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No, you can’t pick it up. Who do you think you are, Captain America? Actually, even if you are Captain America, you can’t pick up the hammer, because that wouldn’t really work with the whole “game” part of this game. Regardless, there’s a new page of comics available today in Fortnite, and this time there’s an in-game component to this story of Thor’s arrival to the Fortnite island as well.

In the story, Thor finds himself losing his grip on himself as he comes under the assault of a banana, a weird Goth Raven, and a kitty in a mech suit, which is perfectly understandable even for a God of Thunder that’s seem some things in the past. The island, in its ways, is sapping him of his memories and his sense of self to the degree that he even drops his hammer.

If you want to go see the hammer yourself, you can: it’s just southwest of Salty Springs in a small crater that doesn’t yet seem to be labelled on the minimap. Regardless, here’s where you can find it:

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You can’t do much with it right now, but I do have a feeling that this thing is going to be added as a mythic weapon over the course of the next season, probably along with a bunch of other superheroic mythic weapons: you can’t have superheroes without superpowers, after all.

I am interested, however, in the way that Fortnite is using the introduction of Thor to shed some light on its own peculiar fiction. The island exists in these weird, constant cycles of death and rebirth, both from match to match and from season to season. Mostly, that’s just how you make a game, and we don’t pay it much mind. But the comic seems to be interested in exploring the effect that the island itself has on its inhabitants, and it’s calling back to explaining how it is they came to be trapped in this battle royale in an interesting way.

We’ll see what happens as the comic continues on to its thrilling conclusion. So far, it’s more interesting than I had thought, which is always a nice surprise.

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