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This month, the worldwide hit Free Fire will be 3 years old since its launch. Garena had already anticipated, with the arrival of the new version of the game, that he would celebrate it in a big way and today he will launch the series of events that he has prepared and that will keep users very entertained, as it will not only include limited new content, Instead, Garena will offer many gifts and one of them will be to give players the opportunity to choose a character and keep it forever.

To add the new content, Garena performed maintenance that lasted from the night of Tuesday, August 12 to the early morning of August 13, which is why you may not have been able to play online during this period.

The celebration began today, August 13, which marked the arrival of the new Bermuda Remastered map and which will be available until August 31 and will reveal the Aden’s Creek and Academy areas today, while Nurek Dam and Japanese Garden will appear on 19 and August 22, respectively.

In case you missed it: some players will be able to win thousands of Free Fire diamonds in this drawing contest.

All this awaits you at the anniversary event

You can redeem rewards and enjoy lots of free content

Likewise, the time tunnel will be available, in which an interface with the important events that took place in the past 3 years will be presented, in addition to which players will receive a special mission. In addition, from August 15 to 27, according to Dot Esports, users will receive 4 anniversary missions, which will grant tokens that can be exchanged for free characters, such as Wolfrahh, Hayato, Moco and Laura.

As we told you a few days ago, the arrival of Hayato Rebelde will take place in August and will coincide with the anniversary event, as the new character will be available on August 19.

There will be many rewards

Garena will offer 1 free character of your choice

Garena promises that he will give away a lot of content during these days of celebration. According to Dot Esports, apart from all the additions, players will be able to enjoy Elite Passes that the developer will give away during the event through their social networks.

The series of days of celebration will culminate on August 22, the Day of Fire, in which users will be able to choose a character to keep forever. Among the selection will be Kelly, Paloma, Kapella, Wukong, Jota, Notora, Steffie, A124, Alvaro, Shani, Rafael and Maxim.

Garena will offer prizes of up to 30,000 diamonds and during this day players will receive Magic Cube shards at the end of each game and by collecting 100 they will be able to exchange them for a free skin.

Try all the Free Fire characters for free

Best of all, all characters will be available for free to try during the event. Characters will be available free for a limited time in groups of 6 and each of the 3 groups will be selectable for 6 days.

We leave you with the dates and the characters.

August 13-18


From August 19 to 24


August 25-30


What do you think of everything Garena has prepared? Will you be part of the celebration of 3 years of Free Fire? Tell us in the comments.

The completion of the anniversary event does not mean that the party will end in Free Fire, on the contrary, as Garena has more content planned for the game. Among the upcoming news is a collaboration with La Casa de Papel, so if you are a fan of the Netflix series you should not miss it.

Free Fire is a free-to-play game that has been available on mobile since 2017. You can find more news related to it if you check this page.

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