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Fortnite players are going to unlock all types of Marvel themed skins while moving up tiers in the battle pass for Chapter 2 Season 4. Players will be able to unlock skins of the greatest superheroes while moving up in the battle pass this season, namely Thor, Dr. Doom, She Hulk, Mystique, and more.

Fortnite introduced new colour additions to the unlocked skins in Chapter 2. This season’s colour additions are foil wraps. This season’s foil wraps are Silver foil, Gold foil, and Holo foil and those can be unlocked by leveling up the player.

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How to get Gold Thor in Fortnite?

If the player wants to play as a foil wrapped god of thunder, he/she needs to equip the Thor skin, which fortunately is the first skin that is available in the battle pass. The player then needs to level up to unlock the different foil wraps for Thor. The levels needed are given below:

  • Silver Foil Wrap: The players need to reach 105 level
  • Gold Foil Wrap: The players need to reach 145 level
  • Holo Foil Wrap: The players need to reach 185 level

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How to level up in Fortnite?

In order to unlock these wraps, the player needs to level up and gain a lot of XP. Here are two of the fastest ways to level up in Fortnite:

Team Rumble

Playing Team Rumble is one of the quickest ways of leveling up. Team Rumble is a gameplay mode where two teams of 20 players each fight it out for Victory royale and the first team to achieve 125 eliminations wins the game. Team rumble helps the player to stack up their eliminations and assists and in return gain a bunch of XP.

Upon finishing each game, the players also receive survival experience pertaining to the amount of time survived in the game. The amount of experience gained is the exact same to Battle Royale mode, but in Team Rumble the player is bound to survive till the end as they have unlimited respawns. This is where the real bonus experience comes in. The player collects the experience by surviving and adding their Combat XP. Players can also do quick challenges in Team Rumble to gain some more XP.

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Bot Lobbies

This is one of the fastest ways to gain some major XP and level up fast. Bot lobbies are lobbies that consist of players controlled by AI. These bots are not very skilled and help the newbies settle into the game. These lobbies help the players to level up fast, the most efficient way to use this mode is to first loot as many possible chests, supply drops, ammo boxes, or anything the player can get their hands on. The players should also concentrate on completing quick challenges while looting as these challenges provide the play with 14000XP for completing them and they also refresh once completed and the match gets over. After every refresh the player only gets 1,400 XP for doing these again.

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