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I’ll be honest: there’s been a block-shaped hole in my life since we capped off our group Minecraft streams a little while back. Not only was it a fun weekly event, having a big group multiplayer show to look forward to as our last thing every Friday, but also, Minecraft is still just a damn good game. Once we went and fought that ender dragon, then enabled cheats and blew a gigantic hole in the side of our beloved home base, I had a feeling the end was nigh for that feature, and sure enough after a little over three months it seems we’ve wrung as much as we could out of the game… at least for now.

Perhaps in a vain effort to keep the dream alive, in the hearts and minds of you the viewer if not on further streams, I thought I’d open up our humble little world for everyone else to expand on, break, or fiddle around in as you all see fit. You can download the files below and drop them into your game to play around in our world locally, or throw them onto a server and build your own multiplayer world on top of ours.

Wait, now everyone's gonna know about my secret undersea lair!
Wait, now everyone’s gonna know about my secret undersea lair!

The Giant Bomb Minecraft world comes in two flavors: original, from the day before we flipped on cheats and broke everything, and extra crispy, after we did that and covered half the world with lava and the other half with lewd cartoon characters and late night hosts. (This second version of the world might be just slightly inappropriate for younger players, it’s worth pointing out.)

Note these worlds only work with the Java version of Minecraft. To install them, simply unzip the files into the saves directory inside your .minecraft directory, making sure you retain the paths inside the zip files. Here’s the full info on how to do this, if you need help finding the right directories and so forth in your respective OS.

This is roughly what you're looking for, at least in Windows.
This is roughly what you’re looking for, at least in Windows.


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