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Best Minecraft mega base designs; Read more – PINKVILLA

The players get a lot of space to show off their skills in Minecraft. The company has a tendency to feature new blocks and items in every update, this gives the players a plethora of options and a vast palette to choose from. There are many players who started their journey by surviving their initial days in some hobbit hole. With time players are making better and luxurious homes in Minecraft.

It takes a lot of time to build mega bases, sometimes it takes many days to complete a mega base. We have listed some of the brilliant mega bases built in Minecraft, so read this story till the end.

ImpulseSV futuristic pyramid

ImpulseSV has built a massive pyramid which has multiple farms hidden inside. Building the interior takes more time than the exterior, so ImpulseSV built a huge pyramid and used the free space inside it to make small farms.

Omega tree

In the Hermitcraft Season 7, Iskall made a huge Omega tree by using thousands of logs and leaf blocks. The Omega tree has a trading hall, a pile of diamonds, an item sorter, a nether pole inside it. Building a tree like Iskall’s Omega tree can be a tough challenge for any other player.

Mega guardian farm

The structure surrounding the guardian farm is excellent. The base is symmetrical and has eight pillars supporting drills at the center. Vesko has uploaded a guide for building massive pillars on his YouTube channel. Players can refer to the guide to make excellent mega bases.

Mega temple

A player built a massive desert temple that has crossed the limits of everybody’s imaginations. This mega temple was built by covering thousands of blocks and took over a year for its completion. There are beautiful lightings inside the temple.

Desert temple transformation

TrixyBlox is one of the best Minecraft builders of all time. He is known for transforming several bases of famous YouTubers like DanTDM, PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye and more.

TrixyBlox has transformed Minecraft structures in huge numbers. The recent desert temple transformation by TrixyBlox is magnificent. 

These are some mind blowing mega bases in Minecraft. You can take some inspiration and build your own mega bases if you are a Minecraft player. For more tech related news subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you haven’t done it yet.

All MCC Rising (Minecraft Championship) teams and players – Gamepur

The MCC RIsing even will shake things up, bringing in all-new names and throwing them into the incredible games that Noxcrew has come up with. The event takes place on October 2 and will pit lots of new names against each other. Noxcrew has begun to announce the teams as we get close to the event, and we will be keeping a full list of them here.

In the MCCC Rising, ten teams of four go head to head in a variety of mini-games that test the core Minecraft skills: parkour, survival, combat, teamwork, and more. After eight games, the two teams with the most coins will go up against one another in one final matchup to decide the ultimate champion.

The various games that will be played include Decision Dome, Ace Race, Battle Box, Big Sales at Built Mart, Hole in the Wall, Parkour Tag, TGTTODAWSAF, Sky Battle, and Survival Games. The grand finale will be a game of Dodgebolt.

You can find all the announced teams, and the team members, below, so make sure to check the streams of your favorites to find out how well they are doing in the contest.

All MCC 16 Teams

Red Rabbits

Orange Ocelots

Yellow Yaks

Lime Llamas

Green Geckos

Cyan Coyotes

Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes for September 25, 2021: How to redeem the codes – India Today

Garena Free Fire is a successful online royale game available on mobile devices. It has gained popularity for its adventure-driven battle game. It is one of the most popular mobile games worldwide on play store with maximum downloads. The players have their own strategies, including landing positions, acquiring weapons, supplies and taking up a fight with an enemy.

Most players prefer to play free games online and the developers bring more efficient, exciting methods to monetize online games via in-game purchases. The redeem codes are very rare and expensive to acquire. So, the codes help the player to get rewards, which is difficult to attain in this game. The codes are available on a regular basis on social media platforms with limited time. The expired codes can’t be redeemed. It includes a 14-digit code which is a combination of letters and words.

Steps to redeem free fire codes:

You can visit the official Garena Free Fire website

Login through the social media platforms provided, like Facebook, Google, Twitter or Apple Ids etc.

On the text box paste the codes and click on confirm button to continue.

Now tap on OK to provide confirmation on the box for cross checking the request.

Now they redeem the codes on the in-game mail section for rewards.

Here are the free fire codes for September 25:













Additional Codes:







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Fortnite x Monopoly Collab Leaked: Latest Details – DBLTAP


After partnering up with Monopoly on a Fortnite Edition board game in 2018, it appears Epic Games is primed to return the favor on the battle island.

After partnering up with Monopoly on a Fortnite Edition board game in 2018, it appears Epic Games is primed to return the favor on the battle island. / Photo courtesy of Hasbro, Epic Games

A potential Fortnite x Monopoly collab has been leaked, as published throughout Twitter by members of the third-person battle royale’s notorious decrypting community Friday.

Amidst the ongoing dispute between Epic Games and Apple over the control of the mobile app market, it appears Fortnite has another type of Monopoly in its sights.

Back in October 2018, the two gaming titans first partnered up to bring Fortnite fans a special edition crossover of the Monopoly game inspired by the popular video game where the objective wasn’t on what players owned, and instead how long they could survive.

Almost three years and 12 seasons later, it appears the star duo is back at it again, taking it a step further this time with a cosmetics collab on the digital screen.

According to Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, eight iconic Monopoly playing pieces have been decrypted so far, and will be a part of an upcoming Back Bling bundle:

Taking into account previous offerings of a similar variety, such as the Fortnite Classics Back Bling bundle, it be assumed that the Fortnite X Monopoly collab will likely be listed for 1,200 V-Bucks in the game’s Item Shop upon its release.

As with all leaks, take this information as you will. At the time of writing, this appears to be the only collab content involved in the potential upcoming in-game cosmetics line, but that’s certainly subject to change until an official announcement is made.

For more on Fortnite, feel free to check out our guides on where to find Rainbow Rentals and Fort Crumpet.

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Gilded vs unique items in Minecraft Dungeons: What’s the difference? – Sportskeeda

There are different kinds of weapons in Minecraft Dungeons, allowing for many more possibilities than standard Minecraft. There are different types, classes, categories, and more to distinguish between weapons.

Unique is a category of weapons in Minecraft Dungeons, and they are pretty strong. There are several different types of unique weapons, including bows, scythes, swords, and more, but they’re all high quality. They’re highly sought after because they’re such good weapons to have.

On the other hand, gilded weapons are a new addition to Minecraft Dungeons. They were added as part of the “Flame of the Nether” DLC, which adds weapons, armor, and many other items. Not all players have access to them, but gilded weapons are worth it for those who do.

Distinction between gilded and unique weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

The main difference in these weapons is simply accessibility. Everyone has access to unique weapons, even if it’s challenging to acquire a few of them. However, only gamers with the Flame of the Nether DLC can get gilded weapons.

The most significant difference between the two weapon groups is just who can get them.

There are more contrasts, which are important to know for users who have access to both loot pools. They can be acquired in mostly the same ways, though the levels and methods that offer these types of weapons differ.

Unique weapons, though rare, can be dropped by slain mobs. However, if players get a unique weapon from a mob more than once or twice in a game, that is considered extremely rare, so the other methods are better for getting them.

Unique weapons are available to all players (Image via Minecraft)Also Read

Piglin Merchants can sell gilded weapons once the DLC is purchased and installed. Ancient Hunts are another way to acquire them and will likely be the first gilded weapon players get. Once they have one gilded weapon, it allows for more later on.

Gilded weapons are also golden, so they stand out from unique and other weapons.

Edited by Ravi Iyer

To seek or not to seek the Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft – Issaquah Press

Minecraft is a sandbox computer game created by Mojang. The game was made by Markus “Score” Persson in the Java programming language. Following a few early private testing variants, it was first disclosed in May 2009 preceding completely delivering in November 2011, with Jens Bergensten then, at that point assuming control over advancement.

Minecraft has since been ported to a few different stages and is the top-rated computer game ever, with 200 million duplicates sold and 126 million month to month dynamic clients starting at 2020.

In Minecraft, players investigate a blocky, procedurally- produced 3D world with practically boundless landscape, and may find and concentrate crude materials, create devices and things, and construct designs or earthworks. Contingent upon game mode, players can battle PC controlled “hordes”, just as participate with or go up against different parts in a similar world.

Game modes incorporate an endurance mode, wherein players should secure assets to fabricate the world and look after wellbeing, and an inventive mode, where players have limitless assets.


However, there is an accomplishment system, known as “progressions” in the Java Edition of the game, and “prizes” on the PlayStation ports. Gameplay is in the principal individual viewpoint naturally, yet players have the choice for third-individual perspective. The game world is made out of unpleasant 3D items—essentially 3D shapes and liquids, and ordinarily called “blocks”— addressing different materials, like earth, stone, minerals, tree trunks, water, and magma.

The center interactivity rotates around getting and putting these articles. These squares are organized in a 3D matrix, while players can move openly all throughout the planet. Many reporters have depicted the game’s physical science framework as unrealistic. The game likewise contains a material known as Redstone, which can be utilized to make crude mechanical gadgets, electrical circuits, and rationale doors, considering the development of numerous mind-boggling frameworks.

The game world is for all intents and purposes boundless and procedurally produced as players investigate it’s anything but, a guide seed that is acquired from the framework clock at the hour of world creation. There are limits on vertical development, yet Minecraft permits a vastly huge game world to be created on the level plane. Because of specialized issues when very far off areas are reached, nonetheless, there is a boundary keeping players from navigating to areas past 30,000,000 squares from the center.

The game accomplishes this by parting the world information into more modest segments called “pieces” that are possibly made or stacked when players are nearby. The world is partitioned into biomes going from deserts to wildernesses to snowfields, the territory incorporates fields, mountains, woodlands, caves, and different magma/ water bodies.

When beginning another world, players should pick one of five game modes, just as one of four troubles, going from quiet to hard. For instance, the tranquil trouble keeps unfriendly crowds from producing, and the hard trouble permits players to starve to death if their appetite bar is depleted. Once chosen, the trouble can be changed, however the game mode is bolted and must be changed with swindles.

The Curse of Vanishing

The Curse of Vanishing has its very own pro-genies in the game. The most well- known of them is the chest loot. You can discover them in the prisons, towns, under backwoods, end urban areas, and money boxes too.

Different spots to discover the charm incorporate books, weapons, devices, and furthermore protective layer while fishing. Furthermore, the best charm for casting poles is Lureto, and the Luck of the Sea found in the captivated books while fishing.

You can get the book from the Librarian residents additionally by trading emeralds with them. You can change a resident’s calling by setting a light close to them.

How the Enchantment curse functions in Minecraft?

It is a beautiful clear curse as far as how it functions. When a thing is charmed, it is captivated everlastingly and not even the grindstone can fix the charm.

What happens when a thing is cursed?

On being cursed, when the player bites the dust, any thing in their stock that has been charmed, will disappear for eternity. What’s more, you can never get it back.

Aside from shield, and weapons, different things like casting poles, cut pumpkins, compasses, and Jack O Lantern can likewise have this charm. A few players have discovered charm books while fishing and it very well may be very chafing when you discover the Curse of Vanishing is one of the charm books.

The risks of the curse

The risks the curse allures on is brutal. Beforehand, a few players discovered books with Unbreaking 3, Curse of Vanishing, and Mending, which apparently ruins the find. However no player needs to, in any case a few players who faced the challenge of putting the curse on their #1 device, wound up lamenting their choice when they passed on.

What to do on the off chance that you discover one?

In the event that a Minecraft player discovers the charm book in the game, you should dispose of it right away. There’s no saving grace in it, it’s simply going to hurt your playing notoriety.

The Curse of Vanishing makes the charmed thing vanish on death.

Getting the curse

You can acquire the Curse of Vanishing just from the chest plunder, by exchanging (Java version only), or fishing.

Utilization of the curse

At the point when a player bites the dust, any thing in their stock captivated with the Curse of Vanishing won’t drop to the ground, rather it’s taken out from the world. However in the event that it is dropped physically, or is put inside a chest before the player’s passing, the thing won’t evaporate.

You can alleviate the impact by putting away the charmed things inside a shulker box, or set the keep Inventory game rule to valid.

Similarly, if a crowd drops a thing, say a skeleton wearing protection or a zombie, the Curse of Vanishing impact works ordinarily.

Activision Blizzard (ATVI) gains 0.79% on Moderate Volume September 24 –

Activision Blizzard (ATVI) gains 0.79% on Moderate Volume September 24

Equities Staff  |

Activision Blizzard Inc (NASDAQ: ATVI), a Santa Monica, California, company, gained to close at $75.26 Friday after gaining $0.59 (0.79%) on volume of 7,429,756 shares. The stock ranged from a high of $75.59 to a low of $74.11 while Activision Blizzard’s market cap now stands at $58,530,337,571.

About Activision Blizzard Inc

Activision Blizzard, Inc. connects and engages the world through epic entertainment. A member of the Fortune 500 and S&P 500, Activision Blizzard is a leading interactive entertainment company. It delights hundreds of millions of monthly active users around the world through franchises including Activision’s Call of Duty® and Crash Bandicoot™, Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft®, Overwatch®, Hearthstone®, Diablo®, and StarCraft®, and King’s Candy Crush™, Bubble Witch™, and Farm Heroes™. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Activision Blizzard has operations throughout the world.

Visit Activision Blizzard Inc’s profile for more information.

The Daily Fix

Food delivery service DoorDash will now support delivery of beer, wine and spirits across 20 US states, the District of Columbia, Canada and Australia, a move the company said could enable it to reach 100 million+ customers.

Breakthrough Energy, a non-profit launched by billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) co-founder Bill Gates in 2016, has raised a warchest from seven leading global corporations to further the organization’s mission of reaching a net-zero emissions society by 2050. 

The Federal Reserve is reviewing the ethics policies that govern the financial holdings and activities of its senior officials in the wake of recent disclosures that two regional Fed presidents engaged in extensive trading last year.

About The Nasdaq Stock Market

The Nasdaq Stock Market is a global leader in trading data and services, and equities and options listing. Nasdaq is the world’s leading exchange for options volume and is home to the five largest US companies – Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook.

To get more information on Activision Blizzard Inc and to follow the company’s latest updates, you can visit the company’s profile page here: Activision Blizzard Inc’s Profile. For more news on the financial markets be sure to visit Equities News. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for the Daily Fix to receive the best stories to your inbox 5 days a week.

Sources: Chart is provided by TradingView based on 15-minute-delayed prices. All other data is provided by IEX Cloud as of 8:05 pm ET on the day of publication.

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Semiconductor Shortage To Cost Global Auto Industry $210 Billion in Revenue in 2021
US Olympic Athletes Must Have COVID-19 Vaccination for Beijing Winter Games
FAA Urges Airlines To Take Stronger Action With Unruly, Disruptive Passengers

How to use coordinates in Minecraft – Sportskeeda

It is incredibly easy to get lost in Minecraft. There are often landmarks that can help, but players are usually so far away from home that it can be entirely impossible to get back.

Knowing which direction they came from is helpful, but it’s also improbable that players will remember that and that they never deviated from the straight line they initially walked on. That’s where the coordinates come into play.

Coordinates are the best way to know where players are and where they need to go in Minecraft. They can be tricky to turn on for a realm, but they’re more than worth the effort. Here’s how to use coordinates.

I have learned today. That when teleporting with coordinates in minecraft. NEVER to forget the y coordinate…

I have learned today. That when teleporting with coordinates in minecraft. NEVER to forget the y coordinate…

Using coordinates in Minecraft

Coordinates in Minecraft are found under the cheats section of the world settings. While they’re found in that section, they’re not actual cheats and won’t disable achievements. It’s trickier for realms, and it will disable achievements if not done the correct way.

In order to turn the coordinates on, which is recommended for all worlds, players can navigate to the world settings. This can be done either before or after world creation. Once they’re turned on, they can be toggled on or off whenever and it won’t affect anything.

For realms, if a player goes to try and turn on coordinates, it will disable achievements, but there is a way to avoid this. In order to get coordinates turned on, they need to find the world they want to use for their realm. If it’s just going to be a random one, then it can be created from scratch.

Coordinates in Minecraft can be any random combination of numbers. (Image via Mojang)Also Read

They put me in this weird server? Something about A Minecraft Championship?

View image on Twitter

They put me in this weird server? Something about A Minecraft Championship?

This will create a realm with both coordinates and achievements enabled, so players won’t get lost or confused when traveling in it.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

Fall Guys Sets Guinness World Record As The Most Downloaded PS Plus Game Ever

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launched August 4, 2020, as a “free” PlayStation Plus game. It didn’t take long before word-of-mouth spread about its fun blend of platforming and game show-style battle royale format, becoming one of the most popular multiplayer games on the market. Apparently, that initial buzz was even louder than we realized because Fall Guys has achieved the world record as the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time.

The honor has been certified by the Guinness World Records, and the accolade has been immortalized within the pages of the 2022 edition of its annual record book. Unfortunately, Mediatonic’s news post announcing the milestone doesn’t state the exact number of downloads. Odds are you’ll have to buy the book to learn how many downloads future PS Plus titles need to accrue to supplant Fall Guys. Still, that’s an impressive feat when you consider the sheer number of popular games offered by the service over the years, including similar multiplayer success stories like Rocket League. Fall Guys has beaten them all.  

In spite of what some lapsed players may believe, Fall Guys seems far from a “dead game.” Its 5th season, with a wild jungle theme, is in full swing, and its fans were treated to Kena: Bridge of Spirits costumes this week. Guinness Book of Records isn’t the only prestigious list Fall Guys has jumped its way onto. We at Game Informer also included it in our celebration of the 10 best modern platformers you can play right now. 

Handcop is a hilariously horrifying “fist person shooter” in development

Handcop is a work in progress “fist person shooter” that’s just as neat as it is horrifying. This wacky prodecurally-animated cop hand has three legs and chest hair for goodness sake. I can’t decide if three “legs” is better or worse than three finger “arms”. Oh, and of course officier Michael McWrist is running about carrying a giant gun. It’s relatively early days for Handcop right now, it sounds like, but its wacky animations are already catching the internet’s attention.