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How to Start a Raid in Minecraft? – InvenGlobal

7 Steps to Start a Raid in Minecraft

Once a raid begins, specific parameters are determined by the game concerning how to start a raid in Minecraft. Firstly, the raid center will be set based on the player’s location upon triggering the raid. The average of all village points of interest within a 64 block radius will establish the center.

Step 1: Locate a Pillager Outpost

First, you need to locate a Pillager who is Outpost in Minecraft. A Pillager Outpost structure spawns generally in the game next to the village. Besides, the Pillager Outpost forms near a village. They can appear in any biome that a village owns. You can see the picture of what a Pillager Outpost in the Taiga biome looks like on the web. You can find a Pillager Outpost by using the given command /locate command.

Step 2: Kill Pillagers to Find Leader

A new mob protects the pillager Outpost known as the pillager. Ascertain, the player enters the Outpost, the pillagers will start attacking you. Kill the pillagers to find the Patrol Leader. The leader is quick to spot because it wears an illager banner on its head.

Step 3: Kill Patrol Leader to Get Bad Omen

Raids can start if the player has a Bad Omen. These effects earn after a player kills the illager captain, who can identify as the Mob with an ominous banner on its head. Upon killing the Mob, the Bad Omen effect will be immediately applied and can trigger a raid once nearby a village. In Java Edition, the Bad Omen can be stacked depending on how many captains a player has killed. Having a Bad Omen effect higher than level 1 can increase the chance of raiders having enchanted weapons.

Next, you must kill the Patrol Leader. Once you kill the leader, you will curse with a new status effect called Bad Omen. The Bad Omen effect is a unique status effect that causes a group of hostile mobs to generate and attack when a player with the Bad Omen effect enters a village. The event is called a Raid.

Step 4: Enter a Village to Start a Raid in Minecraft

Now, locate and enter to learn how to start a Raid in Minecraft village. While entering the village, you will observe a Raid progress bar display on the cover similar to the progress bar Ender Dragon or Wither Boss. This bar will primarily be empty and then start to fill. 

Step 5: Raid Horn in Minecraft

Once the Raid bar is complete, the raid starts. Listen to the sound of the raid’s horn. The horn means the first wave of Raiders is coming. The Raiders run to the village from the closest Pillager Outpost, so that takes a moment. The waves of pillagers sound like a Raid or a war horn that indicates the gamer’s direction of the team of pillagers. It will sound every 1-2 minutes to alert players of the location of any remaining mobs. However, the order would be hard to distinguish without using stereo headphones or surround speakers.

Step 6: Kill Raiders in Minecraft

Next, you can observe a group of Raiders consisting of pillagers, evokers, ravagers, vindicators, and witches rush to the player with Bad Omen in Minecraft. As the player kills the hostile mobs, the Raid progress bar decreases by indicating how many remaining mobs get killed to end the raid. When you’ve killed all Raiders, the Raid bar will disappear, and the raid is over!

Step 7: Trade Discount in Minecraft

Ascertain, the Raid overs, and the player will give Hero the Village status effect in Minecraft. The status effect offers the player to trade, including villagers, at a discounted price.

Congratulations, you just learned about how to start a Raid in Minecraft. Players love getting some marking indicators that they finished an element of a game. In each version of Minecraft, there is a list of achievements on Bedrock Edition and advancements on Java Edition that players earn when it comes to raids. 


Achievements include the Feeling Ill means killing an evoker, Kill the Beast means killing a ravager, Being Attacked trigger a raid, and Sound the Alarm ring the bell with a hostile mob near a village. Advancements include the Voluntary Exile kill an illager captain and Hero of the village successfully beat a raid.

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Top 5 easiest farms to build in Minecraft – Sportskeeda

Farms are one of the most essential builds available in Minecraft. There are many farm designs to choose from, and each design provides different resources and bonuses. Players looking to maximize their resource collection should consider building a few simple farms.

Minecraft players do not have to put much effort into their farms to receive great benefits. Even a small farm can provide tons of resources when created efficiently. Listed below are a few simple farm designs that will save the player tons of time manually collecting resources.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 best simple farm designs in Minecraft

5) Small Crop Farm

Effective crop farm design (Image via u/create1ders on Reddit) Automatic wheat farm (Image via planetminecraft) A massive chicken farm (Image via u/MaPi_svk on Reddit) Tiny chicken farm (Image via u/ErikPipes on Reddit)

The video above showcases how to build a tiny chicken farm in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

1) Hostile Mob Farm

The tower design (Image via minecraftforum)build in Minecraft since hostile mobs drop some of the best loot in the game.

The most common mob trap is the tower design. Since the room at the top of the tower is dark, mobs will spawn in it. These mobs will be led by water into a hole. This hole leads to a long drop, where the mobs will take massive fall damage.

The player can then hit the mob at the bottom to kill it for items and XP.

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Edited by Shaheen Banu

Indian judge urges PM Modi to ban BGMI and Free Fire in India and Adopt gaming laws like China – InsideSport

Indian judge urges PM Modi to ban BGMI and Free Fire in India and Adopt gaming laws like China
Indian judge urges PM Modi to ban BGMI and Free Fire in India and Adopt gaming laws like China

Indian judge urges PM Modi to ban BGMI and Free Fire in India and Adopt gaming laws like China. Recently news comes about a Nepalese legislative assembly member urged the government to ban Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile in the country. Similarly, an Indian Judge “Naresh Kumar Laka” urges PM Modi to ban PUBG Mobile India “BGMI”, and Garena Free Fire.

According to the reports of Esportsgen, ADJ Naresh Kumar Luka writes a letter to PM Modi where he urges to ban online games like Battlegrounds Mobile India and Free Fire in the country. In the letter, he wrote,

The population of the country applauded your decision in banning the infamous game PUBG Mobile, which has had a disastrous negative impact on children’s development. But, like the earlier PUBG, two comparable apps, Free Fire (Garena Free Fire – Rampage) and PUBG India (Battlegrounds Mobile India), are now having a negative impact on children.

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Indian judge urges PM Modi to ban BGMI and Free Fire: The judge, who has two children of his own, has urged the PM to ban games due to negative effects. He has asked Prime Minister Modi to take action and ban both Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile India (now Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI). Judge Laka wrote in his letter that these two games are freely available on Google Play and that they need to be banned as soon as possible, praising the PM for taking steps to ban PUBG Mobile India last year. Last year Government of India banned PUBG Mobile due to security concerns. Later the game relaunches with a rebranded version named Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Judge Laka stated that in China, rules have been passed limiting children’s (under the age of 18) access to video games to 90 minutes per day and only until 10 p.m., with the possibility of an extension to 180 minutes during holidays. As a result, India must take precautions to ensure that its youngsters are not misled. This step, according to Judge Laka, is necessary for the children’s ‘rightful growth.’

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Garena Free Fire redeem codes for August 4: Gain free rewards using redeem codes online – HT Tech

Garena Free Fire redeem codes for August 4: Battle royale games are popular in India, and Garena Free Fire is no exception. Having reached the number one spot in the top-grossing games in the Google Play Store, the free-to-play game is clearly popular not only among younger users but also among those who are willing to spend money too. Like most games today, Garena Free Fire offers skins, weapons, characters and more in exchange for in-game currency, or diamonds.

However, if you do not have enough money to spend in the game, or you are on a limited allowance, Garena Free Fire also allows gamers to use ‘redeem codes’ to gain exclusive content by entering a code on the company’s website. These redeemable codes work for a limited time only and all codes might not work in every region, so it is best to use these codes as soon as possible.

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Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes

To claim these codes you will need a game account that is tied to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google, VK and so on. This means guest users cannot use these codes. Read on to know the codes and how to redeem them on Garena Free Fire.











How to claim Garena Free Fire redeem codes

Step 1) On the official Free Fire game, make sure your account is tied to Facebook, Google, Twitter or VK. Guest accounts will not work for this guide.

Step 2) Now simply visit the Garena redeem code website, – you can now login using the same social media account you tied to your game account.

Step 3) Paste one of the redeem codes into the text box on the website and simply click the confirm button.

Step 4) The rewards can take up to 24 hours to be credited to your account after which they will appear in your in-game mail.

Tech Wrap: Fortnite update, Fitbit Luxe launch, Microsoft Windows 365 announcement, Twitter sign in and much more – HT Tech

It was an interesting day in the world of technology today, particularly as far as India is concerned. On one hand, Fitbit announced the availability of Luxe fitness tracker in India. On the other hand, Amazon India announced a massive update for Alexa that enables users to get more information about Covid-19 related information. In addition to that, Microsoft announced the pricing of Windows 365. So here’s what happened in thetech world today:

Epic Games rolls out Fortnite v17.30 update

Epic Games has released Season 7 of the famed battle royale online game Fortnite and it brings a host of new elements. The game is getting Grab-itron. Epic Games said that Grab-itron isn’t only for offense. It can use Grab-itron to catch incoming explosives and propel them back. The company has also introduced a new LTM in the form of Team Brawl.

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Microsoft Windows 365 India price revealed

Microsoft has made Microsoft Windows 365 cloud service available to the general public now and has announced the prices. For 1,555/month you get a single virtual core processor, 2GB RAM, and 64GB storage. You can upgrade to two virtual cores and 4GB RAM for 2,180/month. If you don’t have a Windows 10 Pro license, you can get the basic version of Windows 356 Business for 1,865 per user a month. The top-end SKU brings eight virtual cores, 32GB RAM, and 512GB storage at 12,295 per user/month.

Amazon Alexa gets more Covid-19 related features in India

Amazon’s virtual assistant with the help of MapmyIndia can now help users find the nearest COVID-19 testing centre along with the travel distance. In addition to that, Alexa users will also be able to search for vaccination centres near other pin codes using Alexa’s Vaccine Info skill. Also, Alexa with the help of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare website will provide the latest updates on the Covid-19 vaccine completion rates in India.

Twitter will now let users sign up with their Apple or Google account

Twitter has now officially introduced third-party login for all its users. Users can log in to Twitter using their Apple or Google accounts. And if their emails are the same, they can also link their existing account to their Apple or Google ID.

Fitbit announces availability of Luxe in India

Fitbit Luxe is now available in India The Fitbit Luxe is priced at 10,999. The Fitbit Luxe Special Edition comes with a gold stainless steel Parker Link Bracelet from Gorjana and it is priced at 17,999 in India.

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Street Fighter V’s Final New Character, Luke, Revealed With Akira And Oro Arriving Later This Month

During today’s Street Fighter V Summer Update stream, we got more than we expected. Not only did Capcom show off near final versions of both Oro and Akira, the final DLC character was revealed. Not launching until November is a brand new character for the series named Luke. He’ll be joining and completing the cast as its final addition.

Oro’s normal attacks and special moves were shown off in detail on the Spring stream, but as this elderly warrior is gearing up for release, we got to see a deeper dive into his V Skills and V Triggers. His V Skill I is like a projectile he had in Street Fighter III. This skill called Onibi is a bouncing orb Oro seemingly flicks from his nose which can be used to distract an enemy while approaching for an attack. Minomushi is his second V Skill. It’s a small forward hop that grants two attack choices: a punch used to start combos, and a kick which is safer, less punishable option. You can even cancel into Minomushi from certain normal attacks and choose which route to take next.

Giving him even more options are his V Triggers. V Trigger I, Marikitan allows Oro the use of two powerful throws, one of which has the turtle hermit whipping his opponent side-to-side into the ground. Marikitan was designed to be more straight forward than most V Triggers, so those who are new to the character might want to consider starting out with it. His V Trigger II, Tengu Stone, levitates chunks of rock and other objects around Oro’s head. HE can use the debris to attack and extend combos, but doing so in more advance combos will expend your V gauge much faster.

Next, we were given a look at the other summer character release, Akira from Rival Schools. Her attacks are based on those she had in her original game. Akira’s V Skill I Kiko Rensei electrifies her gloves and gives special properties to her special move Kiko Kai which is a blast of energy emanating from her palms. Using this move in midair can stop her motion for a split second, enough to make an opponent’s anti-air whiff, and then continue to descend, causing damage on the way down. Her V Skill II is called Tsutenda, a move which kicks the opponent into the sky where Akira can continue an extended combo into the sky called an Air Burst. Air Burst is reminiscent of the kinds of combos Akira could perform in Rival Schools and is a tool no other Street Fighter V character has.

Akira’s first V Trigger is simple, yet strong. Upon activating this V Trigger, her brother Daigo drops from the sky, slamming his boots straight into an unsuspecting victim. Daigo can be used to throw players off their game or as a combo component like in a tag team fighting game. Her other V Trigger is called Haten No Kamae a command which puts Akira into a special stance that allows her to perform unique follow-up moves that each have their own abilities. Haten No Kamae can be utilized twice before expending Akira’s V Gauge, allowing for more combo opportunities, applying pressure, or faking out an opponent.

At the end of the stream, we were treated with a glimpse at the final Street Fighter V character, Luke. This is a completely new character, and one Capcom says is a look at the future of the series. Luke looks like he’s mostly a hand-to-hand fighter and dresses in sporty trunks and lightweight gloves. He uses fast punches but only a few kicks in his repertoire. Some of his punches even shoot blasts of energy across the screen at a speed we don’t normally see from Street Fighter projectiles. Luke looks to be a threat both up close and afar with his lightning-fast offense. We won’t find out more about him until a little later this year.

Luke is set to hit SFV this November, but we still have a duo of new characters dropping within two weeks with the release of Oro and Akira on August 16. Alongside the August characters are a costumes for the newcomers and a new stage called Rival Riverside, a Rival Schools inspired stage featuring characters from Akira’s home series.

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Top 5 most difficult farms to build in Minecraft – Sportskeeda

Farming has become an essential aspect of survival Minecraft. Farms are how Minecraft players collect an abundance of a particular item quickly and efficiently.

Some farms are quite simple, but others have proven to be wildly complicated, often involving tons of required materials and a hefty knowledge of redstone contraptions. For some Minecraft players, building complex farms is a fun and challenging activity.

There are multiple ways to build every farm, so some build designs will ultimately prove to be much easier to create than others. Here are some of the most complicated farms that Minecraft players can attempt to build.

*Disclaimer: This article reflects the views of the author.*

Hardest Minecraft farms to create

5) – Guardian Farm

Guardians are the mobs that guard the ocean monument structure. These mobs live completely underwater, so already, building this farm might prove to be difficult without being well prepared.

Perhaps the hardest part about creating a guardian farm is the tedious preparation. Guardians are extremely hostile mobs that come in groups. Plus, in order to conquer an ocean monument, players must defeat the elder guardian. Especially with the structure being submerged in water, it can be complicated to build an expansive, huge farm under these circumstances.

Guardian farms do provide steady amounts of fish, prismarine shards, and prismarine crystals for anyone willing to put in the work.

4) Auto Mining Farm

Mining is one of the most basic and essential parts of Minecraft. It is in the title of the game, after all. But, some Minecraft players might find mining to be tedious and boring given the vast amount of other activities to do within the game.

A solution to this is the huge, complicated, automatic mining system. This massive machine will mine right through chunks and collect the blocks without players having to do a thing.

Of course, they will have to build it first, which is difficult to do. This farm is intricate and involves TNT, so a single misplaced block could result in the entire contraption blowing up entirely.

Gamers who attempt this Minecraft farm should be sure to take their time to ensure the build is done correctly so as to not lose all their hard work and progress.

3) Wolf Farm

Wolves are adorable Minecraft creatures that are the closest thing to domesticated dogs a player can find in-game. Many of these mobs can usually be found in taiga biomes, and it is fairly simple to accumulate many tamed wolves overtime.

While gamers can always breed Minecraft wolves in order to collect an abundance of them, they will then all belong to the player who does so. Some gamers may not want that responsibility on their hands.

Those who love wolves and complex farm systems, however, may opt to build the ultra complicated wolf farm.

Wolves will have to spawn under specific circumstances, so the base of the build can be quite complicated to establish. Most Minecraft wolf farms are made of large buildings that take up lots of space, so the build will likely also be time consuming. Some of the most efficient mob farms are connected to the nether as well, making it even more complicated than it already was.

2) Witch Farm

Witch farms are generally agreed among Minecraft gamers to be one of the most difficult to accomplish. However, witch farms can also be of immense use to Minecrafters. They provide an assortment of items, such as redstone dust, spider eyes, glowstone dust, gunpowder, sugar, and glass bottles.

To start on a witch farm, gamers will have to first locate a witch hut. These are not the most common structures in the game by far, so this might prove to be difficult right off the bat.

Witch farms are multilayered and require redstone related blocks to complete. They also need to be mob spawn proofed around the surrounding area, which is no doubt time consuming.

1) Wither Skeleton Farm

Perhaps the most difficult Minecraft farm of all is the wither skeleton farm. There are a few different ways to go about this build, but all of them do require an immense amount of work, materials, time, and effort.

Wither skeletons have specific spawn requirements which make this farm all the more difficult. These hostile mobs only spawn in the nether fortress, so the farm will have to be located in that area of a Minecraft world.

The nether is a realm of terrifying mobs that can spawn all over. For this reason, wither skeleton farms have to be immensely spawn-proof to prevent other hostile mobs from interacting with the farm.

Spawning wither skeletons is hard, but trapping them can be even harder. Automatic wither skeletons farms require complex and specific block placements in order for the collection method to work properly. If done correctly, though, wither skeleton farms are one of the most impressive to create on a Minecraft server.

Sportskeeda now has a dedicated Minecraft YouTube channel. Check here!

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

The best PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD for gaming is 34% off in the UK

The WD Black SN850 is our pick for the best PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD for gaming, and today it’s been heavily discounted at Amazon UK. Right now you can pick up the 500GB size of this incredibly speedy drive for £86, or the larger 1TB size for £160. The former is a 34% reduction from the drive’s RRP of £130, and one of the cheapest prices we’ve ever seen for this model.

This 24-in 165Hz monitor is £150 at Ebuyer after a £35 discount

The Acer XF240QS is a well-reviewed 24-in 1080p monitor with an impressive 165Hz refresh rate, now available for £150 at Ebuyer after a £35 discount. I believe it’s the best high refresh rate monitor available at this price, and an ideal choice for anyone interested in fast-paced, competitive games like shooters, racing titles or MOBAs.

Road trip RPG Get In The Car, Loser! will arrive this September

Get In The Car, Loser! has style to spare. It’s a “lesbian road trip RPG” from Christine Love, the creator of Ladykiller In A Bind and Digital: A Love Story, and its description alone communicates more energy than a three minute pop song. It also now has a release date: September 2021.