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For a fleeting moment, I suspected we’d see the first real details about Overwatch 2 since Blizzcon at Sony’s State of Play earlier this month. Obviously, that wasn’t to be, but there’s a chance that we’ll learn more about the game in just a few days.

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Gamescom’s Opening Light Live takes place on Thursday at 2PM ET. Producer and host Geoff Keighley said the two-hour event will feature more than 20 games, including a look at the second season of Fall Guys (I absolutely can’t wait for that). Dozens of studios and publishers have signed up to this year’s digital version of Gamescom as partners and participants. Among them? Activision Blizzard.

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The company’s involvement in Gamescom doesn’t explicitly mean it’ll have anything to say about Overwatch 2. It could reveal more details about Diablo IV or Diablo Immortal, or maybe something from the Activision side of the business. It’s due to provide a deeper look at Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War the day before Opening Night Live, so I don’t think we’ll see anything else on the game at that show.

Blizzard does have a history of revealing Overwatch updates at Gamescom, though. It pulled back the curtain on the Junkertown and Busan maps at the event in previous years, as well as the wonderful Rise and Shine animated short that focuses on Mei.

If Overwatch 2 is to be released this holiday season, and I suspect it will for a number of reasons, Blizzard will need to start ramping up its marketing machine very soon. There are two major opportunities to spread the word about the game on the imminent horizon. Activision’s Call of Duty League Championship Weekend is in just a few days, while the Overwatch League playoffs start next week. Given the likely increase in attention for both of those esports events, it’s a great chance for Blizzard to show off Overwatch 2 to viewers.

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So, the timing of Gamescom would be an ideal opportunity for a release date announcement — at least if Overwatch 2 is actually coming out this year.

Even if there isn’t an Overwatch 2 update then, we still might learn more this week. The next edition of the Future Games Show takes place on Friday. Again, the publisher will have something to showcase there. But it’s only called Activision in the announcement, with no mention of the “Blizzard” part. With all due respect to the Future Games Show, it’s not on the same level of prominence as Opening Night Live, so Blizzard might want a grander stage for Overwatch 2 news.

That said, this is largely me just reading the tea leaves and trying to figure out when we’ll learn more about Overwatch 2. I have my fingers crossed that’ll be in just a couple of days.

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