Co-op physics platforming monstrosity Struggling is out now

This one looks like a possible friendship-ender. Co-op physics are tough enough, as are platforming games. Struggling is both of those things and—as the cherry on top of your character’s horrifying head—you and your partner are each controlling one of two horrifying, connected appendages. This physics disaster is out now if you’re really ready to test your co-op communication.

“Manipulate each arm independently and latch onto literally anything you see, from suspicious levers to dangling eyeballs,” Chasing Rats Games say. “Triumph over physics-based challenges, or get your arms ripped off in the process (don’t worry, they grow back).”

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You’ll unlock additional abilities as well, like time-slowing or detachable limbs and other horrifying skills to help you traverse each level. On top of all that, Struggling has a very visceral aesthetic. Truly, actual viscera. There are bones and blood and blinking eyeballs abound. On top of that, your character is a horrifying flesh creature with frightfully large arms.

You can play Struggling alone, but having a hand from a friend seems like the way to go. Struggling supports local co-op only, though it does appear to work with Steam’s Remote Play Together as an alternative.

Struggling is out now if you’re ready to risk a couple friendships. You can find it on Steam for £12/€13/$15.

This was just one of the many announcements and trailers debuted during Gamescom opening night live last night.

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