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The Free Fortnite Cup has arrived, Epic’s anti-Apple protest event that is giving away prizes in celebration of the last time that all platforms can play together, probably for a very long time.

When season 4 hits on Thursday, iOS players are going to be stuck behind in season 3, unable to progress forward because of Fortnite’s ban on Apple’s app store. With pending litigation between Apple and Epic to resolve this, where Epic is only going to put it back if Apple changes its 30% store cut, it seems extremely likely that Fortnite on iOS is effectively dead indefinitely.

Today’s tournament offers prizes from an Apple-jabbing Tart Tycoon skin, to a Free Fortnite hat, to a bunch of gaming PCs and consoles. So, when and how to play?

The Free Fortnite Cup is listed on the Competitive page of Fortnite in-game.

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It begins at 3 PM in your local region time and runs until 7 PM. That means for some regions, it’s already getting started, but here on the east coast of the US where I am, there’s still about 7 hours to go until it kicks off at the time I’m writing this.

Scoring is pretty straightforward. 10 points for a Victory Royale, 1 point per elimination, 1 point per 3 minutes spent alive. If you hit 10 points, you’ll get the Tart Tycoon skin. One catch is that if you are one of the top 1,200 “Apple Eaters” in this tournament, as in, you literally eat a ton of apples during a game, you will also be given one of the pieces of gaming hardware, so uh, eating apples is kind of the most important thing in this event, weirdly?

There has been some controversy in the run-up to this Cup because mobile players aren’t really given a special prize pool or competitive bracket, so they’re competing against PC and console players where it’s easier to rack up kills. But I guess everyone has a pretty equal opportunity to eat apples, so I would expect to see a ton of people hanging around Weeping Woods for that portion of the Cup, chomping away as much as they can before the circle shrinks or they have to start fighting.

This remains a very weird situation, but given that Epic won’t budge until Apple changes its entire mobile business model, it does seem like Fortnite on iOS will be stuck in a season 3 time warp for a long, long time at this point. Enjoy this last chance to play together, and maybe win some stuff at the same time.

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