‘Fall Guys’ racks up two million players on Steam after just five days – Engadget

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a fairly cute and charming take on battle royale genre, and its blend of racing competition and jelly bean blobs appears to be a big hit. Developer Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital announced today that over two million players have jumped into the Fall Guys world on Steam. That’s a pretty significant launch for a game that isn’t a big triple-A blockbuster, and it’s even bigger when you consider the fact that’s two million players shelling out $20 on Steam for the game.

Fall Guys came to the PS4 in addition to the PC last week, but with the significant advantage of being free for PS Plus subscribers. Rocket League was similarly launched on the PS4 as free for PS Plus subscribers and it helped the game quickly find an audience. It makes sense for Fall Guys to try a similar move, but the game’s early success on Steam shows that it could be more than just a freebie curiosity. It’ll be free on PS Plus through August.

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