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A new patch is releasing later this week, and this also means a new batch of weekly challenges!

Week 3 Challenges

Chapter 2 Season 4 has implemented an ample amount of changes so far.

With the map updating every week, we are now waiting for the first patch of the season.

As well, players are waiting for the brand new set of weekly challenges.

Here they are!



Full Challenges

It appears Epic is following the same model that they used since the beginning of Chapter 2.

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Each week of challenges will offer something different from the last, and we will get new challenges every week until the season ends.

Typically, the weekly challenges are leaked weeks in advance by Fortnite data miners.

However, with the new patch coming this week; we can expect data miners to find the challenges when it gets released.

HellCarrier POI
Hover – Will the Helicarrier become a POI?


Do not fear, Epic is not going to let you complete all of these challenges for nothing.

Players will be able to earn around 25,000 XP for completing each challenge, as well we can expect other rewards.

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