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Many of you might be familiar with Ninja’s book called ‘Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming’. The book describes, in great detail, the various tips and tricks to get good at games from scratch. Fresh, a popular YouTuber and streamer, recently went through the book and picked some tips and used them to win himself a Fortnite Victory Royale.

Fresh chose some of the most basic tactics from Ninja’s book:

  • Securing a strategic high ground
  • Using flick aim
  • Pre-fire
  • A bunch of team tactics like direct fire, indirect fire, combined arms, etc.

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Fresh uses techniques from Ninja to get a Fortnite Victory Royale

As Fresh says, holding the high ground is actually one of the most important tips in a game. Even Obi-Wan defeated Anakin because he had the high ground. This comes easy in a game like Fortnite, as you can just build structures to gain height.

Flick aim is also a very helpful tactic. As Ninja’s book suggests, this method lets the player get a shot in a fraction of a second, and thanks to muscle memory it eventually becomes a subconscious reflex action.

Flick shot is when you flick your mouse towards the enemy and shoot as fast as you can. If practiced well, you can even get a one-tap kill with a flick shot.

Pre-fire is another important weapon in a player’s arsenal. Pre-fire is when you predict the next move of an opponent and shoot at the predicted next step. If it is done right, you will see that your opponent walking into your shots.

These are some major tactics Fresh used in his video. Ninja’s book was a great success in itself, helping many aspiring gamers and streamers across the world. The book provides a detailed guide to both gaming and setting up a stream.

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