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The incredible narrative created by Epic Games in Fortnite can be quite obscure to notice. If one does not keep track of things, it can be mistaken to be quite incohesive. To understand the storyline entirely, one has to delve into the details. That is the only way to see the conniving pattern crafted by Epic Games.

The mysterious disappearance of characters, the inclusions and the glimpses, the zero-point, the butterfly – everything is at stake in this season. To top it off, the stage has been set by the Avengers. Thanks to Epic’s collaboration with Marvel, there are now new ways to entangle it with popular culture. In view of all these occurrences, the storyline seems to have been elongated for some inexplicable purpose.

Top5Gaming made a comprehensive video, speculating what might be the possible conclusion, especially when it comes to concepts like “Zero-Point,” “The Bridge” and so on. The grand storyline of Fortnite deserves a proper ascension. 

The Fortnite storyline in brief so far 

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The last time something happened that was reality changing happened on the Island, players saw an enigmatic group of characters. Known as the Seven, their secret messages helped the players see the simulation in Fortnite. This also explained the suited character in the office who resembled Jonesy. 

Until now, players had only seen three members of the Seven. The Visitor, The Scientist, and The Paradigm. Epic might introduce a few more before Season 4 is over. The Avengers and the Seven might appear as the protectors of the ‘Bridge.’ However, there may be more that come to their aid. 

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The Endgame Epic is planning for Season 4

According to Top5Gaming, “The Fortnite Island is a rift in the universe which attracts supernatural events to it.” This gives Epic a great tactical advantage to stay in contrast with TV Shows like “Lost”. The Island is just a spot in the space serving as a channel to every other universe.


In the grand scheme of things, all the characters that have appeared so far have one Endgame, and that is to preserve and protect the Island. However, the mystery of the simulation is another aspect that might get exposed. This idea from Epic to create puzzles in and out of the game is brilliant and they have created a game that will survive the test of time for years to come. 


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