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Fortnite is back to using one of its favorite set of landmarks for a challenge this season, the series of colored steel bridges that have been on the map since it arrived at the beginning of Chapter 2, and all of them have survived the addition of spy bases and superheroes alike. Today’s challenge is to ride a motorboat under different colored steel bridges.

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You only need three of them out of five total, and they do not have to be any specific colors. For starters, here’s a map of where you will find all five colored steel bridges:

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As you can see, they are all located over rivers that ultimately stem out from the center of the map, The Authority, which isn’t quite the fortress it once was last season. As such, I would probably recommend starting there in the middle, and my picks for the three you grab would be the northern most trio which are easily accessible from this area.

While I think there’s at least a boat or two in The Authority itself, if you want to land somewhere with a little less “heat” there is a small shack on the north edge of the lake that always spawns with a motorboat, as seen below.

Grab that boat, and then you can head up the river branches to find your bridges. The north path forks and there are bridges to both the right and left of that path. From the lake, the right path will lead you to a third bridge.

The other two can indeed be accessed from this lake too, they are just further away. Much further away. One is all the way down the mountains and I think you’d have to go over a few waterfalls to get there. The other is in the swamp/woods area. These are certainly doable, but you might want to try to find a boat closer to where those are rather than taking this one all the way from The Authority, as that’s a hell of a long ride.

You do not have to do all of these in a single game, so as long as you’re going under different bridges, you can get it done over the course of a few games if you want rather than racing against the storm to get to all three in one match.

Anyway, shouldn’t be that hard, but watch out for sharks, they do still exist despite popular belief that they’re gone.

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