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Controversies and Fortnite seem to go hand-in-hand these days. Over the past few days, certain things have come to light that may not be good for Epic Games. Cheating accusations, An actual cheater in FNCS, and more. To add to this, another pair of pros just received a ‘Competitive Warning’ from Epic and they have even explained how that was completely uncalled for.

Pros Joji and Inspyre were accused of teaming up during a Solos game. A twitter user named Aimbotta brought this to everyone’s attention and this is when it blew up.

These are some serious accusations. But, Isypyre and Joji did not let him get away with it. They posted the same clips with actual proof that shows that they weren’t cheating and that the shots were a genuine miss. Take a look:

Fortnite Pros Joji and Inspyre respond to teaming accusations

This brings new information to light. As Joji mentions, he knows Aimbotta for the past two years and used to team up with him. He is only making these accusations because now he doesn’t play with him anymore and wants to ruin Joji’s career. Apparently, he even got hold of Joji’s personal Snapchat and DM’ed him his own address. If that’s true, that is creepy and not cool at all.

Inspyre also posted two more videos that seemingly prove his innocence.

Bugha also spoke about this particular topic where he said

But this seemed even more controversial considering he himself was accused of teaming up with Owl during a solos match. Even though it is not cheating to be on the same call during a match, people still accused him of exchanging information with Owl. Even though a lot of people defended him, this statement does seem a little controversial considering he also got a Competitive Warning.

Another player who goes by the name Waffles also tweeted saying

If you don’t already know, he was handed a 30-day ban by Epic for reportedly cheating in the game. But according to him, it was an inventory glitch and he did nothing wrong. But Epic refused to listen to his pleas even after providing enough proof to prove his innocence.

This raises some serious questions about Epic’s way of handling things. Their security failed to detect an actual cheater who made it through the FNCS Semis. He was only banned AFTER he streamed himself using the hacks that he got for just $11. And here the company is handing out warnings to pros based on accusations where they have also provided proof which supposedly proves their innocence. There are some serious issues the developers need to fix if they are to maintain the popularity and the integrity of Fortnite. Let’s see what Epic does to clean up its own mess

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