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It’s time to start looking forward to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, since – unlike the last couple of seasons – it looks like it’s actually going to end on time. Dataminers have found hints about the next major event for the game under the name ‘Hightower’, and there’s mounting evidence that Marvel’s Thor and Galactus will factor into that event somehow.

Following the 13.40 update – the one that added Fortnite cars – dataminers found evidence of a new event, codenamed Hightower, which would somehow leave small craters around the map with intricate designs burned into the ground. It’s similar to the craters left behind in the Marvel universe when folks teleport across the Bifrost bridge – though the pattern is different – and the Captain America Fortnite skin left behind a similar crater in its debut.

Leakers have also found evidence of a ‘comic reader’, and a mysterious comic book has appeared on the battle pass screen in certain versions of the game – one which appears to show a character travelling the Bifrost while Thor and Galactus do battle. Sound effects tied to the event, when played through a spectogram, reveal a silhouette that looks a whole lot like Galactus.

It all seems to point toward a season-closing Fortnite event in which Marvel characters will be heavily involved. As Fortnite Intel notes, the timing is particularly notable given that the Avengers game release date is coming soon, with a selection of promotional cosmetics tied to the new game.

Fortnite is no stranger to Marvel crossovers – Thanos featured in one of the battle royale’s earliest cross-promotional events, and we’ve seen characters like Deadpool and Captain America join either the map itself or the item shop very recently. (Boy is Aquaman going to feel awkward soon…)

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The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 end date is set for August 27, so pending any delays we should start to see these leaks and datamines manifesting in-game very soon.

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