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Just like thousands of other players this weekend, 16-year-old Aden “Zus” Atif from London was competing in the Fortnite Champion Series, and was on a good run. He was feeling good and felt like this could be his opportunity to make it into the big time. After previously making it into 51st place in a solo cash cup, this looked like it could have been one of his biggest achievements yet, and at such a young age could have been a breakout moment for the future star. 

But then his dad entered his playing area, angered because he thought his son had broken a light in the bathroom, and broke his monitor, destroying half of it and making it effectively unusable. The heartbreaking video of the incident was posted to Twitter, with Atif thinking this might be the end of his Fortnite career, as a new monitor was out of his budget. A young rising star of the scene seemingly had his career ended because of one unfortunate misunderstanding. 

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 “I was in my last game in the Solo Open FNC and I was one point from qualifying,” Atif tells me via Twitter DM. “My dad found a broken light in the bathroom and assumed that I broke it when it had nothing to do with me. He came into my room and started going mad about the light, I told him it wasn’t me and that I am sorry. He still shouted at me and then smashed my monitor and left the room. Once the monitor was broken, I was devastated. I spent my entire week working hard for that day just for it to come down to my dad breaking my monitor and me not being able to play. Even though my monitor was broken, I continued to play out my game as I wanted to qualify and felt as if nothing should stop me from achieving my goals.”

Clearly distraught about the situation Atif had a lot running through his mind, with no money to buy a new monitor this looked to be the end of his Fortnite career, at least for the time being. With no monitor, he would not be able to play in any of the upcoming events, and there seemingly wasn’t a solution to this problem. 

But the video started to pick up some steam on Twitter, with thousands of people watching the moment play out and his attempt to keep playing through the issue with the help of his friends. Fortunately, some big names in the esports world saw it, and knew they had to help out. 

“His video was being shared and I watched it and just thought wow, like you can hear his pain during the moment he is running out of materials and his friend is helping him with amazing communication,” says esports caster and host James Banks. “All of this while playing with half his screen cut off and he was still doing incredibly well, great mechanics!” 

“I did not know of Zus before the incident, we literally met each other today, [but] I wanted to try to help out if I could,” adds Banks. “I am giving him a monitor that has been used maybe three times. I moved to Ukraine to live and due to COVID I haven’t been able to get all my stuff across, so I will just buy myself a new monitor and have my friend send him a monitor from my storage, it is pretty much brand new, 240hz, 1ms response time, will be perfect for an up and coming player.”

Banks was not the only one to see the video and reach out to help. Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman, a pro Fortnite player for Excel Esports who won over $1 million at the World Cup last year, also saw the video, and agreed to buy a new monitor for Atif. 

“I saw him on Twitter and the clip of his dad breaking his monitor and felt bad for him because he wouldn’t be able to play, so I bought him a new one,” says Ashman as if his generous contribution was just another regular action in his day to day life. 

For Atif this level of generosity was unbelievable. After posting the video to Twitter as a way to vent his frustration with the situation it has turned into the avenue that has potentially saved his young Fortnite career. Never did he think that this incident would result in this much attention on him, but he is clearly incredibly grateful that things played out the way they did. 

“Once Wolfiez and Banks offered me monitors I couldn’t believe it, it felt surreal,” says Atif. “I genuinely didn’t believe anyone would help me and I felt as if I was at rock bottom. It completely changed my mindset and has given me the motivational boost to become the best. I truly didn’t realise how supportive the Fortnite community could be once it came together. Everyone helped me in all aspects, I got flooded with DMs with people asking to help and asking if I was okay. I felt good that there were people who cared and actually wanted to help.”

For Atif this is an incredible event. In a moment where it looked like his dreams, which he had a very realistic chance of achieving, were blown to pieces the community came together to help him. But for Banks and Wolfiez this is just a small gesture to support a potential upcoming star. They didn’t have to help Atif, but they did, and that decision could end up changing a young Londoner’s life. 

“It sucks to see things like this, my parents were incredibly supportive of my career when I was a kid and this guy has a legit chance of making it far in Fortnite, just look what he has done so far and there is life-changing amounts of money in it,” says Banks. “I am very lucky to have the job I have and do what I do within the esports scene so I am just happy to pay it forward to someone who needs it. I will 100% be following his career and look forward to talking with him further.” 

Now that the unfortunate situation seems to have a happy ending Atif, who just a few hours ago was feeling heartbroken and distraught after seeing his dreams vanish in front of him, now thinks the whole experience will end up being good for him. His social media feeds have exploded, thousands of people now know who he is, and for the time being, he is one of the biggest names in pro-Fortnite, a scene where it is very difficult to make a name for yourself. 

“This will definitely end up being a good thing for me as I have gained a big platform which can help me to grow myself and get my name out there,” says Atif. “Thank you Wolfiez and Banks, you guys are incredible at what you do and I’m very very thankful that people like you exist.”

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