Garena Free Fire Anniversary weekend: Free Characters, All modes open and DJ Alok for 199 Diamonds – Digit

As you may already know, Garena Free Fire is hosting its third anniversary celebrations this month and it has some special events lined up for players this week, especially this weekend. This includes a free character for players to choose from, the chance to earn thousands in in-game gold and more.

Special Anniversary Aftermatch Drops (August 22 only)

The Special Anniversary Aftermatch Drops will only be valid for a day and will reward players playing Free Fire, regardless of whether they win or lose. Rewards include bluechip tokens, and up to 100 magic cube fragments. Players will also get 3x character fragments, gold and exp for every match they play during that period. 

Anniversary Login Reward (August 22 only)

Earlier this month, players were tasked with sending out their characters on missions as part of the Anniversary Time Tunnel event. Those without cards were given trail cards to use. This Saturday, players will be given the chance to choose one of the cards and keep the character for free. All they need to do is login.

Anniversary Gold Mine (August 22 only)

For one day, players will be able to earn thousands in in-game gold by simply playing the game. Playing one game will net the player 3000 in-game gold for playing once, while playing two or three times that day will result in 5000 and 7000 in-game gold. 

All Modes Open (August 22 to August 23)

This weekend will also see Garena figuratively throwing open the doors of the game to players. All game modes in Free Free will be available to players. This includes all 13 game modes like  Big Head, Gun King 2.0, Team Deathmatch, Kill Secured and more.

199 DJ Alok (August 22 to August 23)

Popular Free Fire character, DJ Alok will be available for players to purchase at a discount. The popular character will be available in the in-game store for 199 Diamonds. DJ Alok is one of the most expensive characters in the game and is usually available for 599 Diamonds. However, it should be noted that the discount will only last for the weekend.

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