Fortnite’s Newest Update Adds Cars and Trucks –

Jacobi Reddix August 9th, 2020 – 3:58 AM

Fortnite’s Newest Update Adds Cars and Trucks

Fortnite’s Newest Update Adds Cars and Trucks

Under the title of “Joy Ride”, Fortnite’s newest update now adds regular cars and trucks as a permanent fixture in the game’s interactions. First tested on August 5th, an update soon followed that added the playable options to the maps the next day. Epic Games has not shared any information concerning details about this update, but tutorials and other videos are already up on Youtube and other sites for those that are confused or want to learn tricks with their new automobiles. As their initial image teasing the update was posted (saying the simple lines “It’s not just a name. It’s a warning.”)

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Many regular Fortnite players have already noticed that cars were coming to the game with the start of Season 3 in June, but were surprised to see that they were not initially playable. Now, the four playable cars for players include “The Island Prevalent Sedan”, “Victory Motors Whiplash sports car,” “OG Bear pickup truck,” and “Titano Mudflap six-wheeler”, and are described as “ready to drive as long as the keys are already in the ignition”.  To add to the fun, the cars are also described as having gas tanks that need to be filled periodically (and protected by those drving while in the process of filling up). As Season 3 continued to grow, Epic Games told players that more areas and features would also be coming to the game.

With this being the one fo the biggest talking points of the Fortnite update, there were also many other additions that this update contained as well. This update also revealed a new area called Coral Castle (or Fortnite’s version of the city of Atlantis). To this day there are still a few weeks left to Season 3 of Fortnite, meaning that there is still plenty of time for Epic Games to release other updates and challenges for players to take part in as well.


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