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Fortnite has launched its Marvel themed season, and while everyone in the battle pass is a hero, there’s one exception. Doctor Doom.

Doom is not only a battle pass skin this time around, but also an NPC boss. He arrives with his own lair, Doom’s Domain, and a challenge today is to kill him there three times. This is one of those “recommended for a team” challenges, and for good reason.

Like other area minibosses before him, Doctor Doom is no joke to fight in combat. Where to find him?

Doom’s Domain is where Pleasant Park used to be. Pleasant Park is still sort of there, but Doom has taken it over with a spooky mansion, statue of himself and an underground base, complete with a vault.

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Your best bet to find Doom is usually going to be in that mansion, or sometimes I’ve seen him patrolling down in the lower part of the base near the vault and helicopter under the soccer field.

You are free to try to solo him, but good luck. He has a ton of health and exploding energy blasts that set the ground on fire, as you can see from my last death screen.

The good news? If you kill him you will be able to wield that energy blast for yourself as a weapon, and you will get a card that will let you into his loot-filled vault under the soccer field (guarded by two more minions).

I think the best course of action is to do this as a team, but if you’re trying to solo him, I might consider disguising yourself as a Doom minion to avoid detection, gearing up as much as you can with max armor and good weapons, and then going for him. Ideally you want to engage him at range, but if he’s in the house, that’s not really possible, and he’ll only chase you so far. Also beware of other ambitious players trying to kill him at the same time. Ideally you’ll want to fight him together rather than turning on each other.

I believe you have to do this three times total for the challenge, which rewards a huge wealth of XP, which makes it worth the effort as you try and get tiers to unlock those superheroes and their powers. Then at some point people will be fighting YOU as Doom when you hit that tier of the battle pass.

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