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It’s not unusual to see manufacturers wait on each other’s launches before starting their own. This is particularly true in the realm of graphics cards. Now that Nvidia has spent some time in the spotlight with Ampere, it looks like AMD is spooling up its launch program for its Big Navi series of graphics cards, too, as told by an easter egg planted by AMD in a Fortnite map.

The Easter egg was found by a streamer passing through the AMD Battle Arena that launched a few days ago. Streamer GinaDarling found a teasing text stating “something big is coming to the AMD battle arena,” after having to enter a passcode “6000” into a terminal to proceed.

Of course, this first teaser doesn’t tell us anything — other than the next series of GPUs from AMD will be the Radeon 6000 series. You could say that we’re reading too much into it, but AMD’s Scott Herkelman, CVP & GM at AMD Radeon, congratulated Gina on finding the easter egg, which surely has to mean something.

But without making more of it than it is, it does show that AMD is getting started on the Radeon 6000 series, which, if I may say, is about time. In January, Lisa Su promised that we would be seeing Big Navi this year, and as we just entered September, there’s not a lot of time left to go. 

Rumors have a launch pinned for October 7th, but with the rumor mill being eerily quiet, we’re not so sure that will happen.

For more about AMD’s Big Navi and RDNA2 GPUs, check out our everything-we-know summary that contains all the info we know thus far. 

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