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Competitive Fortnite has not been going through the best of times. Cheating, allegations, random bans have plagued the sanctity of the tournament. Pro players, content creators, and eSports experts have pointed out how Epic Games need to tighten things up.

This brought us back to the age-old question of controller vs. KBM. Even the world champion Bugha was taken aback by the debate this time.

Factually, the controller seems to be aided with the aim-assist. However, if one balances the pros and cons of using KBM, then the assist looks legitimate.

Practically, players using controllers are often restrained and do not possess the kind of freedom that KBM players do. When it comes to lateral or vertical aim, the mouse is leaps and bounds ahead of the joystick.

Thus, it seems fitting that in order to make tourneys fair, this aim-assist feature is added. Nevertheless, it begs the question of whether Epic is really doing its best to promote competitive integrity in tournaments? 

Controller players taking over Fortnite

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The world champ Bugha took part in the Ninja Battles tourney and was not having it his way. While dropping down, someone scoped him up and lined up perfect shots.

To most of us, it might seem next to impossible to hit a moving target in the air with that sort of accuracy. “He just hit all four bullets in half a second.” 

It is quite difficult to pull this off on KBM, especially with the distance and speed differential. However, with the aim-assist feature in the picture, it becomes quite an easy shot to make.

Although this did not mark the end of Bugha’s misery, he got griefed in the Cash Cup that he switched over to. 

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Epic Games is not maintaining competitive integrity

The main issue goes beyond the controller vs KBM debate. With the recent FNCS, Cash Cup, and other Fortnite tourneys, we have observed a lack of intervention from Epic. For instance, a cheater literally griefed an entire tournament final and went live with the mod. 

Although he got banned later, this became one of the most controversial tournaments hosted by Epic. This raises the question of whether these activities could be stopped while they are being committed – banning players after they’ve ruined a game seems rather redundant.

Nevertheless, the controller vs. KBM debate is something that goes beyond cheating in tourneys. What are your views about this? 

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