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If we talk about glitches in Fortnite, then chapter 2 has perhaps had the most glitchy moments. In the history of the game, this season has broken all records of glitches. Even the players in the competitive scenario have been banned over simple bugs. That has indeed marked the greatest disturbance created by bugs or glitches in Fortnite.

To chalk up all the elements that cause these glitches, we have to go back to source codes. Now that isn’t remotely possible, but the main issue is, these glitches pop up anywhere. Sometimes, they are used as advantages by players. Abusing glitches can become a way players use to win games. Thanks to video from Glitch King, we now know how to go about these glitches. 

When scenarios like that happen, Epic Games has to intervene and fix the glitch. Instead of waiting for enough complaints, they should be ready to strike as soon as the glitch is reported. For instance, some of these glitches help players phase in and out of builds. 

Glitches in Fortnite at an all-time high

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With the introduction of cars, fuel tanks etc, several glitches just popped out of nowhere. It was kind of expected that with a new mechanic in the game, it is bound to have test fails. Perhaps Epic Games were waiting for these glitches to pop out so that can fix them. For instance, we have seen how keeping a gas can towards the edge of a build, one can phase in and out temporarily. 

The other glitches include cars – for instance, entering a build with a car. One has to place it on top of the launchpad inside the build to get a boost. There is another one where you can phase in and out of the car if it’s on a steep hill.

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Most glitches surfaced after the cars became functional

It is not a wonder or a surprise; this was bound to happen when you added a new function in the game. The gas cans stick to the cars if you throw it at that. Stuff like this makes us have crazy ideas of using this glitch to our advantage. 

By the time you get the hang of the glitch, expect Epic to have achieved a fix. An important thing about glitches in Fortnite is that they do not last very long. Usually, they are removed as soon as they are discovered. What are your opinions after cars being added?

Source – Glitch King

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