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Despite the recent PSVR port announcement, it seems a Minecraft Quest version isn’t going to be announced anytime soon.

The news comes from a verified Minecraft developer, who goes by CornerHard and works predominantly on Realms, Minecraft’s service for easily creating your own custom server through a paid subscription.

Minecraft Quest Still Far Off

While CornerHard doesn’t work directly on the VR versions of the game, a Reddit user replied to a comment of his asking whether the recent PSVR announcement might a Quest version of Minecraft is imminent. Here’s what he had to say:

No news on Quest support. We’d need to rework how VR locomotion works so you could move your player by physically walking, which is different than how it works currently.

CornerHard is of course referring to the roomscale nature of the Quest, which operates in full 6DoF. This is a bit of an odd response, however, as the existing version of Minecraft on Oculus Rift does indeed let you walk around your environment. Quest and Rift are essentially identical tracking-wise, so we don’t really see why Quest movement would need to be significantly different from the Rift version. Not only that, but Facebook’s John Carmack revealed he already had a Quest version of the game up and running earlier this year.

While it’s a disappointing response, it is perhaps to be expected. With the PSVR version only just announced, we wouldn’t expect to see Quest support for a little while yet. Recent announcements in relation to OpenXR made a Quest version of Minecraft seem more likely, but we wouldn’t start holding our breath just yet.

Would you like to see Minecraft on the Oculus Quest? Let us know in the comments below.

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