the game, which can be a great way to handle inflation.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to keep inflation under control and enjoy a more stable economy in your game.

Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms.

Garena Free Fire Max redeem codes for August 12, 2022: Check the details here | Mint – Mint

Garena Free Fire Max is developed by 111 Dots Studio. It is a multiplayer battle royale game that offers a vast collection of in-game items to the players. However, these in-game items are most of the time expensive for gamers to buy. It is here when the redeem codes come handy. These redeem codes can be used to obtain rewards like weapons, outfits and more free of cost.

The creators keep constantly updating these codes of the game. Garena has created a separate website from which players can redeem the available codes.

Here is the list of all the active codes for August 12, 20:



























How to redeem these codes

– Go to the game’s official Rewards Redemption site on Chrome

– Login to your account using Facebook, Twitter, Google or VK ID

– Now, copy the codes mentioned above and paste them in the text box

– Click on Confirm to continue. You will receive the rewards in the in-game mail section

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Daily Quordle 200 answers for August 12: A milestone puzzle! Check Quordle hints and clues – HT Tech

Daily Quordle 200 answer for August 12: Two hundred days of puzzle have gone past and the game still finds a way to confuse us all. If you’re stuck today, use these Quordle hints and clues to get the solution.

Daily Quordle 200 answer for August 12: On the two-hundredth day of Quordle, it is interesting to see the journey it has had so far. Created by Freddie Meyer as a more challenging version of the original game Wordle, this spin-off was released in late January. In its initial days, the game was troubled with bugs and usability issues, but once they were fixed, the game never looked back. More than six months later, it is still gaining popularity and gaining loyal fans every day. And on such a milestone event for the game, it would be such a shame if you lost your streak because of a silly mistake. To ensure that it doesn’t happen, we have brought to you Quordle hints and clues that will help you solve the game efficiently. And if that doesn’t help, scroll to the bottom for the solutions too.

Quordle 200 hints for August 12

The words are fairly easy today. There is one word with repeated letters but rest of them do not. There are a couple of uncommon letters and finding them might be tricky but after our clues, it should not really be a problem. For the starting word, you should go for a consonant-heavy word with the popular letters. 

Quordle 200 clues for August 12

1. Today’s words start with C, S, S and A.

2. The words end with L, Y, E and E.

3. Word 1 clue – a Christian religious song that people sing at Christmas

4. Word 2 clue – used for apologizing for something that you have done

5. Word 3 clue – a small, simple cake, usually eaten with butter

6. Word 4 clue – the blue color of the clear sky

These are your clues. And if you notice carefully, we have revealed a couple of uncommon letters as well. Now just think about these for a moment and give the game your best attempt. And if you’re in need of more assistance, check the solution below.

Quordle 200 answer for August 12

SPOILER ALERT. Do not read ahead if you do not want the answer to today’s Quordle. You have been warned.

The four words in today’s Quordle are:





We hope you added another day to your streak on the milestone day of Quordle. Make sure to come back tomorrow for more hints and clues.

Minecraft: How to Make a Weakness Potion – The Nerd Stash

In the world of Minecraft, many different potions can help you on your adventures. Potions in Minecraft can be used to cure ills, buff your stats or just make you look cooler. Some potions are more potent than others, But one potion, in particular, can be handy in a fight – the Weakness Potion. The Weakness Potion in Minecraft reduces the damage dealt by any mob that attacks you. The vulnerability aspect is precious against Endermen and Iron Golems.

This blog article will show you how to make a Weakness Potion in Minecraft. Let’s get this party started!

What is Weakness Potion in Minecraft?

The Weakness Potion is a type of potion that can be found in the game Minecraft. Also, this potion will decrease the attack damage of any mob that attacks you by 4 (rounded down to the nearest integer).

The weakness portion is handy against Enderman and Iron Golems.


Minecraft: How to Make a Night Vision Potion

How to Make a Weakness Potion in Minecraft?

Minecraft: How to Make a Weakness Potion

To make a Weakness Potion, you will need the following materials: If you are an experienced player, you do not have any difficulty finding these materials.

– 1 water bottle

– 1 spider eye

– 1 blaze powder

– 1 fermented spider eye

First, you will need to gather all the materials listed above. Once you have the materials, you will need to find a crafting table.

Right-click on the crafting table to open the 3×3 crafting grid.

Minecraft players will need to add a spider eye, blaze powder, and fermented spider eye to the crafting grid in the correct pattern. The last step is to move the Weakness Potion from the crafting grid to their inventory. With this powerful potion in hand, Minecraft players can take on any challenge that comes their way.

How to use the Weakness Potion in Minecraft?

Now that you have made the Weakness Potion, you may be wondering how to use it. To use the Weakness Potion, you must have a splash potion. Also, to make a splash potion, you must add gunpowder to a regular potion.

Once you have a splash potion, you can use it by throwing it at an enemy.

Remember, the Weakness Potion will only work if you are holding it in your hand.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any, Now that you know how to make a Weakness Potion, you can use it to your advantage in a fight. Keep this potion in your inventory to use it when you need it most!

Also, Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms.

How does time work in Minecraft? – Sportskeeda

Many aspects of Minecraft reflect those of the real world. For example, killing animals for meat, cooking that meat, and then eating it to satisfy hunger works in the game the way it does in real life. Building structures and crafting items are two other things that Minecraft players do that are also done in the real world.

However, that’s where the similarity stops, though, because time in the game is very different from how it works in reality.


It’s easy to sink hours of real-time into the game and not even realize it, especially because time works so differently in-game. Here’s all there is to know about time in Minecraft.

Minecraft time: A complete guide

In Minecraft, time is measured in ticks. The game normally runs at a standard rate of 20 ticks per second.

This means that one tick happens about every .05 seconds. Daytime lasts exactly 12,000 ticks or roughly 10 real-life minutes. Comparatively, night in Minecraft is shorter, lasting eight minutes and 20 seconds (real-world time).

After the daytime’s 10 minutes, the sun goes down, and hostile mobs start spawning. If no one sleeps, then about eight minutes later, the mobs begin to die as the sun rises.

The day cycle is not the only thing that tick speed is related to. That said, changing tick speed does not change the day cycle. That is a fixed rate that cannot be changed without disabling it or using commands to continually set the day back to the beginning.


However, most other things that are affected by the passage of time can be edited by changing tick speed. Setting the tick speed higher than the default will increase the speed at which things occur.

For example, the default tick speed is three on Java Edition and one on Bedrock. Changing these values will make several things happen faster. Leaves will decay a lot faster after their tree is cut down. Crops will grow significantly quicker. Grass will take much less time to spread than usual. And Sculk spread, fire spread, lava flow, among other things, will also occur a lot faster.

However, messing with time can have adverse effects. It often slows the game down and can be detrimental to those playing on low-end consoles or devices.

In order to change tick speed, crafters need to visit World Settings. This can be done before or after world creation. The pause menu should have a Settings button, which will open up World Settings.

Tick speed command can change the speed (Image via Game Specifics)the default number in case gamers are done doing whatever they needed a different tick speed for.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh