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For those of us invested in Mojang Studios’ Minecraft, there are more things going on than just Doom mods and exploring the biome that appears on the title screen. In fact, hardcore players that frequent the popular forums will be privy to the fact that intensive testing of the Minecraft combat systems has been going on. Mojang is already on their sixth test, which can be installed manually for the Java version.

If you need to catch up, the latest round of testing is actually more revisions than changes. One of those revisions pertain to ‘coyote time’ in combat. Previously, Mojang Studios introduced a feature that functioned as a basic auto-aim during combat with smaller, more agile creatures like rabbits and bats. Unfortunately, the addition was not welcomed by players, particularly among those looking for PvP action in Minecraft. It has since been removed with this new test.

Minecraft combat test PVP

Sixth time’s the charm

Now, instead of ‘coyote time’, these creatures will have larger hitboxes so that you can target them more easily. This works well along with the changes to swords. Swords will “always have sweeping attacks again,” whereas “axes have it with the Sweeping enchantment.” If you happen to miss your attack, there is only a “4 tick delay until the next attack regardless of weapon.”

Besides helping players with their aim, there are other changes in this Minecraft combat test. Shields, axes, bows, and projectiles have all been tweaked. Your shield now offer less protection (up to five damage) against melee attacks. However, shields still block all projectile attacks. To compensate for that, your shields recover faster after an attack. Axes also have fewer enchantments to remove the common clutter. For thrown projectiles, player momentum now affects them. Bow and arrow accuracy also decreases the longer an arrow is drawn.

Minecraft Cover Image

Minecraft Cover Image

Eating now takes 32 ticks, but can be interrupted if you get hit. Alternately, if you rely on Minecraft‘s natural healing, that is faster now, while food drains 50% slower. Sprinting requires more than six points of food, too. Other changes see the removal of the attack indicator, fixing of knockback calculation, damage value, as well as a bug that prevented attacks/interactions after respawning. Lastly, the Sweeping Edge enchantment has been nerfed to 25/33/37.5%.

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