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Crash Pads have proven to be one of the more versatile items that’s currently in the Fortnite loot pool. In the beginning, Crash Pads were mainly used to save players from fall damage or jump onto an opponent. That was before players utilized their ability to break structures.

It took a couple of months, but players eventually figured out that Crash Pads let you jump into an opponent’s box without giving them much of a chance to defend themselves. You can, effectively, catch three people off guard with a single stack of Crash Pads if you hit your shots, just as BenjyFishy did, here.

This has become a widespread strategy at the higher levels of Fortnite since it’s so reliable. How do you defend against it, though? First, you’ll want to be aware that the opponent may use a Crash Pad. Most of the time, the aggressive player wins with the surprise factor, alone.

For more defense strategies, we turn to Reddit user u/Ryuzanami. This player showcased several cone and ramp edits that will keep you safe from the Crash Pad Strategy. Nearly any ramp/cone edit will protect you – at least, from a single Crash Pad.

Most of the time, these edits will buy you enough time to react, reset the edit, and fire back. Essentially, you’re completely turning the tables on the aggressive player.

Granted, these strategies are relatively situational, but so is Crash Pad pushing in the first place. If you’re worried about getting pushed with a Crash Pad, edit yourself into one of these configurations and you should be safe.

Fortnite is always evolving, which means that we’re always only a couple of weeks away from someone finding a counter to this counter. Still, it’s worth learning in a Fortnite meta where Crash Pads are routinely used to push opponents.

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