One Piece Fan Rebuilds Wano’s Flower Capitol in Minecraft –

When it comes to One Piece, there are some places fans love more than others. The story’s scale is off the charts at this point, and it has introduced enough cities to build a complex world map. Of course, the series is preoccupied with Wano at the moment, and one fan decided to bring the island nation to life with a special Minecraft build.

Over on Reddit, the user silvaaaaaar got fans all abuzz when they posted photos of their recent build. It turns out the fans have been building all of One Piece in a server, and they completed work on Wano’s Flower Capitol.

You can check out stills of the Flower Capitol below if you’d like. The wide shot shows all of the gorgeous capitol with its flowering trees and traditional homes in view. The entire build looks done to scale, and it is impossible to deny how beautiful this Minecraft project is. But for fans of the manga, they know those who live in the capitol are less-than-beautiful given their greedy nature.

I built Wano Kuni’s flower capitol in minecraft 😀 from r/OnePiece

According to silvaaaaaar, they have built the rest of One Piece on this map. They have also built out the rest of Wano outside of the capitol, and they are looking for more players to join in on the massive map.

“I have built the rest of the map of one piece as well, I will be posting them here and there to try and get more players,” the user wrote. “We have every island and custom textures for all the swords and stuff, also custom npcs for every bad guy you will fight. We [have] been working on this for like 9 months.”


As you can see in the post above, details about the Minecraft server and joining it can be found on silvaaaaaar’s Discord. And if you want to tackle this kind of build, we hope you have a crew as tight at the Straw Hats to help you out!

What do you think about this Minecraft build? Which other areas of One Piece need this kind of build? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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