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If like me, you took part in the weekly challenges that came with each new season of Rocket League, you’ll have noticed that since the announcement of the game going free-to-play the challenges have not been updated for a good number of weeks now. That’s because they’ve been in the process of being reworked, expanded, and even the trade-ins are changing. Yesterday, a blog post revealed how the challenges will be working going forward.

Originally, players had 6 challenges offered weekly. 3 of those were capable of being completed without Rocket Pass Premium, the other 3 required Rocket Pass Premium. Now, challenges are going to be game-wide and will feature weekly, season, and event challenges. Completion of each challenge will also now grant players a reward.

Players will get 3 weekly challenges to complete every Wednesday, and those on Rocket Pass Premium will get an additional 3 weekly challenges. The challenges have to be completed during the week they are active, unlike the previous system that lets you complete the previous week’s challenges.

For Season challenges they will take longer to complete and be available for the entire season with some challenges unlocking throughout. Completing them will grant better rewards, and those on Rocket Pass Premium will get to take part in twice as many Season Challenges.

Rocket League New Challenges

Players can track progression with an upcoming new widget, or through the Challenge Menu that also shows you what rewards, you can receive for completing specific challenges. Completed challenges will also allow players to redeem their rewards from this menu, and can include customization items, XP, or new “Drops”.

Drops are either earned through completing challenges or progressing through the free version of Rocket Pass. They will gift an item to players and the items within can be traded and range from Uncommon to Black Market items. Challenges and Drops are going to be the primary method of earning free items rather than the current way of leveling up.

In preparation for an influx of new players joining Rocket League when it goes free, there are going to be New Driver Challenges available for them to complete. Rewards unlocked here will be from the base game before the game went free-to-play. New accounts will only have access to the Octant, Breakout, and Merc vehicles to start with, but the New Driver Challenges will unlock more cars. New players will also be unable to access the Weekly Challenges until they have completed all New Driver Challenges or have reached level 20.

Apparently there is more information to reveal before the game goes free-to-play, such as Event Challenges. Rocket League is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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