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I’ll admit, I miss when the collectibles had a little more character. Granted, they were mostly different sorts of gnomes: hungry, frozen, and so forth, but we’ve had many weeks of Floating Rings at this point, and it’s a bit exhausting. Regardless, we’re here at the begining Chatper 2, Season 4 here in Fortnite, and in addition to a wealth of new Marvel-themed cosmetics, POIs and such, we’ve got our usual weekly challenges, and if you want to get all the way up to that Iron-Man skin, you’re going to need to finish them. One, in particular, you might need some help on this week. So read on for a map, guide and locations for the four floating rings at Misty Meadows.

You already know where Misty Meadows is: it is labelled, and it’s down there in the South. As far as rings go, you’re going to be looking on Rooftops, so make sure to get some building materials for getting up to the later ones. I would recommend beginning on the clocktower in the middle of town, but here are all four locations:

We’ve got:

  • Clocktower.
  • A building in the northern part of town.
  • A sort of pavilion in the southeast of the town.
  • A cabin south of the town, out on its own.
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As you might guess, this is something of a busy spot right now, so you might get ganked if you’re trying to get these all in one go.But they’re not so bad, and things will almost definitely calm down even by the end of the day. Misty Meadows is not such a bad place to land overall, with plenty of loot scattered throughout it’s buildings and easy access to fishing spots for some more challenge completions if you’re into that.

And that’s about all. The challenges are all pretty generic save the ones that ask you to go to Quinjet crash sites, as it seems like Epic is reserving the narrative beats for the Awakening challenges, like these first ones that ask you to harness the Godly power of Thor. We’ll see what happens as the season goes on, however.

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