Fortnite’s new Tilted Taxis mode is now live – and fans are here for it – Evening Standard

Fortnite’s latest Tilted Taxis mode is going down a treat with fans – and is even being compared to vintage video game, Crazy Taxi

If you were playing games in the 90s there no doubt you’ll have heard of Crazy Taxi, a simple game about a taxi driver who is under a time limit to pick up and safely deliver as many passengers as possible.

This new LTM (limited-time mode) is specifically for two players and involves transporting passengers inside the game.

Cars were recently added to the game before the latest season, but some players were left a bit underwhelmed by their quiet arrival, so this game mode should be well-received.

You can select the mode from the usual playlist and it begins with you spawning in a taxi and you’re then tasked with driving people around.

The overall goal is to challenge other cabbies for passenger pick-ups and drop-offs to be crowned the ultimate driver.

To reach victory, be the first to collect the target number of driver rating stars. Passenger drop-off requests (Fares) give a different amount of stars depending on the distance.

It’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey and how chaotic you can make it. Each fare will have some specific ways to boost your overall performance, like by ramming other taxis or by driving like a maniac.

There’s no denying this Fortnite LTM is basically an exact clone of the classic SEGA game, but it’s also the closest thing to a modern re-release of the beloved game we’ve gotten – so we’ll take it.

To echo the sentiment of one of Crazy Taxi’s most popular characters, Gus: “Okay, let’s have some fun”.

Fortnite players, it turns out, already love the new LTM.

Tilted Taxis is available in Fortnite right now, so what are you waiting for?

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