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Epic Games released a small, new Fortnite update today to address some issues. Here’s the patch notes for the update.

Epic released the v13.40 Fortnite update last week on Wednesday which introduced cars into the game after being delayed for a few weeks. The update introduced some performance issues along with some glitches to cars.

There was a flying car glitch which was abused by some players. This was done by placing a gas canister on the back of a truck and driving with it until it began flying. This was quickly patched by Epic.

Cars in Fortnite BR

Epic released a new Fortnite update today which fixes some stability issues that players were reporting on Reddit and various other social media platforms.

Fortnite Patch Notes

Epic announced on the official Fortnite status account that they released a new Fortnite update today. As you’ll likely already know, this wasn’t a major update, and there was no new content or files added.

This update addresses stability issues on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One along with fixing an issue with the Aquaman skin for Mac users.

Aquaman Fortnite Week 3 challenge

Xbox and Mac users should be able to download this new update on their platform, however, Epic stated that the PlayStation 4 patch will be deployed later. That tweet was sent out two hours ago, and Epic are yet to state whether it’s gone live on the PS4.

This is likely the last update we’ll have for Fortnite Season 3 unless there are other major bugs that appear prior to the start of season 4. Judging by the v13.40 update and the fact no overtime challenges were added, season 4 will likely start on time (for once).

Event files were also added to files in the last major update, and new information from reliable data-miners state that season 4 is still on track to release near the end of the month unless any major issues occur.

We’re yet to post an article dedicated to the minor leaks that have surfaced regarding the event, but Epic have encrypted a bunch of files that are likely for the end of season 3 event. We’ll be posting about the leaks for the event soon, although it won’t give too much away.

There’s still the week 9 and week 10 challenges still to come, although they’re probably the most tedious challenges we’ve seen in some time. Either way though, they’ll help you level up as much as possible before the season ends.

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