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Garena Free Fire will be hosting a Gamer’s Day event this weekend. This continues the game’s third anniversary celebrations that have been going on all throughout the month. The Gamer’s Day event gives players the cadence to pick up a free emote. Besides this, the weekend will also give players the option to pick up a new weapon skin and more.

Gamer’s Day Event (August 28 to September 1)

The Gamer’s Day event is pretty straightforward for players. All they have to do is login for seven days, and they will get to choose an emote for themselves. Further, getting kills in matches will also reward players with tokens. Those who collect enough tokens will get a matching costume of Free Fire’s Assault Force and Taskforce bundle. 

Bullseye Rapper Underworld M1887 (August 28 to September 3)

This event gives players the chance to pick up a special skin for the M1887 shotgun. This skin seems to take inspiration from rappers and is wrapped in gold chains. 

Elite Pass Pre-Order (August 28 to August 31)

With the season almost at an end, Garena Free Fire is giving players the chance to pre-order next season’s Elite Pass. Details about next season are not yet known, but the developers are teasing a “war between two clans” and will be called ‘Celestial Street’. Those who pre-order will get a special reward in the form of a golden pan skin. 

Garena Free Fire's next season will be called Celestial Street

This comes just a week after the game celebrated its third anniversary during which it gave players the chance to choose any one of the in-game characters for free

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