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Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 has proved to be one of the most exciting seasons so far since releasing two months ago. Epic Games has added a variety of features and content recently to make the battle royale experience much more exciting for the fans. It now appears the next season of the game could prove to be much more exciting.

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The return of Limited Time Mode in Fortnite

It now appears that game developers are set to bring back the fan favourite game mode called LTM which was last seen a long time ago. According to a new leak from Fortnite data miner VastBlast, a number of Limited Time Modes have finally received a hotfix. It has been implemented for Knockout: Shuffle, Knockout: Air Raid, Rags to Riches, Tank Battle, and The Getaway. The data miner also revealed that the LTMs are disabled at the moment, but they will be enabled sometime soon. However, it isn’t known if the order of the listing has anything to do with their release. The game will be available across all platforms including the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

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Will Fortnite Season 4 feature Thor?

The new Fortnite Season 4 is still a few weeks away, however, there are already a few Fortnite leaks online suggesting that the entire map will be flooded again. There are also certain Fortnite leaks hinting that Marvel superhero Thor will be coming to the battle royale game as the next crossover. And while there isn’t any official confirmation as of yet, there is a high possibility of that happening since Epic Games has already collaborated with Marvel several times in Fortnite history. Some of the popular ones we’ve seen in the battle royale include Thanos, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Avengers.

Recently, runes were leaked in the game files that are said to appear on the map in coming weeks. This is a very clear indication that the Marvel superhero will arrive in Fortnite Season 4. There are also rumours online suggesting that Thor could play a major role in the upcoming season.

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