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>In what universe does your proposal get around the still existing prohibition on athletes profiting off their name and likeness? As awful as I think the rule is, it’s the rule and criticizing Cal for not trying to do things that run afoul of those rules is pretty ridiculous. And if your response is to cut out the athlete, how is that fair to the athlete?

This topic arose out of a discussion about whether Cal could be competitive in the UPCOMING era when athletes could receive reimbursement for their media rights. Some posters posited that in that era the financial demands involved would result in only 20-30 schools that would remain in the top tier of CFB. They questioned whether Cal would be in that group given its historical inability to be financially competitive. I believe Cal can be financially competitive in that very near future – but only if it allows football revenues to be used for football and it becomes much more entrepreneurial in its behavior.

This era isn’t far off folks. In just two more recruiting cycles, the top HS players will be making these sorts of demands from schools that want them. If Cal does not have these programs established, say good bye to your dreams of getting 4 star recruits. Even our well received current recruiting class will have their redshirt sophomore and above playing years conducted under this new regime. That is to say that for most of them, the majority of their ingame snaps will be in games in which they can receive some form of monetary compensation. Again if we don’t have these sort of programs up and running, there is a real risk of other programs attempting to poach our best players.

Not two years from now, but for the Summer of 2021, Cal Athletics should be offering internships for “Digital Sports Management” positions. Unpaid sadly, ‘cuz Cal Athletics, duh. But it’d still be a pretty big resume coup to land that kind of position. I think there would be a lot of applicants. And I don’t mean an internship dealing with esports, although maybe there’s a business opportunity there too. But to help Cal and its top athletes prepare for marketing digital media rights. And to reach out to relevant industry contacts.

>Oh, guess a former Cal football coach already thought of this …

He may have thought of using online chat as a way to avoid the weekly NCAA restrictions. But he sure didn’t think of a way to generate cash flow for the recruit, the school and the business partner. That is likely to be a lot more interesting to potential recruits than being able to head shot your coach. For most people anyway…

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