Rocket League But With Alpacas Is The Game We Never Knew We Wanted – Nintendo Life

Rocket League‘s great and all, but you know what would make it even more great? Goofy alpacas.

Thankfully, the aptly named Alpaca Ball: Allstars has appeared on the scene to provide us with exactly that. The game, from Salt Castle Studio and Badland Publishing, will be launching on Switch across Europe and North America this October. It’s pretty barmy and, as you might imagine, includes a wonderful range of soccer-playing alpacas.

It’s actually inspired by games like NBA Jam, with craziness seemingly at the core of every second of gameplay. Alongside its competitive modes, in which up to eight players can participate simultaneously, the game features a career mode for one or two players. Here, you’ll need to travel halfway around the world to compete in all sorts of alpaca ball games.

The game launches on Switch and Steam on 15th October, and will also arrive on other consoles at a later date. If you’re after something lighthearted in these gloomy times, perhaps this will do the trick?

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