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Getting $200 off a fancy display on Cyber Monday is nice if you’re in the market for one, but today is also an excellent day to replace or upgrade the smaller stuff. I genuinely can’t imagine playing Rainbow Six Siege with anything other than the Razer Deathadder Elite I’ve been using for years—which I’m pretty sure I bought at full price—and it’s just $25 right now. If you’re looking to ditch a cheap mouse or, heaven forbid, a membrane keyboard, you can upgrade for under $50 today.

It’s normal for the price of peripherals like mice and controllers to fluctuate throughout the year, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday typically mark low points. Xbox One wireless controllers frequently sold for over $50 in 2019, for instance, and right now they’re $40. We’ve seen them for slightly cheaper during brief flash sales, but only by a couple dollars.

We expect some of these deals to persist after Cyber Monday, but some have a hard stop at the end of the day, and stock may start to dwindle soon for others. Based on previous years, the prices on these peripherals probably aren’t going to get any lower in 2019, though you may see the same discounts repeated later in December or early next year.

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate | $49.99 (save $60)
The Blackwidow frequently goes on sale, but did sell for $93.40 on Amazon earlier this year, the typical low-end for reputable mechanical keyboards. At a cent under $50, this is a great price for a full-sized, water resistant mechanical keyboard.View Deal

SSDs for under $60

These 500GB SSDs didn’t quite make it under the $50 mark, but we’ve snuck them in rather than excluding them on a technicality. While we advise you to look for 1TB drives—games are big, and only getting bigger—500GB will be enough to store Windows and a bunch of smaller games. If you’re installing behemoths like Red Dead Redemption 2, which asks for 150GB on its own, you may have to do some juggling between your SSD and a hard drive. On a budget, though, these make great, quick upgrades for any PC.

The best Cyber Monday deals right now

If you are in the market for a bigger item, here are some of the deals we think you should check out. A 165Hz monitor for $400 is a great deal, and a 2TB SSD for $188 will take you a lot further than the 500GB drives above. The Secretlab Omega chair for $324 is one of our favorites this year, too—you have to think about what’s behind you now and then.

For more, head to our list of the best Cyber Monday deals, which we’ll be updating all week as deals expire and latecomers show up.

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