PUBG Mobile Alternatives Register a Massive Surge in Downloads After Ministry Bans the Game –

The Central Government has imposed a ban on PUBG. The most played multiplayer mobile game worldwide, India has more than 50 million downloads and 30 million active users. The recent development after the Indian government has banned the game states that the PUBG alternatives recorded a massive download. Leading names in this list include Rules of Survival, Cyber Hunter, Knives Out, Call of Duty Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and others. Also Read – After India Ban, Will The USA Ban PUBG? Donald Trump Aiming at Gaming Companies Tied to Tencent

Indian gamers are now trying their hands-on Desi Version of PUBG named Pabje which results in 100,000 downloads after the ban. This game has been created by Deepak Kattikar, a developer from India, who hails from Maharashtra. PABJE is currently available only for Android users. It has not been launched on iOS version i.e. iPhone users cannot use it. There is still no confirmation on whether it will be made available for iPhone users or not. Although People are not very happy about this desi PABJE and has got a rating of 2.2 on the Play Store. From its graphics to the countless advertisements coming in between the games are part of the complaints of the people. Also Read – PUBG Unban in India – Is PUBG Teaming Up with Reliance Jio For Digital Partnership in India?

Call of Duty has been considered as the biggest rival game of PUBG. It was launched in October last year and is available for both Android and iPhone users. This app has been downloaded over 170 million on both Google PlayStore and iOS. It comes with several gaming modes like Team Deathmatch and Battle Royal Mode. Can be played with 100 players on a large map. According to reports, Call of Duty Mobile extracted 1.15 million downloads after the Indian government bans PUBG. After the ban on PUBG Mobile in India, it was said that COD Mobile could also be banned because the company making it has been partnering with Activision’s Tencent Games. However, due to trade tensions between the US and China in August, Activision terminated the partnership with Tencent. Also Read – PUBG Unban: PUBG Corp Looking For Indian Partner to Revive Popular Mobile Game in India

Another essential name in this list is of Garena Free Fire which remains the top free and grossing game on the Play Store. According to an Entrackr report, Garena Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile Games were among the top-3 games downloaded from the Play Store and Apple App Store between September 2 and September 5. The report states that this data has been shared by Sensor Tower. During this time Garena Free Fire was downloaded 21 lakh times, while Call of Duty: Mobile was downloaded 11.5 lakh times. The Knives Out game is like PUBG launched in 2017. In terms of graphics, this game is excellent, and 100 players can play simultaneously in it. The size of this game is 80 MB and it has got a rating of 3.4 points on the Google Play-Store.

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