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Garena have a comprehensive customer service and support for all Free Fire players worldwide. The platform aims to answer all and questions from the Free Fire community and to be as efficient as possible they organise the information by categories. Below we explain in more detail how to get the most out of this tool and how to contact the technical support team for this video game.

Resolve Frequently Asked Questions and Problems

Many of the Free Fire questions you may have, have probably come up for other players before you. For this reason, Garena has compiled all the FAQs organised by category to make it easier for you to search and find the answer you need as quickly as possible. You can check it out here.
The information is organised into four main categories and within each category there are subcategories with the answers to more specific questions.

The Categories include:

  • Game Concerns: Doubts about specific elements of the game: characters or items, among others. Problems with logging in or other account issues.
  • Technical Issues: Connection difficulties, errors when updating the game or displaying content, bug reporting etc.
  • Payment Issues: All questions regarding postage credits, payment methods or diamond purchases.
  • Announcements and Game Problems: Game news and announcements for players and updates on problems that may occur momentarily on the network.

Using The Search Engine

If the information you are looking for does not fit into any of these categories, or if you prefer to search for a solution directly, you can type the keywords of your question directly into the search engine bar.
This is located at the top of the home page. When you enter a search, you will see all pages corresponding to the specific word search you entered. In this list you will be able to select and open if there are any of the presented options that correspond to your question.

Contact Free-Fire Customer Service Directly

You can send a more specific request in case you do not find the solution to your problem in the information provided on the page as explained above.
If this is your case, you must log in using the button ‘Submit a request’ at the top right of the home page. First you should select a corresponding theme to your problem then using your Free Fire player registration credentials (which can be: Microsoft or Gmail email account, as well as Facebook or Twitter), you can describe your problem in detail and even attach documents.

Once connected, write your question, request or complaint in the submission form. You will receive a transaction number with which you can follow up on your query until you receive the appropriate response.

You can also click on Email us now at the bottom of this website and then log in with your username or a social media account to submit your question. Or send your email directly to

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