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Psyonix dropped a brand new blog today revealing more details about the revamp to their Rocket League challenges. The developers decided to give players a closer look into what they have planned which includes a comprehensive revamp of how the system will work in terms of accumulating and achieving challenges within the game as they come up and the rewards you receive in return. There will be daily, weekly, and seasonal challenges, as well as changes to the item series and trade-ins. Plus, new driver challenges to match. You can read a snippet of it below, or check out the entire article at the link above.

The new Rocket League Challenge system should give players more variety and rewards, courtesy of Psyonix.The new Rocket League Challenge system should give players more variety and rewards, courtesy of Psyonix.
The new Rocket League Challenge system should give players more variety and rewards, courtesy of Psyonix.

The new Challenge system will feature Weekly, Season, and Event Challenges (more on those later). Each week, players will get three Weekly Challenges. When the week refreshes each Wednesday, three new Challenges will replace the Challenges from the previous week. Plus, Rocket Pass Premium users will get an additional three. Weekly Challenges will have to be completed during the week when they are active. Season Challenges, like the name suggests, span the entire season. These will take longer to complete, but will grant better rewards. Some Season Challenges will be available when the season starts while the rest gradually unlock in stages as the season progresses. Rocket Pass Premium users will get twice as many Season Challenges to complete.

You’ll be able to track your Rocket League Challenge progress in the all-new Challenges widget being added to the right side of the main menu, as well as in the Challenge Menu. The Challenge Menu is where you’ll track your Challenges and see the rewards you can receive. It’s also where you’ll claim your rewards on all your completed Challenges, which you’ll have to do once you complete them. Rewards will include customization items, XP, or our new Drops. Drops can be found as Challenge rewards, and on the free track of Rocket Pass. When opened, Drops award an item that is added to your inventory. They come in every rarity type starting with Uncommon and grant an item of the same rarity as the Drop or higher (including Black Market items). The items received from Drops are tradable to other players, but the Drops themselves are not.

After the launch of free to play, Challenges and Drops will be your primary way to earn free items instead of receiving items from leveling up.

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