Ubisoft’s open world Gods & Monsters may be renamed Immortals Fenyx Rising

We’ve heard just about heck all about Gods & Monsters since Ubisoft announced it with a cinematic trailer in 2019 and then delayed it earlier this year. More information about the open world Greek god-saving action game may be forthcoming, well, soonish. Ubisoft might be changing the game’s name to Immortals Fenyx Rising when they reintroduce it.

The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has published a rating for a Ubisoft game called “Immortals Fenyx Rising”. One of the few things we do know about the game maybe formerly known as Gods & Monsters is that it will star a customisable character named Fenyx. Ubisoft also previously said that they planned to rename the game prior to showing off more about it this summer. So yup, that certainly seems to track.

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As of 2019, Ubisoft had given just a few details about the Greek mythology-em-up. Zeus asks the hero to save the other gods from a beastie called Typhon. Fenyx would explore a very green and hilly-looking open world with the help of a fiery horse and flaming phoenix friend that acts as a glider. Fenyx can also climb just about anything but will be bound by a stamina bar which will send them crashing back to the ground if it runs out. It’s not clear yet how much of that remains true, but Alice0 was definitely on the money calling it Assassin’s Creed meets Zelda last year. Not that I’d complain about a PC Breath Of The Wild-alike.

Ubi have already said that they’re planning another Ubisoft Forward trailers bonanza in September. It seems likely that they’ll announce a date for that showcase any day now. If they really are planning to re-reveal Gods & Monsters as Immortals Fenyx Rising, that would be the most likely time and place to do so.

Ta, Gematsu.

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