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Hammers are powerful and helpful weapons in FF Crystal Chronicles: Remastered EditionThis guide will help players locate and unlock the best Hammers in the game. The original game released back in 2003 on the Nintendo Gamecube. Players would need a copy of the game, four Gameboy Advances, and four-link cables in order to play it to its full potential. Now with the remastered version, players can play online with friends all around the world. The game also features cross-play, allowing players to team up with friends, regardless of what version of the game they own. Hammers are amongst some of the weapons the player will encounter in the game. Here’s where players can find the best Hammers in FF Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is one of the many spin-off series from the mainline games. While the mainline titles each feature their own story and normally turn-based or action-RPG combat, the spin-offs have the liberty of allowing themselves to be different from the original. This includes things like a heavy emphasis on multiplayer gameplay in the case with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Team composition is important with a game like this, as players will have an easier time dealing with enemies and bosses as long as they work together. One player may want to focus on having the best Hammer class in the game. Here’s how players can do that in this game.

The Best Hammers in FF Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Screen Shot

There are 3 incredibly powerful Hammers for the player to find in FF Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition. Here’s how they can find each.

  • Sonic Hammer (Mighty Weapon): This Hammer has a strength stat of 32. To obtain it, the player will need to have a Mighty Weapon scroll and use 2 Iron and 1 Jagged Scythe
  • Ultima Hammer (Greatest Weapon): This Hammer has a strength stat of 35, the highest in the game. To obtain it, the player will need to find the Greatest Weapon scroll, and then obtain Ultimite and Orichalcum so they can be forged.
  • Mystic Hammer (Legendary Weapon): This weapon can only be held by Yuke and is tied for the same strength stat as the Ultima Weapon. The player will need a legendary weapon scroll, an Ancient Potion, Alloy, an Orichalcum, and 2,500 Gil to craft.

Cross-play in games like FF Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition allows for a greater sense of community for Final Fantasy fans. Throughout the last generation, many major titles like Fortnite and Rocket League have prided themselves on allowing players of all consoles to play together. The walls have transformed into bridges and the number focus is how much fun the player can be having. FF Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition is continuing this trend that players hope to see carry over into the next generation.

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FF Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition is available on August 27th on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android.

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