How ‘Fortnite’ and ‘Second Life’ Shaped the Future of Indian Market – Santa Fe Reporter

High Fidelity ran for about three years, but when it was shut down, head dev Phillip Rosedale allowed its open source code to be used by anyone. The Vircadia app was born. It’s the same engine that runs NDN World, and a completely free platform in which to build; SWAIA’s only cost was that of the team that created its environments—a dreamlike representative amalgamation of Santa Fe style, the Community Convention Center and a sea of walls bearing the actual artworks from artists featured at this year’s market. Embodying an avatar, users can walk right up to the pieces and get information on when they were made, by whom, what awards they might have won at Market this year and so on. Elsewhere inside the experience, you can watch videos created by the artists, including histories, testimonials about winning awards and more—and it’s all sorted into an intuitive and simple design, like a video game but with myriad implications that can’t even be properly conceived of yet.

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