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Fortnite Chapter 2, season 4 has arrived, its fully Marvel themed season which represents the largest crossover the game has ever done. We have a battle pass full of Marvel skins, new weapons, new POIs, new challenges and a ton of stuff to go through. So what’s new this season? Let’s go through it all.

Map Changes

There are not a ton of map changes here to start, but the largest is Doom’s Domain, a replacement for Pleasant Park where you can fight Dr. Doom himself (who is also a battle pass skins). He has his own house (and statue) in the neighborhood, and an underground base complete with vault in what used to be pleasant park. There’s also a Sentinel graveyard in the mountains, and the helicarrier floating as the new lobby location. Learn more about all the map changes here.

Quinjets, Stark Robots

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Every match there will be randomized Quinjet locations marked on the map. When you reach them, you will find a parked Quinjet with a chest full of weapons, guarded by a bunch of robots wielding the new Stark Industries rifle. Kill them for some challenges and take the weapons, which packs a punch. Also around these locations we are seeing the return of loot drones buzzing around which can be shot down.

Superhero Powered Skins

We don’t just look like superheroes with new skins, we can actually be superheroes as each skin has a set of “Awakening” challenges that will give them a special emote to unlock their full potential. The skins are Thor, She-Hulk, Groot, Storm, Dr. Doom, Mystique and Tony Stark. Some of these challenges, for example, will allow Jennifer Waters to transform into She-Hulk, Groot to gain a Rocket Raccoon companion, or Tony to equip or unequip his Iron Man suit with an emote. You unlock the skin, then a few tiers later, unlock the challenges.

Wolverine Secret Skin

Not on the battle pass but still a part of this season is Wolverine, which makes for the third superheroic secret skin in a row after Aquaman and Deadpool the last two seasons. Every week there will be a new Wolverine challenge to complete, and this week, that’s to find claw marks scattered on the map. Yes, we have a challenge guide for that.

Patch Notes

We’re still hunting for these as Epic still barely ever releases actual patch notes. For now we have the following Bug Fixes that were supposed to be made for this season. Still looking for a complete vault/unvault list.

The one brand new weapon we know about is the Stark Energy Rifle that the robots wields, but there is likely going to be more than that as the season presses on and we get more superhero-themed weapons.

Update: Patch notes are now here.

For now, these are all the major points as to what’s new this season. Start completing those hero challenges to unlock the potential of your new skins, and find those new POIs, which are very cool.

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