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Entering Felipe Neto’s world in Minecraft is the desire of many YouTuber fans. The businessman released his world in the game so that players can visit it and even record their own videos on it.

The action was part of a partnership with the PicPay payments application. The initiative challenged users to present a creative construction with the chance to create content with YouTuber. The promotion ended on August 21st, but it is still possible to download the world and play. However, the map is only compatible with the Minecraft: Java Edition version for PC.

Felipe Neto’s map in Minecraft has all the elements presented in the YouTuber series until the day of its publication. This includes your big city, buildings, villagers and domesticated animals. Among them are famous pets from the series such as several horses to ride, the wolf “Sneeze” and the pink sheep “Mamacita”.

In your video, YouTuber explained how the world was created for the Java Edition version of the game and, therefore, is not compatible with the traditional “Bedrock” editions. This means that you cannot use the world on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, Android or iPhone (iOS).

To access the “PicPay World” inside the map, just fall into a hole in the small island where the sheep “Mamacita” is, right at the beginning of the game. The site was used during the promotion as an area where users could build and thus participate in the competition.

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