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Jacobi Reddix September 7th, 2020 – 11:04 PM

Minecraft Set to Get PSVR Support Later This Month

In a new PlayStation Blog post, Mojang announced that its popular title Minecraft will be receiving PSVR support sometime in the near future (supposedly at a later date this month). In the same blog post announcement, they also clarify that this free update will allow people to play Minecraft on any PSVR headset and that no feature will be inaccessible with the description “It is 100% the same Minecraft game that you can play every day, every week, every month, every year… on PlayStation 4. Nothing removed. 100% wholesome and pure full-fat Minecraft.”

On this update, players will get the chance to choose between two Minecraft game modes. Titled Immersive and Living Room mode. Immersive mode is set to describe the visuals as a first-person view into the Minecraft game, while Living Room mode gives players a third-person view while projecting the game on a virtual screen. For those that are concerned about the process to download the new version, Mojang also clarifies that “Everyone who has Minecraft on PlayStation 4 will get the patch automatically. Of course, you’ll need a PS VR setup in order to actually use it.” Along with this free update, potential players will also need a DualShock 4 controller to be able to play it properly. While this game doesn’t require PS Move controllers, meaning that players will not have to learn an entirely different configuration on a different controller.

Mojang had mentioned that they have been working on this update since December of 2019, but all the news about its initial idea has been forgotten. Along with the cross platformed version (called Bedrock mode), Mojang and Microsoft have also said that they have been working with Sony to bring the game to many more platforms in the future. While this announcement comes before the highly anticipated Minecraft Live event set to happen on October 3rd, Mojang also says that this is just one of many future updates for the game.


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