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Psyonix unveiled on its official website the new Rocket League Challenges, available after the free-to-play patch. Tasks will be available with item rewards upon completion.

Rocket League going free-to-play is a turning point for Psyonix. After completely revamping its tournament format, the studio is now tackling its reward management. Since many fans thought the system was tedious, this is a perfect opportunity for developers to create a better user experience.

Rocket League Weekly ChallengesRocket League Weekly Challenges

Image credits to Psyonix.

Rocket League Challenges

New Challenge System

Players will be able to complete three weekly challenges each week starting Wednesday. Those who purchased the Rocket Pass Premium battle pass receive three additional tasks each week. Challenges left uncompleted will not grant players any reward.

Season Challenges will be implemented and last the entire season. Of course, the difficulty scales with the time it lasts. Psyonix is also stating that some tasks are available at the beginning of a season while others will come later on in the season.

Season ChallengesSeason Challenges

Image credits to Psyonix

Rocket League will have a dedicated widget on the right side of the main menu for Challenges and rewards. Rewards include XP, items, and new Drop items. Similar to loot boxes and chests in other games, Drops are openable and contain items of different rarities. Players will be free to trade items after opening Drops, but not the container itself. As leveling up becomes difficult, players enjoy more experiences to succeed.

Previously, some items were locked to a specific Series and became impossible to find. Now, the new Drop feature will gather items from the Champions 1 Series to the Vindicator Series. Because many new items will be available again, the rate of normal items will lower.

Driver Challenges

Players still in need of normal items after Rocket League goes free-to-play and gets its new challenge system should not worry. They can still gather normal items but through a different medium. Driver Challenges, upon completion, also give new players access to Weekly Challenges.

Driver ChallengesDriver Challenges

Image credits to Psyonix

Psyonix is updating everything it can before Rocket League got its free-to-play patch because it knows how harsh players can be with free-to-play games. Indeed, when a player does not pay for a game, it is very easy to surrender. So, both the user experience and the interface needs to be as perfect as possible, explaining this new Rocket League challenge system.

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