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Do you get bored playing Minecraft on your mobile phone? Minecraft pocket Editon is exclusively for mobile gaming.  So, Do you now want to Convert Minecraft PE Worlds to Minecraft for PC? Playing on Big Screen is always exciting and gives a Better gameplay experience. However, playing on a small screen has ease that game can be played anytime anywhere even while traveling. Follow the article below to know how to Convert Minecraft PE Worlds to Minecraft for PC.

Minecraft was initially released for PC only but later on, as it started to gain success, its gaming is released for mobile as well as other consoles. Minecraft PE eventually becomes a huge success as players find it easy to go. All the worlds from PC can not be imported to pocket edition but vice-versa is true. You can import all the world to PC from Minecraft PE. There are hundreds of custom maps are available in the game, as some developers have built castles, schools, pyramids, a miniature version of certain cities, and so on. Moreover, the software is also available in the game that enables you to transform a real image into an in-game item by simply placing blocks all over to create the image you want.  This is amazing!

You Must Know…

Though the conversion is possible and the process is simple though.

But if you just want to play Minecraft PE on PC then the easiest solution is to use an Android Emulator, preferably Bluestack.

Android Emulator creates a mirror image of your phone on your PC and you can easily play phone games on PC.

But if you need more world and do not want to lose your played worlds then Read below!

How to convert Minecraft PE Worlds to Minecraft for PC? For iOS

Follow the simple steps below and get your game on your phone.

  1. Connect your iOS phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  2. The second step is to download iExplorer.
  3. While downloading is in progress, search for ‘Minecraftworlds’ in your PC’s files.
  4. Open the folder. If you have a Minecraft world, the folder would have some data but if you do not have any Minecraft world, the folder will be empty.
  5. Now downloading iExplorer completes, so launch it.
  6. Go to the Apps section.
  7. Pick ‘Minecraft PE’ and open the ‘Games’ folder.  
  8. Now, this is an important step! Click on the dotcom.Mojang’ file and then on ‘MinecraftWorlds’.
  9. You can now see all the worlds.
  10. Now, simply drag and drop the folder with the world you want in the ‘Minecraft worlds’ file you opened earlier on your PC.
  11. Launch Minecraft PE, and the worlds you transformed will appear in the game.
  12. Pick the one and start playing.

How to convert Minecraft PE Worlds to Minecraft for PC? For Android

Follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your device to PC via USB cable.
  2. Alternative to step 1, Upload your world to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  3. Worlds are located in the /games/com/Mojang/minecraftWorlds folder, copy them on your PC.
  4. Download MCEdit on your PC. Install and Open.
  5. Now click on the “Open a level” button. Browse the “level.dat” file stored in the PE world folder.
  6. Use customize selection button to select all the options and click “export”. Browse the same to a folder of your choice on your PC.
  7. Load a PC world in MCEdit.
  8. Click Import tooltip.
  9. Select the PE Chunks and move them where you want in the new world.
  10. Press the Import button.
  11. Paste your PE world is somewhere that fits. Hit Save and boom, you’re done.

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Final verdict

Well, folks, this is all about How to Convert Minecraft PE Worlds to Minecraft for PC. Minecraft is loved by all, as this game is easy to play in creative mode but difficult to play in survival mode. Thus, loved by all age groups.

I hope you would like the article. Mention in comments if you find any confusion, we would definitely help you.

Share your feedback. Thank you!


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