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It has been an absolute hell of a month for Fall Guys, which a week ago was already the most-downloaded PS Plus free game in the history of the program, beating out the likes of Call of Duty and Destiny (and for some reason, Sonic Forces?).

But its month in the sun is about to end as we move to a new set of free PS Plus games tomorrow, Street Fighter V and PUBG, and the current games, Fall Guys and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered are gone.

Fall Guys is not leaving PlayStation, of course, but it will shift into its PC price of $20, which has allowed it to sell 7 million units on Steam already. Though why pay $20 when you can still get it for free in the next 24 hours? Well, more like 15 hours now. It’s a short download, unlike every other game for PlayStation these days, and you will keep access to these games as long as you have a PS Plus subscription. And if you have a PlayStation, chances are that will be indefinitely.

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Fall Guys season 2 is going to be kicking off in the next month or so it seems, so there will be plenty still to do in the game, and it has shown no signs of fading in popularity just yet, even though it’s been a craze for the entire last month. Big Twitch streamers are still playing it daily, millions of players are playing every day, and it’s a hit across all generations of players.

There are some lingering questions about the future of Fall Guys now that its PS Plus month has expired, namely when it might come to other consoles like Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. We don’t know the exact terms of PS Plus deals, but they likely come with a stipulation that you can’t appear on rival consoles during or immediately after. Using Rocket League as a comparison point, which also debuted on PS Plus, it took seven months for that game to hit Xbox, so I’d say minimum six for Fall Guys. Fall Guy is going to be on mobile devices in China soon, so it may hit mobile in the West before it hits Switch or Xbox at this rate. They also have not confirmed plans for PS5, and yet it seems pretty obvious the game should have no problem existing on next-gen in two months or whenever that console finally arrives.

We will see how much life Fall Guys has in it for the long term. So far, signs are looking pretty good that we have another long term hit like Rocket League on our hands, and stay tuned for more Season 2 info. And don’t forget to go download it right now!

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