Microsoft Released ‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ On Chromebooks For Back-To-School – Moms

Minecraft: Education Edition will be released on Chromebooks just ine time for the start of the school year. Microsoft partnered with the Google Education team to offer the same features on Chrome OS that are available on Windows, Mac, and iPads.

Microsoft made the announcement on a blog post about the addition that is sure to breathe a sigh of relief into all those remote, hybrid, and homeschooling moms. The game will be available for free across the world. This is an incredible gesture considering the coronavirus pandemic still circling the globe.

School has already started in some parts of the United States and back-to-school season feel different. Some schools should be starting this month and many more school districts will be starting out their school year remotely with hopes to return. Microsoft thought of everything and made the game even more teacher-student friendly for the unique challenges of the year.

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This game can also help students with some social interaction they may be missing while at home. It’s possible for students in the classroom to work on projects with students who are learning at home or for students who are on hybrid schedules.

Minecraft: Education Edition comes with hundreds of lessons and templates for teachers to easily assign projects. The educational focus is on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning through design challenges and critical thinking challenges.

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The extremely popular game Minecraft is one of Microsoft’s biggest successes and kids love it. Children and teens spend hours building their own worlds through block building and imagination. The possibilities seem endless and it’s easy to make it educational. Launching the education edition on Chromebooks will allow so many more children to reap the benefits of Minecraft as back-to-school begins.

Minecraft: Education Edition has been available for teachers since 2011. It’s taken nine years to get it to Chromebooks but it came at just the right time. A lot of school districts distribute Microsoft Chromebooks to their students for online remote schools.

Minecraft is a great added addition to any curriculum when the school year will look much different than it ever has. Kids this year should be allowed a little extra leeway this year so why not some Minecraft?

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