Marvel’s Avengers’ First Post-Launch Hero Is Kate Bishop

During its War Table stream, Crystal Dynamics announced that the snarky archer Kate Bishop would be Avengers’ first post-launch playable hero. Players will experience an additional narrative that showcases new villains as well as the highly-anticipated Avengers mainstay, Hawkeye.  While Hawkeye and Bishop – at first glance – may have similar capabilities and weapons, Crystal Dynamics promises that Bishop will have her own individualized combat moveset and gear. 

The War Table stream also covered upcoming limited-time and seasonal events that include weekly missions. Crystal Dynamics also unveiled the raid-inspired AIM Secret Lab endgame mission which looks to pit high-leveled, four-player parties against challenging objectives and bosses. Players will be happy to know that Avengers will have plenty of post-game content to keep them busy long after they’ve completed the extensive campaign. 

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